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Huawei matepad T10 or Samsung Tab A7 lite?


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Personally wouldn't buy anything without Google Play simply due to the hurdles you need to jump sometimes to get simple things working. Do you really want to spend the time to sideload apps just to make things work.


Of course the counter arguement would be, use the web-based version. That would greatly be down to the user. I'm using a 8 yr old Samsung tablet that stopped supporting YouTube app, the experience on web browser, not great.


Had relatives that used those skillsfuture classes and purchased tablet from the courses and stopped supporting YouTube apps after 3-4 years. Acer/MCI branded.


The weight is really important if it's used for longer periods of time and refurbished sets is cheaper as works as well.

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On 2/9/2022 at 4:40 PM, mantin30 said:

I know both are not high end tablets but which one is better? I need a cheap tablet for media consumption only for elderly. 


Huawei no google playstore but got YouTube web version,fb,iqiyi and TikTok. Slightly cheaper.


Samsung got google playstore. 


I would suggest getting the Samsung here simply because of the Google Playstore. It would be much easier to get apps (without having to sideload) and things done.

The battery is of the same capacity, but due to the Samsung having a smaller screen, you should get better battery life. and it also means it's lighter, so it is easier to hold over long period of time.

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