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Imran Vs Homophobia

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    • By oralb

      [Wonder Woman] Review
      “FINALLY” the term I would think should be everyone’s mind when he or she came out of the theater. Finally a DCU movie that’s really good. Finally a DCU movie that didn’t suck big time.
      DCU or DC’s cinematic universe has been lagging big time over their arch rival Marvel’s cinematic universe, not only is DCU late in the entry, their offerings had been badly penned by the critics, though still making money due to the strong fans’ base. “Man of Steel” gave us the grumpiest Superman ever in any media, taking away all hope and courage that the superhero is supposed to represent. The following “BvS” showed us what happened when style was over substance, when the director preferred 300’s slo-mo style over common sense and stupidity plot (Martha!!!) Sadly “Suicide Squad” followed the exact formula of emitting the basic story telling concept.
      When we thought DCU is hopeless, “Wonder Woman” comes along. Directed by Patty Jenkins; with Gal Gadot in the titular role and Chris Pine as her love interest Steve Trevor, WW showed how to make a kickass superhero movie with heart.
      Technically WW is the first main-stream female Superhero movie to hit the big screen in the recent years (“Electra” and “Catwoman” were more of anti-hero) letting DCU finally has a first against MCU. For years MCU had refused to give a Black-Widow movie, and their only female Superhero lead movie “Captain Marvel” is still years away.
      WW hit the dots in what it hoped to accomplish. The movie brought hope, compassion and humanity to what, arguably the most recognizable female superhero, Wonder Woman embodies. To be fair, WW is a difficult subject to bring to the big screen. Created in 1941, the original WW reeked of sexism and still a testament of male superiority. This was evident in her “weakness” that if WW hands were tied by a man, her power would render useless, as if her creator felt that bondage was a healthy part of a relationship. The character evolved over the years, but still, at a lesser capable director, WW would result in a feminism sort of vengeful woman movie. Thankfully it is not the case in this movie.
      Why did the movie work so well? Firstly, they found the right candidate. Gal Gadot is almost born for the role, bringing beauty, grace, strength and an amazing determination in her portray of WW. Her on-screen chemistry with Chris Pine was absolutely believable and a joy to watch, and that made us cared for both characters. The first half of the movie touched on the origin of WW, and how Chris Pine’s character felt weird in an island filled with Amazonian female warriors.  He never did believe in the Greek mythological explanation that WW told him. The second half of the movie reversed the role, with WW being the fish out of the water in a war-torn London. WW still had her naïve impression of human and was constantly being tested in a male-leading society.
      Another part the movie did very well was the drive to WW’s determination. She believed that all human are good, and by killing one entity, the war would end and all will be good. Contrasting her belief was Chris Pine, whom had seen the dark side of the war, shrouded at her single track minded but eventually touched by her determination. In the end, both characters had to reach the inevitable compromise on their beliefs.
      Director Jenkins took time to develop her characters, letting WW slowly grow into the hero she was destined to be. Despite the long running time of the movie, the action scenes were far and between, however when it came to fighting, the action sets were grand and amazing. No doubt Zack Snyder had a say in the style of the action scenes, they were filled with beautiful slo-mo sequences coupled with a great soundtrack to boost.
      Nonetheless, WW is not without its bad points. With the heavy focus on the title character, villains took a back seat once again, resulting at the few villains felt like two dimensional characters. Also with the decision to have the final big boss hidden from all promotional scenes just so for the last minute twist, one of WW most iconic villain was degraded to do the usual villain finale monologue, which sadly undermined the potential of clashing his ideology with WW’s drive.
      Verdict: WW is a good movie, definitely the best DCU movie at this point, but the greatest. The honor still reserved for Nolan’s marvelous “The Dark Knight Returns”. What WW did is to shine a beacon of hope to the upcoming “Justice League” movie, and with Joss Whedon taking over Zack Snyder in the final edit; finally DCU has a fighting chance against MCU.
      4 out of 5 stars
    • Guest Yada Yada
      By Guest Yada Yada
      Mainland director accused of copying "Train to Busan"
      Heidi Hsia From Cinema Online Exclusively for Yahoo Newsroom8 May 2017
      8 May - A mainland director's ambition to helm China's version of a zombie movie was met with criticism when it appeared that his movie seemed to look eerily like the hit South Korean horror, "Train to Busan".

      As reported on Epoch Times, director Liu Zhidong, who also stars in the upcoming film, "Shenshan Xing" (or translated as "The Mountain Line" or "Train to the Mountains"), was blasted by Netizens for supposedly copying the Korean movie, not only in its title, but also plot-wise. 

      According to sources, the upcoming movie focuses on a man and his daughter on a train ride to his mother's residence for a birthday celebration when they encounter a zombie attack. 

      Even the poster, showing an already infected man holding a girl in his arms, is similar to one of "Train to Busan" posters - of the bloodied main character (played by Gong Yoo) running away from a flock of zombies while holding his daughter. 

      "Do you even have to copy the poster too? Isn't that too much?," one Netizen commented. 

      "It's a disgrace if it reaches South Korea!" said another. "What a blatant plagiarism." 

      The movie has been filming since April in Suzhou and is expected to be released in summer. 
    • By abang
      It is that time of the year for accolades and appreciation.
      I have not stepped into a cinema for ages - about 10 years since I slept through Daniel Craig's Quantum of Solace in Japan.  I know, it was terrible but perhaps I was too jaded then.  I depended on DVDs to survive - especially those with director's cut.
      Yesterday I was in JB with a bunch of neighbours.  They were there to do their contributions to the Malaysian's domestic economy-getting their beauty and hair fix-up.  As the only single male, I had some 2 hours to roam around.
      I did the next best thing besides gluttoning the food there.  I stepped into a cinema to watch LA LA Land.  Yes, it is clique to say I watched it because it just garnered 7 Goilden Globes the day before.  I have read reviews of it and was anticipating the release of the DVD.  The ticket was only RM13 and the mini-cinema had about 100 seats - with only 20 patrons.  
      Once the movie started, I was mesmerised by the plot, acting, singing and dancing.  The opening sequence reminded me of West Side Story (circa early 60s) and the rest of the dancing, very vintage Hollywood style.
      Emma Stone deserved the Golden Globes thoroughly.  Her little girl's voice fitted perfectly for the role.  She is not that pretty-pretty but she is attractive.  Nothing much to say about Ryan Gosling... he learnt to play the piano for this movie.. His fingering skills proved that his hardwork had paid off.  
      Overall, I left the cinema with a very big smile - I had totally enjoyed myself.  To me, La La Land was the most enjoyable event yesterday.
    • By heliumduck
      no official movie thread ?

      so how many movies did you watch in 2016?
      probably <10 for me, 3  during the Xmas and NYE long weekends
    • By Yanto
      Hi guys. What is your favorite gay movie/film/web series ?
      Mention it here
      This is my favorite list Chinese &Thailand gay web series such as :
      1. 上瘾 aka Heroin (my fav cp Huang Jingyu x Xu Weizhou)
      2. 錯生 (SWAP) CP (Yang YeMing(Leo) x Yao Wang(Lucas)
      3. 同樂會 (Happy Together) (Alex x Benny)
      4. 从现在到以前 From Now To Past (Short film)
      5. 我和X先生 《只为遇见你》S2 (i and Mr.X)
      6. 灵界室友 (Ghost Boyfriend)
      7.ตัวอย่าง Love Next Door
      8. Love Next Door 2
      9. Fathers
      10. Father and Son
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