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a Gay Perspective to SINGAPORE's : www.ndp.gov.sg/about/theme-and-logo


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firstly, HAPPY 56th Birthday SINGAPORE!!! 
The theme for NDP 2021 is(1)   
Together,    (2)   Our Singapore Spirit. 
here is a Gay Perspective...
                                           ...& a social satire ENTIRELY INSPIRED by real life events i witnessed, during covid... 

from the Website: (1) ‘Together’ evokes our common Singapore identity and Singaporeans coming together as one united people.
during Circuit Breaker, Saunas were closed, we could not have sex... for the 1st time in Singapore's history, Gay Men was stuck in a "Sex Drought". the Pandemic caused us to have less sex. But did the Pandemic change our sex lives?

so (1) 'Together' ... some guys still managed to have O.N.S. !!! & this goes to show... our common Singapore identity to pick up guys & get laid, brings us (1) Together.
naturally, when the above-mentioned is achieved... (1) some Singaporeans love to come together as 1 United People... this could mean Nationalism... or being patriotic towards the LGBTQ Community... so that's my definition of TOGETHER.

i thought i am "Cheong Hei"... but our dear Gahmen is worse... they define (2) OUR SINGAPORE SPIRIT into 5 parts... can't they reduce it to 3 ?!? 

'Our Singapore Spirit’ calls on Singaporeans to [1] draw new strength from our “can-do” spirit amidst challenging circumstances from COVID-19 & [2] potential disruptions in the new decade.                                                            
[3] We look to reinvigorate the Singapore Spirit -
- [4] encouraging Singaporeans to embrace a “dare-to-try” attitude &,
[5] encouraging Singaporeans to reinvent to overturn our natural and geographical constraints. 

for [1], when the Gahmen served me a Quarantine Order for standing next to an infected-person... i had no choice but to draw strength from this challenging circumstance...
i don't know can this apply to [2], i found it strange some guys on Grindr would put their profile as: "UNDER QUARANTINE"... so sad rite? They want to "Grind", but they are being [2] disrupted by this new decade where Quarantined is legit. the word "Quarantine" never existed in the Singapore Vocabulary/Dictionary from 1965 to 2019, LOL
how can we [3] reinvigorate the SINGAPORE SPIRIT? simple! Let the young ones EXPRESS MORE, Let the middle-aged-ones get MORE EXCITED ABOUT LIFE, & for our "Merdeka Gen" & "Pioneer Generation"... EMPLOY MORE OF THEM... so here's my WISH LIST:
the young ones, who will settle them? Ministry for Culture, Community & Youth.
for those my age? maybe give gay men "Free VPN" to make their nights happier? maybe they can help: Ministry for Communications & Information.
Lastly, for our Seniors... supposed to give to the [Ministry for Health]... but they are busy managing covid, so "bo bian", we let "Ministry for Manpower" keep them busy 😃    


this is too "Cheem" for me... i don't understand what it means so i better not comment on it: [5] encouraging Singaporeans to reinvent to overturn our natural and geographical constraints.

[4] encouraging Singaporeans to embrace a “dare-to-try” attitude: Some Singaporean-Drivers dare to take risk to drive on bus lane... are we enc this "Dare-to-Try" Attitude?
Some Singapore-Husbands want to break out of the monotony of marriage... so are we gonna enc them to "Dare-to_Try" XXX ? maybe not...
last year, we "Dare-to-Try" & we won an Olympic Medal... sadly this year, we dared & we tried, but no medal =(
last Election, some Voters "Dare-to-Try" to vote for Jamus...& he won!!! shall we enc Singaporeans to "Dare-to-Try" at the next polls?

if u have time, my post on the NDP thread last week, helps u understand why i don't like Singapore's annual event.  


In conclusion,
the 557 words above, is a result of me living here all my life, & the shared-experience of a nation facing covid,
Sorry if u were offended by any of my statements above, i will be 40 soon, & i SINCERELY hope Singapore will be more inclusive, & that means the G don't need to give us a [Theme] that has 73 words or 525 characters... just condense it into 1 Line:

'Our Singapore Spirit’ calls on Singaporeans to [1] be more obedient, [2] during gd & bad times, we must...
...always[3] Reinvigorate the Singapore Spirit by allowing FREE ENTRY TO CASINO,

...always[4] enc Singaporeans to be more active so we build more swimming pools... but if u are Gay... we(the Gahmen) won't let u enter... unless u promise not to Cruise...
...always[5] forget the fact that we are 728.6 km².

Editor's Note: i hope u had a gd laugh, & a gd read, i enjoyed writing it, even though i hope i don't get an sms from the Gahmen... On a serious note, as a Singaporean, i like to thank anyone reading this who is non-Singaporean, (1) thank u for migrating from ur home-country to be with us, (2) i know u miss ur family back home so thank u for the economic contributions u have made over the years, & for the rest of us... enjoy the public holiday 😃   

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