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i knew 仙人掌 will appear here. :P


仙人掌, u calculated using her birth date? your diagram shown, is there any app online for this?

more exciting than the divorce story. Hope he's going to the BW party.

Can't wait for him to do a reading on GM, IMchaser, gstc82, etc. hehe

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So u r that "local chn DJ"?

Only the "Queen" (or the Bitchiest) can have such privilege. Welcome to the Real World. :)


in the entertainment world only.

to be honest, her attitude is really quite bad and 目中无人.

she has made it in her career. prob with the help of many people too.

but i think with the way she treat people, once she is going downhill, people in the industry will just push her down.

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No. I did not mean that. 


仙人掌 had signed up as a member and had messaged me to have the post of the couple removed.


For the reason of why 仙人掌 he wants his post removed, please PM him personally.


The rest of you, please get back to the topic and this post here is not about 仙人掌, its about the divorced couple.



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Michelle Chen is too plump to be XiaoLongNv....


Chinese netizens have said that the string she sleeps on will snap! :lol:


Is that guy in the third photo supposed to be Yang Guo? Not charismatic at all, he is supposed to be very suave and handsome, that's why all the young girls in the story were attracted to him.


Worst looking YG & XLN ever!


I'm sure the hardcore Jinyong fans will hate this series.

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Is anyone watching 大汉贤后卫子夫 ?

Do u prefer the red or green guy?



never argue with the guests. let them bark all they want.





After I have said what I wanna say, I don't care what you say.



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Congrats to  吴奇隆 and 刘诗诗. Got married on 20 march.



And happy 小虎隊 is together on that day....苏有朋 吴奇隆 陈志朋....think 陈志朋 doesn't age as well as the other 2.


Their looks long time ago....




* sorry i post all these under china thread....though some of the celebrities are from taiwan...but they are either more based in china now....or the show/event is from china. 

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Fan Bingbing riles animal activists after kissing beluga whale on TV show

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing left animal activists unimpressed after smooching a beluga whale on an episode of a Chinese reality TV programme.

According to Chinese culture site Shanghaiist, Fan appeared on the show "Challenger Alliance 2", which tests celebrities with quirky challenges. On the episode which Fan appears, her challenge was to become an aquarium keeper.

Appearing in a schoolgirl outfit, the 34-year-old actress posted photos of the tender moment with the mammal on her Weibo account on June 18, which quickly went viral. The post has attracted nearly 500,000 'likes' so far.

However, it also got the attention of the China Cetacean Alliance, a whale conservation group which posted a statement on Weibo condemning the act:


"These beluga whales are trafficked from Russia after being taken from the wild. They should be given the freedom to dive, explore, frolic and communicate in the Arctic waters. Now they have lost that freedom and will never see the light again, they are imprisoned to do performances and get photographed while being held and kissed by stars. At the same time, this just gives more greedy businessmen a glamorous excuse to buy them."

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Congrats to 霍建华 and 林心如.


From last time...


To now





And last time....






 舒淇 ,刘涛



范冰冰 , 周迅 , 刘诗诗 ,  赵薇 , 刘涛 .....胡歌 , 吴奇隆



The funniest part is at the end, when 范冰冰 and 胡歌 fought for the bouquet thrown by the bride. 



This CP no more...haha.



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Wow....Shuqi and Stephen Fung announced that they are married. Congrats.

Mmm....2016 is an interesting year....quite a few celebrity weddings.





"Hong Kong - After years of hide-and-seek with the media, actress Shu Qi 舒淇  and director Stephen Fung 冯德伦 came out as a couple and announced their marriage on Saturday (Sept 3), said Apple Daily. 


Shu Qi, 40, and Fung, 42, tied the knot in Prague, where he is directing her in The Adventurers, a treasure hunt movie also starring Jean Reno and Andy Lau, said the report.

The newlyweds said in a press statement: "We've known each other for 20 years and been in love for four years. I've married her unreservedly. Yes, we've decided to be entangled with each other for life." 


They thanked their fans, and added: "You can miss anything, but don't miss out on the one who loves you." 


Nipping baby rumours before they could bud, the statement concluded: "PS we're currently not pregnant". 


Shu Qi also released wedding photos through a Media Asia publicist, said the report. She did not say when she married Fung, but revealed that her H&M wedding dress was sent by the retailer two years ago, and that the photos were taken last week.


Shu Qi is one of Asia's top leading ladies, starring in acclaimed movies such as Hou Hsiao-hsien's The Assassin, which won eight awards at the 10th Asian Film Awards.

She has been linked romantically to Hong Kong Heavenly King Leon Lai, actors Chang Chen and Shawn Yue, and singer Wang Leehom before.


Fung, director of martial arts-steampunk flick Taichi Hero, had a nine-year romance with singer-actress Karen Mok, which ended in 2007."

