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Chivas-Massage @ Woodlands

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On 8/14/2018 at 11:17 PM, Chivas said:




     Good  Health  starts  with  Healthy  Diet , 8  Hours Sleep  and  regular MASSAGE   




     Sound  Mind , Body  and  Soul  radiates  by  regular  MASSAGE


          60 mins  Msge , $  55/-


        Try   4 kinds  of  Massages  comes  in  Bundle .:thumb:

         $ 75/-  90 mins ,     Usual price $ 90/-


    1)  Deep  Tissue  Msge , 2)  Sport's  Massage , 3)  Sensual  Msge , 4)  Hot Stone  Msge .



             WhatsApp  /  SMS ,          CHIVAS    @    90901655 ,

              Location  near  MRT  STN ,  2 Mins  away ,

               sg-totalmassage .



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On 6/2/2018 at 1:28 PM, Chivas said:







    Good  Morning  BW  Viewers,


                                                          Try   Chivas  60 mins  Massage  for  $ 55/-   , 4  Kinds  of  Massages in  Bundle @  $ 75/- ,as  seen                above .:thumb:



Edited by Chivas

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On 7/23/2016 at 2:42 PM, Hornday said:

decided to try Chivas after my shoulder has been giving me problems for the past week. 


Prior to the massage, chivas sat me down and consulted with me on my problem areas. This allowed him to have a sensing of how to proceed with the massage. 


The first part was the sports massage. Chivas sure knows his way around those knots in my muscles. Every knead and press was a god-send. He will also check in with you on the pressure which is nice. Next was the hot oil massage, which I really liked as the hot oil was a welcome sensation to my body, making me feel very relaxed. 


This was followed by the hot-stone and sensual massage. This is is the first time I tried the hot stone massage and I must say it is a must-try! The hot stones felt amazing on my body and the sensual massage makes one feel really rejuvenated. 


Overall, the package is really worth it as Chivas knows his stuff and is friendly and professional. Highly recommend :)

thanks chivas!




"  Aches  &  Pain "  are  just  Temporary , taking  action  immediately  will  alleviate  that problem ....:thumb:


Please  refer  to  the  Promotion  as  seen  above .... thanks .



SMS /  WhatsApp ,       CHIVAS   @   90901655 ,

Pls note that when time of your call, he might not answering to your Call , definitely  return your call soonest after massage,

                                   Thanks for your understanding , 


                                     Location :  Near  MRT STN , just  2  mins  away.



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               Hi BW  Viewers ,



Wishing  all  the  Muslim  Brothers Happy  Ramadan  in advance ,

and  the  fight  of  CORONA  VIRUS , stay  safe  &  healthy and  we  overcome  all  together .:thumb:





                                                                                                                                                  CHIVAS  @   90901655


                                   Regards .

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                           Hi  Guys , 


                                                   Honor  her  on  this  Day ,  as  she  deserved   the  Best  to  show  your  Gratitude .  God  Blessed .:thumb:


                        Regards .



Edited by Chivas

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                          Hi  Blowingwind  Management , Members & Viewers ,


                                                                                                                            At  this  point  of  the  year , my  sincere  thanks  and  gratitude to

                          Management  of  Blowingwind  for  providing  a  free  exposure  on  your Forum  from  2012  to  2020  to date .:thumb:

                          Though  we  are  in  the  mid's  of  Covid  19  caveat ,  with  faith  &  confidence   we  will prevail  over  the  time  together .

                           Hoping  for  the  best  outcome  from  SG  goverment  in  the  fight of  Covid  19  and  to  resume  more Outlet  Services  to

                          normal  state  life back . With  God's  Blessed  &  Grace  things  will  turn  around  and  i  am  looking  forward to that  day ,

                         to  be  of  service  to  you  Guy's .  Meantime  stay  Safe , Healthy  &  be  Blessed .





                                                                                                                Chivas   @    90901655 .











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                                                                                           Indvance , wishing  all  Muslim  Members  in  this  Forum  a  deserving   


                                                                                   SELAMAT  HARI  RAYA  PUASA , tomorrow  24/ 05/ 2020 .:thumb:   


                                   Regards .













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" Selamat  Hari  Raya  Aidilfitri 2020 "

to all  Muslim  Brothers  in  BW  Forum .:thumb:





















Edited by Chivas

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    • By Toe2Heart
      Hi BWers,

      My name is Alvin Toh, I am a trained and certified therapist with over 5 years of experience in providing genuine and professional services. 
      Choose from any of services listed below, you will be so relaxed and you will want to stay for another session of calmness and tranquility. 

      Prices quoted below are for incall only.
      (1) Thai Yoga Massage (60/90min $68/$88)
      - Northern Thai style (Nuad Boran) 
      - A full session involves a lot of stretching of the entire body, follows a standard procedure and combines elements of Ayurvedic medicine, Hatha Yoga and Chinese Acupressure. It can be for relaxation and/or intense according to your goals. When energy flows and is in balance, overall well-being is then restored.
      - Massage is oil-free, wear loose clothing.

