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Sanctuary retreat for your spiritual and mental well-being

Guest Aaron Scandinavia

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Guest Aaron Scandinavia

Have this new program that is intended to give most of our community a chance to rejuvenate from our lives into retreat in north of Thailand .

It will be 3-5 days of mindfulness, meditation and massage in the middle of lush greenery atop high vantage rolling hills of Chiang Mai.


This is a chance for those whom are experiencing mental stress , burnout , and recovering from addiction, possibly trauma.


Am looking forward to supporting this program with qualified individuals with psychoanalysis, counselling background, sports/ massage therapist, local tourist guide.


Once this program have been created we will mostly advertise through dedicated channels , like forums , social media and other exclusive platforms.


Our main aim is to promote wellbeing of mind , body and spiritual growth. We as community are stronger when stay together 💪💓.


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