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Blackmores Power Up

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Hey! May I check if anyone here has tried Blackmores Power Up?




Does it really help your “performance”?

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I don't think these pills have any independent scientific studies done.


Look at the verbiage on the label. The word "performance" is vague, as well as "endurance."


If we are talking about sex, which the label does even claim that the pills do that. Instead they used "masculine vitality and endurance" which can be anything. 


The only pills that truly help are the ones that are prescribed like Viagra, Cialis etc. if that is what you are interested. OTC supplements like this don't really do it. Even then, they are designed for one specific function- to constrict the blood flowing in and out of your penis. It cannot claim to improve performance or endurance. 


Same as in beauty/skincare products. They cannot say remove wrinkles, because if it does not. All they can say is it reduces the appearance of wrinkles. See the difference? 


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