      (2) Swedish / Balinese Massage (60/90min $68/$88)
      - Deep relaxation full body massage to help you relief your muscle tension, improve blood circulation and relax your body, with the special choice of oils fit for your solution.
      -  Use only the highest quality essential oils, disposable wear is provided. 
      (3) Aromatherapy (60/90min $88/$118)
      - Package massage performed with highly concentrated plant essential oils to promote whole-body healing
      - 5 different mixture of essential oils for choose, each has its own beneficial to the body and mind
      (4) Four Hands Massage (45/60/75min $88/$118/$148)
      - Expericece full body massage by two skilled therapists at the same time!
      - Soak yourself in the synchronized, yummiliciois choreograph and detailed strokes leaving you feeling lighter and bursting with life
      (5) Sports Massage (60/90min $88/$118)
      A. Pre-Event Massage
      - Stimulates the flow of blood and nutrients to the muscle, reduces muscles tension and joint stiffness
      - Produce a feeling of psychological readiness for the event
      - Pre-stretching muscles and making them flexible to maximise athletic performance
      B. Post-Event Massage
      - Helps maintain flexibility, to loosens tired and stiff muscles, remove lactic acid and waste built up in the muscles
      - Reduce cramping and delayed onset of muscle soreness (D.O.M.S) to ensure quicker recovery 
      C. Maintenance Massage
      - To be done at least once a week as regular part of athletic training programs
      - Increase blood-flow and sending nutrients to the muscle
      - Recharges and renews the body for growth, and reduces the risk of injury  
      (6) Back Scrub (top up $12 with any massage)
      (7) Full Body Scrub (top up $20 with any massage)
      (8) Full Body Hair Waxing (from $18 onwards, pls refer to the next post price list)
      Outcall services
      - Outcall for services (1) & (2) - 90mins $138
      - Outcall for serices (3) & (5) - 90mins $168 
      - Outcall for service (4) - 4H - 45/60/75min $138/$168/$198
      - Scrubs (6) & (7) - same top-up price $12 back-only / $20 full-body with other services
      + Outcall prices exclude transfer fees ($20~$40 depending on location)

      For further information and reservation / appointment booking:
      SMS/Whatsapp: +65 9166 5178

      Thank you for your feedback and support.

      Instagram @alvintmsg
      Twitter @HealingHandsSg

      ########## On-Going PROMO-10 ##########

      * Student / NSF / Birthday Month enjoys $10 off the rate.
      * Pls quote "PROMO10" when make bookings.
      * Valid for both incall and outcall appointments.
      * Document / NRIC / Student Pass is required as proof of identity.
      * Same day bookings are subject to availability.
      +++++ WHATSAPP BROADCAST ++++++

      Whatsapp Broadcast feature allows one to send a message to many people at once, without revealing the recipients to one another (it works like blind carbon copy aka bcc on email). Each recipient then has the option to respond individually.

      If you wish to subscribe receive my service updates, as well as special promotion from me:
      1. Add my contact number to your contact list: +6591665178
      2. Send Whatsapp message to me, eg. “Subscribe broadcast <your name>”,
      3. I will then add you to the list.

      To unsubscribe (at any time): Just remove me from your contact list / address book. You will no longer receive the service updates 
      **IMPORATNT: You must add me to the contact lists else you will be getting empty broadcast message.
      ############## End ####################

    • By Spinbomb
      Certified Sports Massage fusion with Thai mix Malay traditional massage

      Incorporates deep tissue massage & 
      focuses on pressure points to relieve shoulder, back & leg trigger points and body fatigue relaxation

      A friendly local Chinese office worker
      Freelance >4 years experience
      incall home-based in Kajang 7pm-10pm weekdays 
      outcall Klang valley weekends only
      35 180cm 80kg Top

    • By Spinbomb
      Certified Sports Massage fusion with Thai mix Malay traditional massage

      Incorporates deep tissue massage & 
      focuses on pressure points to relieve shoulder, back & leg trigger points and body fatigue relaxation 
      Complementary (foc) options:
      Massage gun therapy
      Manhood (Batin) 抓龙根
      Scraping (Gua Sha) 刮痧
      Cupping (Bekam) 拔罐
      * No sex service
      Facilities: private ensuite room with water heater for washing after session, professional massage table, soothing music, aromatic diffuser, etc.
      A friendly local Chinese white-collar worker
      Fluent in Mandarin, English & Malay
      Freelance with over 4 years experience
      Normally, incall home-based in Kajang Mon, Wed & Fri 7pm-10pm
      outcall around Klang valley (PJ, KL, Kuchai, Cheras, Balakong) weekends only 
      During CMCO, only incall available 9am to 10pm restricted to healthy clients. I will be wearing mask. Availability will be updated after CMCO.
      For the latest updates on services, pricing, availability, and booking: 
    • By Whitedays
      Hi all,
      I am a trained Massage therapist that specialised in a combination of LomiLomi (which is a Hawaiian style of massage) and deep tissue massage with oil or without. Basically am using my palm elbow and finger to do the massage that targeting your tendon and muscles. After the massage am sure will leave you a relax and  rejuvenate body and mind. Come and experience it with me:) 
      venue: Ang Mo Kio ave 10 (walking distance from mrt)
      rate: 60 mins for $50
                90 mins for $70
      Contact me either here or line me at : whitedays77 
    • By HansL
      Hi, anyone try this?? 😁
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