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Will you be my valentine's? :D

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Another day, another sexual assault case. 

This time round, the alleged perpetrator is Chinese actor Gavin Gao Yunxiang. The 35-year-old, who skyrocketed to fame in China after playing the reckless Yi Qu Wang in 2014 Chinese period drama The Legend of Mi Yue, has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman in a hotel room in the Shangri-La Hotel in Sydney. 

He had been filming Chinese drama Ah Na Ya Lian Qing, with his wife, Chinese actress Dong Xuan in Australia. The latter had wrapped up her scenes earlier on March 14 and had returned to China the next day. Twelve days later, Gavin was accused of sexually assaulting a 36-year-old female in a hotel room — the alleged victim claimed that the incident had taken place on March 26. Coincidentally or not, that was the same day Gavin had wrapped up filming for the drama.

According to a police report, the alleged victim, who is an Australian-Chinese TV producer who had worked with Gavin, claimed that she was sexually assaulted by Gavin and another 35-year-old male, Wang Jing, who is the drama’s producer. (He's not to be confused with Hongkong film director Wang Jing, who has unwittingly been tied in to the controversy for obvious reasons. In response, Wang Jing has replied, “I'm in Hongkong; I know at least five ‘Wang Jings’.) Both accused, Gavin and Wang Jing, have been arrested, and are currently being detained by the police.

Australian news reports claimed that on March 28, Gavin and Wang Jing appeared in Sydney Central Local Court via video from prison. Their lawyer said they would plead not guilty and apply for bail at a later date. The next court hearing will be in June.

When a Chinese news outlet rang up Dong Xuan for comment, the actress reportedly hung up the phone without saying a word. Thereafter, the actress expressed her support for her husband. “Sorry for making everyone worry. I believe in [Gavin],” she said. 

Previously, Gavin and Dong Xuan recorded a segment for Chinese variety show Feng Kuang Hun Li Ji (loosely translated to‘Crazy Wedding Season’) in which they talked about their love story. The recording was scheduled to be aired on March 29, but that was cancelled. The couple married in 2011, and have one daughter. 

Chinese netizens have been stunned by the news. One expressed her disappointment that showbiz is short of one less good man. Another pointed out that besides Dong Xuan, the one most upset at the news would be Fan Bing Bing whose new period drama The Legend of Ba Qing, was set to be released. Now that the drama’s male lead, Gavin, has been embroiled in this scandal, the drama’s original scheduled release in April has also been affected.


Meanwhile, another one disappointed would be Dee Hsu, who had once publicly declared her love for Gavin. In an interview with Apple Daily, Dee said, “If he really behaved in that way, it is really hard for people to accept [the news].” Dee became a huge Gavin fan due to the latter’s appearance in The Legend of Mi Yue. Previously, when Gavin made a guest appearance on Dee’s show Hungry Sister, she jokingly flirted with him and repeatedly asked, "Your wife won't be jealous, right?"

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On March 29, Chinese actor Gao Yunxiang (高云翔), also known as Gavin Gao, was arrested in Sydney for sexual assault. Gavin is the male lead in The Legend of Ba Qing, starring alongside Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) and Yan Yikuan (严屹宽).

As a result of the scandal, the drama has failed to pass the broadcast requirements as stated by the China’s State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, in which actors of a production have to be clear of “scandals, stains, and questionable morals.”

According to a news report, Zhejiang Tangde, the production company behind Ba Qing, lost over 800 million yuan in the market a day after Gao’s sexual assault was reported. Fan Bingbing, the ninth biggest shareholder of Zhejiang Tangde and producer of Ba Qing, also suffered a huge financial blow.

In addition to losing 800 million yuan, Zhejiang Tangde is required to reimburse broadcasters for breaking their contracts. Online broadcasters initially paid the studio 8 million yuan per episode, totaling 480 million yuan for 60 episodes, for the drama to air on their platforms. In addition, satellite broadcasters like Jiangsu TV and Dragon TV already paid the studios a total of 230 million yuan each. With all of these numbers combined, the amount that Zhejiang Tangde has to reimburse is astronomical.

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On 4/4/2018 at 12:18 AM, lonelyglobe said:

so handsome don't need to assault la, I m sure a lot of guys and girls will volunteer one :twisted:


Not the most handsome I've seen but I would fuck him

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Guest 巩一大粒















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Guest 犯贱冰冰

All this while she was criticising Fan Bingbing for being a flower vase at international events... LOL


At least that vase is 称职


This old hag is a disgrace to the label that sponsored her dress. 

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Guest LAN腥霉
On 11/19/2018 at 6:45 AM, Guest 犯贱冰冰 said:

All this while she was criticising Fan Bingbing for being a flower vase at international events... LOL


At least that vase is 称职


This old hag is a disgrace to the label that sponsored her dress. 



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