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SG Telegram For Hikers SG (Weekends)


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Open to anyone who enjoy nature like me over weekend on a beautiful day. Be it rain or shine. 


To prevent from people anyhow add you in tele PM me if you don't mind then just quote with your ID here. That is why I mostly ask to PM me.


First Hike Next Sat 


SG Hike 1


King Albert Station-Hillview station explore both sides 

Green Corridor (not going clementi forest, can be arranged for other time)

Wear dry fit or any comfy clothes and hike shoes. 

About 1 or 2pm? 

20190907_Panel 2_cropped.jpg

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Apologize for the delay for the 2 guys. 


And thanks for 1 guy for coming. 


And the guy who say you be coming I waited at botanic gardens for quite sometime end up last min you can't make it I hope next time you finalized.


Will update Hike 2

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The next update will be via pm only due to some security patches of tele. Once okay will back to tele. 


Those keen to join Hike 2 plz PM me personally. Thank you. 



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Can also. Most prefer sundays. Sat also can. Can have both too. Not to worry. I am truly a fan of nature.


Last sat we went saw monkeys and komodo dragon. Hehe 


Anything plz pm me. Do not post your tele here. If not anyone can pm you. 



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Hike 2




Early afternoon 


Kent ridge park to mount faber park also can go Sentosa haha if you want. 


Pls have your breakfast ok? Bring water bottle or what...


If keen pls PM me now or later 



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Postponed to next Saturday early afternoon. 


Due to request;


Green Corridor 2.0 Hike 


From Hillview To King Albert Station 


Meeting point Hillview MRT. 


If keen pls PM me. 



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Change to Sunday next week Hike 2. 


Map is at the top. 


Hike 3 will be Kent Ridge To Mount Faber passing thru Southern Ridges and other nearby parks. 


See ya! 

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Those who still interested can join me this sunday pm me or if you looking for one to one hike date or fun sex date like this pm me haha hiking outdoor experience haha daytime/afternoon/early evening 




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See you next Hike 3. 


More to come is clementi forest, recent Sembawang Trail, Macritchie Reservoirs long distance, thomson nature park, springleaf nature park, labrador park (towards keppel), bukit timah nature reservoir, little guilin to bukit batok nature park, botanic garden new park, Chinese garden snow city to JLG including new recent attractions, ECP-Changi Dinosaur 🦖, Pasir Ris Park long distance, Bishan-Amk-Lower Seletar and others...

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Those who keen , these Sat or Sun hiking. Can discuss morning or afternoon. 


I will bring a mini safety kit in case. Do bring your own water bottle. 


Cheers! 🥂



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75km Round Island Hike in phases.  


Route 1

Rovers Bay to Changi & 🚿


Route 2

Sengkang Riverside to ECP &  🚿


Route 3

Pasir Ris Park To Labrador Park & 🚿 


Route 4

Labrador Park To ECP-Changi & 🚿 


Route 5

Labrador Park To Pasir Ris Park & 🚿


Route 6

Changi to SG River & 🚿 


Route 7

Full (Labrador Park to Rovers Bay & 🚿 or Rovers Bay to Labrador Park & and 🚿



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