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    • By Reagankoh416
      Share your own personal experiences of Malaysia Gay Saunas/Massage stories. Would like to hear some stories of you guys. What did you do / cruise to get the guy that you wanted? How was the feeling with the person? Would you like to go back again? Share some thoughts and experiences right here. 
    • By Robxx
      Trying to exhibit, but don't know where is best?
    • By T00H0rny
      Hi all,
      I have never shared this experience with anyone before and I been thinking whether I should share with you guys and finally, decided to share with you. It happened many years ago when I was in Sec 4. Before I start, pls allow me highlight in advance that this is my real experience (100% real) and it is not sad story or anything bad.. 🙂 so pls enjoy reading it and forgive my lousy English..
      There was a period of time in sec 4 when I engaged a private male tutor who is around 4 years older than me. let's just called him Roy (not his real name and sorry if you got offended if your name is Roy 🙂 ). I engaged him together with another male friend. we live nearby so he usually came over to my place to conduct lessons together with my friend. so, usually lessons are three of us together. Roy usually a funny guy and joked about a lot of things. mostly he joked with us about sexuality and most of the jokes were sexual in nature. Of course we don't mind as we were teenagers and testosterone level was very high and horny at that time. (until now still high and horny..). I did not have any feelings for Roy or my friend though as I am only into girls and older women. But sometimes, when we didn't finish homework he gave or we couldn’t answer his questions, Roy got angry and scolded us. So, we kind of scare of him a bit too...
      Sometimes, I noticed that Roy gave me more chances and got along with me more than with my friend. He commented on my legs and my hands. He said he liked my fingers and my legs. It was a bit wired though but I didn't really mind it. He touched my legs and thigh areas sometimes during the lessons. I did not really mind those touches, as I mentioned, I am really horny guy and those touches felt good, haha. But he was not really obvious and he did not do those touches when my friend was around. Now, I think off those days again, I realized he was really into me only. Normally, when I am home, I did not wear underwear. I still do not wear underwear when I am home until now and even sometimes, when I go out nearby, I do not wear it.. So those touches sometimes, made my dick hard and I had to try hiding it from him and my friend..Sometimes, I had to excuse myself and went to toilet and breathed to relax it..May be Roy noticed those but I was not sure what to do or how to respond those touches..
      when the exam was getting closer, Roy suggested that we should stay overnights at my place for a few days and studied together..He would also stay with us for a few days and guided us and helped us in studying. So, we agreed to it and “boob camp” was started....
      to be continued...
    • By Hjbjas
      Forum for cruisers in Klang Valley. 
    • By begleitung
      Inspired by the living in ur 30s discussion, what would you have done differently had you have known what you know today?
      or no regrets etc at all?
      Can you still salvage the situation, if necessary?
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