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On 7/23/2014 at 10:56 PM, mamaboy said:

Reading through all the recommendations and reviews in the forum, I decides to try out Chivas's massage.

Coincidentally, I injured my neck and shoulder a few days back and a massage comes just at the right time. Hence I made an appointment with him this evening. The place is easy to find, being just a stone throw away from the MRT station. It was kind of Chivas to come down personally to bring me to his place. Reaching his house, I was led into the massage room. The place is neat and tidy, with a massage bed in the middle of the room and soothing music playing in the background.

He offered me a cup of water, which I found out from him was purified water which supposesly is better for the body. Thereafter he started making small talks with me, making me feel comfortable and to understand which part of my body requires more attention. I chose the 5 in 1 package (package B) which comprises 4 different massages and either a body scrub or a sensual massage. Since I have not tried any sensual massage before, I opted for that.

A shower follows before the start of the massage. Through the massage, he was very attentive. He makes sure that he exerts just the right amount of strength, smoothing all the knots in your muscle without hurting you. As he goes along, he will explain what he is doing and explaining the benefits of each action. I was very impressed with his knowledge and skills.

Not to be missed is the hot stone massage. It is really soothing and relaxing. I can feel all my muscle relaxing with each touch from the stone. He highly recommended the hot stone massage and I can understand why. The sensual massage was a nice touch after he rubbed all the ache and sores away. Coupled with the hot stone treatment, the sensual massage leaves one feeling relaxed and euphoric, like a shot of sedative ( something along that experience).

After the massage, he offered me a cup of warm water which helps to.flush the toxin out from your body. The whole experience was indeed worth it for the price. All in all, I only have good things to say about Chivas' s massage. And my neck and shoulder is feeling much better after one session.

This definitely won't be my last time there.






                                                     Try   Chivas   Week  Day   Promotion   Package   as   seen   above , affordable  &   Stressing   relieving  Massage . 


                  WhatsApp /  SMS            CHIVAS       @      90901655 .                                             

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On 9/26/2018 at 11:30 AM, Chivas said:





         Try   CHIVAS  WEEK  DAYS   PROMO  PACKAGES  :thumb:


                  Mix  &  Match  4  Kinds  of  Massages  in the Pkge ,

                  $  75 /-  for  90 mins .   Usual :  $ 90/-


                                             1)   Deep Tissue  Msge.    2)   Balinese  Msge.    3)   Sensual  Msge .    4)   Hot- Stone  Msge .


                                            WhatsApp  /  SMS ,       CHIVAS   @      90901655 ,    

                                                          Location:   Near   MRT  STN ,   Just   2  mins  away .








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On 9/22/2018 at 8:25 AM, Chivas said:



     Saturday  is  the Best  Day  to  breakaway  from   Routine  and   start  something   a  fresh ,

                                                                                       Get  into  Indulgent  of  Pampering   a   MASSAGE   that   U  deserved  the   Best ......:thumb: 

                                                                                       WHY  are  waiting   for ....




         RELAX , REFRESH  &   RENEW ,




         Try   CHIVAS   SOULFUL   MASSAGE ,:thumb:

                                                                            You  are  assured in  saved   Hands .

               4  kinds  of  Massage comes in the Pkge ,

                 @  $  75/-  for  90 mins,  Usual :  $ 90/-


                    1)   Balinese  Msge,   2)   Sport's   Msge,   3)   HotStone -  Msge,   4)   Sensual  Msge .



                                                       WhatsApp    CHIVAS   @    90901655 ,

                                                        Location  :   Near   MRT  STN ,  just  2  mins  away .





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On 9/8/2012 at 10:48 PM, skin2skin said:

Hi Chivas,

I have nothing to lose if I had to share my wonderful experience with fellow members here. I am a sucker for life's little pampering, and if I come across any places or service or anything that are worth the mention, I believe in sharing such joys.

Thank you once again for bringing relief to my aching body, for giving me the necessary refuelling, the much needed serenity at each visit, and getting me ready to battle my work load ahead of me.

Thank u Chivas.


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On 3/3/2019 at 5:30 AM, Chivas said:




                      Get   REVITALIZE ,   REFRESH   &    RELAX .:thumb:   


                       1)   Deep  Tissue  Msge ,       2)    Balinese   Msge ,      3)     Sport"s  Msge ,      4)     Hotstone   Msge  .

