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Mahan Nasi Padang

Guest ffffffff

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Guest ffffffff

I must tell you all about this stall located along the coffeeshop at blk 450 clementi ave 3.


The first two times that I bought from them, all went as per normal and the food was good.


Just now, something strange happened. When it came to my turn, the Malay auntie did not come out of her den to take orders as usual, so I ordered through the glass cabinet. That woman came out with a styrofoam foam box. I repeated I wanted to dine in. 


My dad tried explaining. She even arrogantly and loudly told my dad not to repeat order as I have already ordered.


Then she said no more fried egg for nasi lemak. I pointed to the triangular pieces. Then she went back inside.


She passed me the food. Then in front of me purposely raised her voice loudly for the next order.


Mahan really tried my patience and I believe nature will deal you a comeuppance for acting like this to your customer.


Sombong rude toad.

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