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Taiwan Beef Noodles

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Hello all, I'm selling Taiwan Beef noodles that are directly imported from Taiwan. Do support if you can 🥰. You may pm me on tele @theonlineshopgoods serious buyers only please 🙏 


Taiwan Beef Noodles Special 🍜 

️ Rated one of the best instant noodle In Taiwan 👍

️ Traditional Taiwan Delicacy 😍

️ Consist of Real Beef 😱


️ 1 for $4.5 , 3 for $13.20 , 5 for $21.20 (Can mix) 


1. Man Han Da Can Braised Beef Flavour Instant Noodles 满汉大餐红烧牛肉麵 [187g/碗]  


2. Man Han Da Can Hot Beef Flavour Instant Noodles 满汉大餐红烧牛肉麵 [192g/碗]  


3. Man Han Da Can Mala Beef Flavour Instant Noodles 满汉大餐红烧牛肉麵 [204g/碗]   


Collection period end June/early July








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