        (  90 mins  $  75/- )

         (   Usual  price : $  90 )


                               WhatsApp /  SMS      CHIVAS       @        90901655 ,

                                Location  near  MRT  STN   just  2 mins  away .

                                sg_ totalmassage.sg .

                                                                                              Business Time  :   10 am  --  930  pm ).







Edited by Chivas

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On 9/2/2018 at 12:35 PM, Chivas said:



      IT'S   GREAT   TO  HAVE   A  MASSAGE   ON   SUNDAY .:thumb: 

                        4   Kinds   of   Massage  in   Bundle ,:)

                         $  75/-  for  90  mins ,   ( Usual   $90/-)



                                                  1 )   Deep  Tissue  Msge,    2 )  S'port's   Msge,    3 )   Sensual   Msge,   4 )   Hot Stone   Msge .  



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                   gbb1LZy.jpg                         xPjBSDJ.jpg


    IT'S   TIME   FOR  A   BREAK THROUGH .....




                              :thumb:  Try   Chivas  Magic  Touch  that  " Relax , Relieve &  Refresh ."  your  Body , Mind  &  Soul .

                                        Try  his  Signature  Promo  Pkge , for  90 mins  @  $ 75/- ,     (  Usual :  $ 90/- )


                            1)   Balinese  Msge ,       2 )     Sport's  Msge,       3 )    Hot Stone  Msge,        4 )      Sensual  Msge .


                                    WhatsApp / SMS :       @       90901655 ,

                                     Location  :  Near   MRT STN   just  walk  2  mins away ,

                                      sg_ totalmassage.com .


                                                                             Business  Time :    10 am   --   915 pm .


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On 5/2/2018 at 3:56 PM, TomTommy said:

Hi guys! This is my 2nd review for the massage services in Singapore, coz I only feel like writing a review when the massage is GREAT! So I went to Chivas for 2 hrs massage just now. It’s the best massage experience I had in the recent years in SG. The whole session consists of  deep tissue, hot oil, hot stone and sensual massage. Chivas’ skill, stroke and strength are professional and hit the point that you desire :). So I recommend his service to everyone who really would like to have a different experience from what you normally have with other masseurs. Btw he is very friendly and caring about your feelings and needs. Good job Chivas, I will come back to you soon. Thank you—Tony


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On 9/27/2018 at 2:03 AM, Chivas said:







           ARE   YOU   FACING   THIS   KIND  BODY  SIGNALS   &   GESTURES ....


          HI  Morning  Guys ,

                                                   It"s  high  time  to  listen  to  your  Bodies  Language  and  Well Being .  It's  telling   that  your   Body  is

               breaking  down  with  ACHES  &   PAIN .  And   it needs  a " Massage  as a  Booster "  to revive  back  to  normal  

               State  of  Health  and  Well- being .


               Try   CHIVAS  Week Days Promotion Package ,:)

                4  Kind   of  Massages for  $  75 /-  90 mins ,  Usually  $  90/- .


                                           1)  Balinese  Msge    2 )   Deep- Tissue  msge    3 )   Sport"s  Msge     4)   HotStone    Msge .



                                          WhatsApp  /  SMS .        Chivas     @       90901655 ,

                                           Location  :   Near   MRT  STN  ,    Just   2  mins  away .    


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 XGkaVxp.jpg ' Chase the Monday Blues by Massage.'



On 3/2/2016 at 12:50 AM, Neshbaby said:

   Hi  B / Viewers  and  Supporters !

 At times,I do try other massage therapists to get better options experiencing the skill and  exploring various types of massages available in the market. Ultimately with intention to settle down as a regular to one or two therapist .Last week I tried " Chivas Massage "again for the forth times. Now i decided Chivas will be my regular massuer for the year 2016 onwards .The reason been was for some valid good reasons etc's and this my sharings to U guys


  A) Like his 2 Promotion Pkges -A, B  are valued added, affordable price tag , bundle with of various kinds of massage in it for example : Pkge A - comes with 3 kinds of massages , Pkge B - bundled with 5 kinds of massages Plus " Complimentary Hot Oil massage " all this perks for only $ 88- (go and look at is signature Pkges )


 B )  Also like his skillful massages which he does with Passion whereby he learnt from varies massage "Mentor's in his line of work,. He claimed been doing massages for more than a decade ,he has good customer skills as well . Before he start massaging he does a short " Consultation on your Health " because it helps create awarness as well prevent injuries in the process .I found this is important creteria as many other therapist dont practise that procedure . Therefore, I consolidate all this factors and qualities set him apart from other therapists .


