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Golden Mile Food Centre At Market

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Guest Yummy
32 minutes ago, Guest Lovely said:

There are a few young cute hawkers 😍

I have tasted one of their desserts.

at their dessert stalls of course.

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Guest Nehpok
1 hour ago, Guest Derelict said:

Anyone know if it is opened?  Heard it was closed for renovation.

funny how you cannot google but have to post in a forum to get answers

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Out of curiosity, I queued up for 20 minutes at Kopi More, B1-49 Golden Mile (9 people in front of me) but after drinking it, it's not worth the trouble.  Of course it's cheaper than Starbucks coffee but I wouldn't queue for it again.  I was told that day was considered fast.  Normally it takes longer queue time.

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