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HDB amends graphic 'to avoid misunderstanding' after suggestions that original depicted same-sex couple


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I feel that the older "uncle" still looks pretty butchy to me, notice how that green shirt looks very much like a high collar A-line dress, and most (not all) uncle at old age don't have a full head of hair anymore somehow that detail can look less manly, and with both hands holding up the laundry for wifey also not a common sight in a family realistically, I mean which man do that, most fathers don't. Just saying! 


On the other note, I also think the issue is the word My Parents. An aunt can't really be consider as a parent of the family. More like a relative.

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Actually I think illustrator did a wonderful job, until "some people suggested the original resembled a same-sex couple" –– some very free people. HDB had to amend the already beautiful drawing to pacify these nothing better to do Singaporean. SIGH! Are we still in year 2022?

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