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Hongkonger, 28, arrested for drugging, raping man he met online suspected to have 10 victims including 1 who died

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Saw this case while on YouTube:

involved gay police man




Hong Kong police are investigating if a 28-year-old man was involved in about 10 cases of drugging and raping gay victims he met online, including a 25-year-old who died, the Post has learned.

This came after the man and a police constable were arrested on Thursday on suspicion of drugging and raping a mainland Chinese man at a hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui.

The suspect was also accused of stealing from the victims. Police are investigating if the constable was involved in the other 10 cases.”




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Guest Breedmen






都是 想 借 药  得逞 , 后来  施药  过火


搞出 人命 。


一  发 不可收拾



大陆 仔  枉 赴  黄泉


人 在  他 乡


家  人  也  不  晓得

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This crime seems to get more common.


Just wonder what the background is.


Are guys not getting sex partners?

Is it an instigation by violence they see or rape scenes in porn, movies etc?


What is the thrill to have sex with someone who is like a dead fish, doesn't move and doesn't do anything at all?


Should we assume the criminal was deprived of sex partners due to his appearance?



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