     C ) He is a certified therapist stated in his " Profile" as all this qualifications, Skills and Experience commensurate  well into a true Professional Care Giver in Bodyworks . Yes i agree with others in the B/W viewers that good, Skillful Massage Therapists are difficult to come by .


Last but not least, B / Viewers ,try " Chivas Massage ' you will never go wrong ! its worth every penny spent, a one stop service to receive blissful quality massage at a Homebase price unlike other "SPA MASSAGES "  comes with hefty price tag with disappointing results .Hereby I quote: Seeing and hearing is phony but trying for real is the best. Thank you guys.

Good Luck .:)



















    Try  Chivas  Week Days  Promo  Package , comes  with  4  kinds  of  Massages  only  for  $ 75/- , 90 mins, 

                                                                                                                                                       ( Usual : $ 90/- )


           WhatsApp / SMS     @     90901655 ,



Edited by Chivas

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On 12/7/2018 at 8:30 AM, Chivas said:

                                 j6fRGID.png        "  IT'S  PAMPERING  TIME ." :thumb:       

                                                                                           RELAX ,   REFRESH ,  REJOICE .                                    Try   CHIVAS  Week   Days   Promotion   as seen above : :angry2:   


                              WhatsApp  /  SMS         Chivas    @    90901655 ,

                              Location  near  Mrt Stn ,   Just  2 mins  walk only,

                               sg-total massage.com .










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On 10/3/2018 at 8:36 AM, Chivas said:







   IT"S   TELLING   YOUR  BODY   NEEDS    MASSAGE   REJUVENATION , (  over haul  )  


                      Try   CHIVAS   4  in  one  Massages  in the Bundle , (  $  75/- for  90  mins  ):thumb:



                                                  1)   Deep Tissue  Msge ,   2)   Sensual  Msge,   3)   Sport's  Msge ,   4)    Hot Stone  Msge .


                          WhatsApp  /  SMS ,       CHIVAS    @     90901655 ,

                           Location :   Near   MRT  STN ,     Just   2  mins   away .

                                   Business  Time  :   10 AM   ---    920  PM . 


              Note :   :thumb:   When  the  time of  your  call , he  might  engaged  with  Clients , thereafter  he return  call  soon  possible,

                             Thanks  for  your  understanding .






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On 9/16/2018 at 11:12 PM, Le0_ said:

Finally got the time to try Chivas. Reply was fast and he would call you to double confirm your booking and also brief you on how to go to his location. 


on reaching his estate, he was waiting patiently at the lift lobby and would escort you to his house.

Before the massage, he introduced the different kind of massages and also asked whether I have any surgery for the past 6 months and any area of focus on my body

for him to look out for. 


As mentioned by previous reviews, he inculcated all the 6 different kind of massages into one whole package. The one that I was most amazed was the hot stones treatment as it was out-of-this-world experience. Not many home-based masseurs offer that. During the massage, he would put in his effort to ask for the strength and pressure and also educate on the different kind of techniques. The sensual massage was good and he even cracked me thrice! He even managed to pin point the problem on my body - I was having a heavy shoulder tension and he managed to untie the knots on these areas.


Definitely won't be my last time going. No regrets. 


You have to try it for yourself to experience it! And if you don’t mind traveling all the way to Woodlands, why not give it a try? 


Can always PM me if you need more info. :whistle:


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On 8/26/2018 at 3:35 AM, Chivas said:





     Listen   to  your Body  needs   for better   Well-being .

         Holistic  Massage  starts  @  CHIVAS  One  Stop  Service :)


                 4  kind of  Massages  at  $ 75/-  for  90 mins,  Usual ( $ 90/-) :thumb:


                1)   Balinese  Massage,  2)   Sport's  Massage,  3)   Sensual  Massage,  4)   Hot-Stone  Massage .



