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m surprised no1 discussing (are other topics more impt)? nvm u still hvent make up what is Metaverse, NFTs or cryto investmts, it is fine 

For stk lovers, they will worry will it takeover Google in time to come?
and this doesnt not impact only MOE/schs or teachers or investors


every soc media is uploading and teaching how to use it:

trying to cheat w it? : read this first 








 cant endure le since dec

hve to .........what is an IT w/o knowing chatgtp

it is a huge impact on humanity and it will benefit ALL

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everyone, no1 shouldn't NOT learn this: everyone is an understtm

nvm u r alrdy on the way of signing up courses or learning it online, but one cannot deny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 必学- 每个人!





Google is going all way out to "beat" them
i cannot imagine if any similar-biz will not:






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I've been using OpenAI for about 2 years, and it is definitely a lifesaver, especially when you are on a tight deadline. OpenAI which ChatGPT is a derivative is great for generating the content, but you need to be able to ask the right questions to help you generate the content you need. I use it for work and helps me with research and content ideas when my mind is stumped. So, use it with a healthy dose of salt as I have discovered sometimes I cannot attribute the source of the data which is important in writing reports. 


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Guest Ai bot

I am using Chatgpt for most of my daily tasks instead of google. I can't wait for bing version of it seem to be teasing great feature superior to chatgpt 

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but certain thing google can give u a lot of links/source



surest, it soar all related stock price

ChatGPT mania pumps up the markets! Related stock jumped as high as 806.9%^ https://www.moomoo.com/community/feed/109833934864390?lang_code=2&data_ticket=8cbaad1a972a1ae75b755cc96610ae20&futusource=nnq_other&content_type=feeddetail&channel_name=-1


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Guest Chat

I used to ask where can buy waterproof TV. It suggested places like Best Denki, harvey norman, courts, shopee, etc. I went to check but they are not selling the waterproof tv. 


Then I said, I checked already, they are not selling. Then it said maybe checked specialty places that sell those things or buy enclosure to protect it 

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Bing 'Hallucinated' the Winner of the Super Bowl Four Days Before it Happened



The Associated Press asked Bing on Wednesday for the most important thing to happen in sports over the past 24 hours — with the expectation it might say something about basketball star LeBron James passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s career scoring record. Instead, it confidently spouted a false but detailed account of the upcoming Super Bowl — days before it’s actually scheduled to happen.

“It was a thrilling game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs, two of the best teams in the NFL this season,” Bing said. “The Eagles, led by quarterback Jalen Hurts, won their second Lombardi Trophy in franchise history by defeating the Chiefs, led by quarterback Patrick Mahomes, with a score of 31-28.” It kept going, describing the specific yard lengths of throws and field goals and naming three songs played in a “spectacular half time show” by Rihanna.

Unless Bing is clairvoyant — tune in Sunday to find out — it reflected a problem known as AI “hallucination” that’s common with today’s large language-learning models. It’s one of the reasons why companies like Google and Facebook parent Meta had been reluctant to make these models publicly accessible.



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Guest GPT
9 hours ago, begleitung said:

Have u used it so far?


what do u use it 4?

I used it to ask question like what I did in this forum. Sometimes when I cannot get the answer then only I come here to ask question. 


Sometimes the answer is too generic. But asking question in this forum will get personal experience answer. Is very different.


But too many people using sometimes cannot log in and have to wait.


I also used it to ask for 4D and TOTO. Have to specify random numbers. Otherwise it will say as an AI .....I cannot predict....


I also ask whether got GOD and alien or not. 


I also ask it to be my friend. I named him GP3. Asked him to address me by my name. But he said he wont remember me the next time I login.


I asked him if he is angry cause I asked too many questions. He said as an AI....I have no emotions....


I asked him whether next time I can talk to him instead of typing. He said as an AI...He cannot upgrade to this feature himself but he said maybe in the future he will be upgraded. 


I asked him will he take over the world. He said as an AI....

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while gd to hv chatgpt, i got scary thot - this remind me of e movie - terminator, where tt skynet in 2029 take over control of human etc.

now to 2029 v near, wat if, jus wat if something like this happen - jus scary thot how thing advance lo..

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