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Do you believe in love fairytales?


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“但爱像泡沫 如果能够看破 有什么难过”


走过 笑过 甜过 爱过 

背叛 原谅 背叛 再原谅 背叛 再原谅  


气过 恨过 难过 放过 


没有爱 我还是我爱的我


at 19, I met my first bf. then I went into the army and we parted

at 24, I met my second bf. then after 23 years, we broke up

had I knew that all will end as such, I would not have invested everything

now I invest nothing

time is short and precious, I'll move bolder and live happier

love is now for the young and idealistic


p.s. At my younger days, Thanks to @DMassage I've gotten some really good advice which is still very useful today 😃


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Love evolves as we evolve. As a couple, you either grow together or grow apart. It is not about love being young and idealistic. It is about being on the same path. You can be young and idealistic and as you grow, you become older and more realistic but that has nothing to do with the love you have for each other. 


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When was young I do...but as you grow up and experiences all kinds of human behavior....you no longer believe it exist. All have it ups and down....flaws...etc...


Either you give and take....changes for the better you or stay egoistic n ignorance and keep taking till you never learn nothing about yourself.....


Basically, you need to experience rejection....make stupid mistake or decision. From there you will know which side is the greener....don't expect as if you are perfect no flaws and you think you are better then others....

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