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Recommendation for Adult Swimming Lessons


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Hey. Any recommendation for adult swimming lessons? I am thinking to join group classes. 


I have checked online like, Ispalsh, Happy Fish, Sg Swimming Academic, and realised their charges about the same. So just want to know which one is better?





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Guest Naked Yoga


Yoga session held on
Friday 16 Apr
Time: 7pm

Venue: 45 Chai Chee 
Kindly bring your personal towels

Once transfer 
Kindly input yoga 16 April in paynow

If no enough sign up 
I will refund back to you 

Arrive 5 mins before class commence 
Reply me if you able  to attend the mentioned date and time thank you 



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I had hire before 4 sessions about $270 after discount 🤫😏 okaylah I do regret for skipping swim lessons when I was young. 


Only able to leisure freestyle...as you grow older it is hard to practice the technique. 


To those younger out there just don't skip swim lessons or those going army...just do your best and not fret, it is still cool to learn to swim at the tekong/unit haha the instructor damn tanned cute I just keep playing with water 🌊 with life jacket haha they do teach technique. Enjoyable experience 😏

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Guest IAlsoCannotSwim

Same. Looking for a someone who could teach the basics either at swimming complex or at condo swimming pool, if they have access. Happy to avail the services at reasonable charges.

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