                                WhatsApp  /  SMS ,            Chivas  @   90901655 ,

                                Location :   Near  MRT  STN  just  2 mins  away.








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On 2/2/2019 at 10:51 PM, zenmind said:

Recently just visited Chivas, strokes are firm, sensual and detailed, hot oil and hot stone massage quite unique, kind of relaxing.

Top notch massage skills with reasonable price.

Massage lovers don’t miss it.




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On 10/13/2018 at 10:24 AM, Chivas said:






            Try   Chivas  Weekend   Promotion  Pkg,

               1 )    Deep  Tissue  Msge,      2 )    Sensual   Msge ,     3 )    Sport's  Msge ,    4 )    Hot  Stone  Msge . :thumb:

                             All  this items  coming  along  in the Promotion$  75/-   for  90 mins  , Usual :  $ 90/-.



                                       WhatsApp /  SMS ,             Chivas    @     90901655 ,

                                 Location :    Near   MRT  STN ,   Just   2  mins  away .  THKS

                                           sg_ totalmassage.com


Edited by Chivas

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On 5/1/2017 at 9:40 AM, lightson said:

I've been to chivas three times and I've got to say that he has got amazing skills and really value for money. $90/- for a 2 hour massage that covers a few different types of massages. The new hot oil massage feels incredibly great when the oil is being applied to your body, and with the hot stones and sensual massage - it was probably one of the best massages I've had. Got to say massages without hot oil/stones now for me is gonna feel weird. Highly recommended 


Edited by Chivas

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                                                                                       Wishing  all  the  Christians " A  Blessed  Year  Ahead  2019 "    

                        With   Good   Health , Wealth ,  Luck  and   Prosperity .:thumb:    


                            :thumb:    Special  Promotion Offer , comes with  3  kinds  of  Massages  $ 65/- , 1hr 15 mins . (  Usual  $ 75/- )   


                               Delux  Pkg :     1)   Balinese  Msge    2)   Hot Stone  Msge   3)   Deep  Tissue  Msge .   4)  Sensual   Msge .

                              Premium  Pkg :     1)    Hot  Oil  Msge   2)   Deep  Tissue  Msge   3)   Sports  Msge   4)  Hot  Stone   Msge       



                                                              WhatsApp /  SMS ,           Chivas     @       90901655 ,

                                                 Location  :    Near   MRT  STN  ,  just  2  mins  waik,

                                                 sg- totalmassage.com.                

Edited by Chivas

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On 8/21/2016 at 10:43 PM, platoniclover said:

I went to Chivas and as I first entered the house, I'm quite impressed that it is quite neat and tidy. There is a room dedicated for massage and the room has good ambiance. The room is quite well-decorated and there is soothing music playing. 


The masseur is polite and well-manner and speaks calmly. I took a 2 hour package and I can say that it is an outstanding experience. The massage covers almost every part of my body (except the soles of my feet). It was shiok when he applied the hot stones on me!


The pressure of the massage was just right (enough to penetrate the deep tissues) and it really feel relaxing after the whole session. The showering room is pleasantly decorated and I am very impressed by him.


Definitely a service I will visit again!


