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Fun At Orchard?

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4 minutes ago, Coresub said:

Ready and waiting...

Next time hmu if u gg clem SS

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I nearly forgotten about my strange encounter at orchard one day as I was having my long lunch (usually I will go to toilet to wash my hands before meals, and then if taken drinks, during chit chat will go to toilet again, after that long lunch, will go to toilet again to wash up)

When I was there, I saw a guy went into cubicle, I didn't suspect much cos most men who are urinating will not use the cubicles

but when I went in later , that should be half an hour, I saw him came out from the cubicle and then vanish again (there are other cubicles at the other side)

however, I m using the urinal hence facing the wall, didn't exactly see where he vanished into (he was prominent to me as he seemed to be carrying a laptop, should be degree/tertiary undergrad, wearing shorts, when I said shorts, it is really shorts, not bermudas , of course not your Fbt/army kind of exercise shorts, those are meant for exercise, not for orchard or casual)

last, before I left I decided to purposely go back and use the urinal at the other side and aha!

as I predicted he really came out from the cubicle at the other side

So in short, he must be rotating himself at the different cubicles, awaiting for encounters...needless for further explanation, some of the cubicles come with holes (not your big glory holes but just small peeping ones) I can sense his frustration of moving quickly from cubicles to another , probably there are good business around ....
Which is why I emphasized most men wil not even bother to use cubicles, unless u r there for dumping ground or u r there for "other businesses"



when I take a dump there (in the past, I have to cover up the holes instead ), when I m doing my business, I like my privacy and I do respect others


  I wonder is that anyone of u here (for sure that guy is NOT very tall , not tall means shorter than 1.64)?

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11 minutes ago, Raywongx said:

Paragon too. 


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