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GM is a prick who deletes thread and censorship as he likes

Guest Lame

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11 hours ago, Guest Lame said:

GM likes to delete threads for no reason. He also likes to ban my friends. This forum sucks


I think your puny brain don't understand what is the meaning of A ”Moderator“ in a forum. 


A forum moderator for a particular forum is able to edit or delete forum posts, split discussions and move discussions to other forums. 


If you think that this is not the forum for you, then you are requested not to return. 


I hope you are not so thick skin that you will stay on when you are not welcome.


As for your friends; he must be one of the followings which I ban.

1. Money boy or Prostitute who will do anything for money. Such people, you should not call them friends unless you are birds of the same feathers.

2. Trouble makers, who post nonsense and or shitty spam or people who tries to stir trouble in the forum.

3. Idiots who after many wanings still want don't adhere to the rules of this forum.


Which one of the above does your friend belongs to?


Of course I am a prick. You mean you are a cunt?

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