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  • Similar Content

    • By Patrickvivian
      In view of  the good responses the Good Friday promotion will extend to include Saturday 20 April and Sunday 21 April.
      60 minutes at $50 (UP: $60) and 90 minutes at $80 (UP:$90). Book early to avoid disappointment.
      Saturday appointment slots available from 10am to 12midnight (last appointment)
      Sunday appointment slots available only from 5pm to 12 midnight.
      You may be in the habit of ignoring your mother; but please never ignore your body when it is crying out to you for some tender loving care.  Aches, pains and stiffness is the language your body is using to tell you that you need to destress. Stress not relieved and allowed to accumulate leads to a lack of motivation, concentration and even a low libido; at the extreme you may also feel depressed. Make a wise choice; make time to enjoy a relaxing massage that will both refresh and revitalize you.  But please don't fall for the myth that the harder the massage the better it is to reduce tension. Our entire body is covered by millions of nerve endings and gentle kneading will ease the tension and tight knots. A good massage should make you feel relaxed and not caused pain or discomfort."
      Sensual Swedish Oil Massage is a light pressure massage using deliberately slow but long strokes running from shoulder down to the ankles. As the massage progresses you find your heart rate and breathing slowing down,  and the stress slowly melts away with every stroke of the masseur's hand.  A generous amount of oil is applied to make every stroke smooth and the feel of a pair of warm hands gliding over your body. caressing, teasing and making you feel loved.  Free your mind of any thoughts of work or personal matters; instead visualize clear blue skies and emerald green water shimmering in the sunlight. Arise from the massage bed feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and renewed.
      This massage is totally focused on relaxation and release of tension and stress. I do not treat any sports injury.
      I am a mature Chinese masseur (55+) and has a professional diploma in body massage from U.K. (CIBTAC) since 2004 and WSQ Certificate in Sports Massage 2018.
      Rates are $60 for 60 mins and $90 for 90 mins
      To book an appointment whatsapp or sms to me at 97811075 (Patrick)
      For appointments before 7pm, try to give 2 hours advance notice.
      For appointments after 7pm, give advance notice of 30-60 minutes
      Venue: 10 minutes walk from Bedok MRT or bus 17/17A  takes you to directly opposite my block (just 3 stops).
      Ample car park available with electromic gantry.

    • By Vinzelf
      Hello everyone!
      I am Vinz, 29 from Philippines. 
      I'm a traveler and once did massage in Penang, KL and Singapore. 
      I have another post in this thread for massage but that is when I was in Singapore. (I created this post so it won't be mixed up) I hope it is allowed. Thank you admin for understanding.
      I will be staying in JB until Sunday or Monday. During this period, I can do Outcall Masage. 
      Those who are interested can make appointment with me through my WhatsApp & LINE +60173909750
      OUTCALL Only.
      ** Swedish and Smooth Sport Massage combined using oil**
      I also do Buttocks Massage and Lingam.
      GOLD PACKAGE-- 128MYR for 90minutes
      * Full Body Massage Back and front from Head to Toe + Buttocks Massage*
      PREMIUM PACKAGE-- 188MYR for 120minutes
      *Full Body Massage Back and front from Head toToe +Buttocks Massage +Lingam (Genital Massage)
      I do not discriminate, no matter how you look, how big or thin you are, how old you are, as long as 18 and above, I will still massage you because that is the service I offer. 
      I can be a friend to anyone, regardless of age, gender and status in life as long as you won't take advantage of me. 
      I had bad experiences in this trip of mine and I have learned all my lessons and I hope that I will be able to meet nice people along the way to cheer me up
      Thank you so much.
      P.S (To the admins, moderators, please delete this post if it is innaproriate) Thank You!
      Be healthy everyone and stay Happy!

    • By Jimi
      Home based Traditional Thai Massage located at Balestier area for men who needs relaxation and sensual after work or workout. Specialize in Karsai Nei Tsang ( Thai Genitial Detox Massage), this helps men with urinary needs and health beings. Rejuvenate and brings Vitality within you.
      My Operation hours are as follows: 
      Mon - Fri   1930hrs -  2300hrs
      PH, Sat & Sun  1100hrs -  0000hrs
      Rates : S70/ hr 
      Reservation is preferred one day in advance
      For Walk ins, please keep me posted 3hrs notice. 
      Note: To faciliate best relax experience for all my clients,  delays or late replies might be encountered as my phone is kept in silent mode. I’ll be reverting to you soonest after each session has ended. Appreciate your kind understanding please.
      For reservation and experience on my service, please contact me via WhatsApp @98866197 for details.
      Thank you for your support and hope to hearing from you soon.
      PS : pure massage without any indecency acts and activities, be rest assured.
    • By Frottager
      Hey there Frotters,
      would like to kick start a topic for frotters. And to source of who like a good cock to cock rub off in the forum.
      This is not a common interest but for those those are into this fetish, let's contribute to meet ups and exchange pointers for a frot session.
      If the respond is great, we can gather in a Line group for more photos, discussion and meet ups.
      Hear from you frot fellows soon
    • By Aof
      Hello everyone I’m available now please contact me if you want to about me no my WhatsApp +66917328989
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