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Below are local web pages, and a handful of international links that I think will interest BW readers. It is not meant to be all all comprehensive. I will continue to add more links if I think it is something that will interest BWers.

Under this topic, please add links that you guys think will interest other Bwers. Thanks.

You can refer to them by looking at this Singapore men's sauna map
Keybox Sauna (Opens Daily from 12 pm and till 11pm, weekends from 12pm till next morning during)
Located at 17 Upper Circular Road. Tel: +65 6299 4121. It is opposite Clark Quay MRT station.
Entry is by membership that you can obtained on the spot for $10.
Cruise Club (Opens Daily from 11am and till next morning during weekends)
Located at 285 New Bridge Road, Singapore 088755 (Just beside Oriental Plaza) Tel: 6224-6334
Prices range from $16 to $26. Entry is by annual membership that can be obtained on the spot for $10. Nearest MRT is Chinatown station / Outram Station.
Hercules (Daily from 11am - 11pm)
Located at 4 Jalan Klapa. Tel: (65) 6296-1018.
Entry price is $15. No membership required.

Shogun (24 hrs)
Located at 51A, Pagoda Street, Pagoda House, Singapore 059210. Tel: (65) 6221-0367.
Shogun is open 24 hours everyday of the year. Entry price of $12 for 24 hour stay.
There is no membership requirement. Nearest MRT is Chinatown station.
Ten Mens Club (Opens Daily from 11am and till next morning during weekends)
Located at 32a Pagoda Street, 2nd Floor, Singapore 059191. Tel: (65) 6327-8870.
Entry Price is $10-12.
There is no membership requirement. Nearest MRT is Chinatown station.
Absolute (Closed since 1st July 2014)
Keybox (Closed since 22nd June 2014)
Queen Resort (Closed since May 2014)
Info pages, forums, bulletin boards
Sg Butterfly - Singapore transgender community portal
Yawning bread
Chub Sg
The Bear Project

IRC Online Chat Channels
galaxynet.org channel : #gam
galaxynet.org channel : #sgboy
galaxynet.org channel : #blowingwind
This chat room comes alive daily after 9pm. Warm chat with nice people.
Accessible by http://www.blowingwind.org/chat

Backstage Bar - 13A Trenggannu St +65 6227-1712
Tantric & May Wong's Cafe - 78 Neil Road  S(088893) 6423-9232
DYMK - 41 Neil Rd +65 6224-3965
Nirvana Bistro Bar - 41 Neil Rd +65 6224-2865
Taboo 65 / 67 Neil Road S(08897) +65 6225-6256
ClubKyo (Sunday Only) - Kyo Sunday Best - 133 Cecil Street, Basement 1, Keck Seng Tower S(069535) +65 6225 6001
Play Club (closed)
Lluvia Pub - 145 Telok Ayer St, Contact: Aaron 9109-2592
Check In Karaoke - 235 South Bridge Road 
ébar - 57 Neil Rd, +65 6324 2802
Asian Info Sites
Utopia Asia
Asia Out

Non Profit Organisation Catering To LGBTQ
Actions for Aids
Oogachaga Counselling and Support
Pelangi Pride Centre
Pink Dot Singapore
Free Community Church
Move Community - Social Networking Events For Lgbt

Gay and Bi Sex Stories - World largest collection of gay, lesbian and Bi sex stories. FREE! Make me look like an amateur.

Updated on 5 Nov 2015

Disclaimer: The pricing are for reference purpose only. For actual charges, please click the links to the various clubs or call them personally to find out more.

BW forum will not be responsible for any misrepresentation in charges, etc.

Please play safely! Use a condom if you are having anal sex.

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Existing Saunas In Singapore

Sauna which operates 24 hours:

1. Shogun (Discussion link)

Sauna which operates till next morning during weekends:
2. Keybox (Discussion link)
3. Ten Men Cluib (Discussion link)
4. Cruise Club (Discussion link)

Sauna which operates daily from 11am - 11pm
5. Hercules Club (Discussion link)


Last Update : 5 Nov 2015

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Gay saunas which had since closed

1. Spartacus (Closed, moved and renamed to Stroke)(since 2000)
2. Stroke (Closed, moved and renamed to RAW)(since 2003)
3. V-Club (Closed, moved and renamed to Sphere)(since 2004)
4. Sphere (since 2006)
5. Rairua (since 2006)
6. Papilion (since 2005)
7. The Box (Changed to new owner, moved and renamed to Shogun)(since 2003)
8. Towel Club @ Sg (Only Towel Club HK still in operation)(since 2008)
9. RAW (Closed, moved and renamed to The Heater Room and now Queen Resort) (since 2008)
10. Diamond (Diamond changed owner and renamed to New Diamond, moved and renamed to Hercules Club)(since 2009)
11. Y Club (since 2010)
12. New Blue Heaven (since 2010)

13. Queens Resort (same boss with now defunct Heater Room, Raw, Stroke & Spartacus) (Closed since May 2014)

14. Absolute (Discussion link), (Discussion link 2), (Discussion link 3(Closed since 1st July 2014)

15. Club One Seven (Disucssion Link) (Closed since Jan 2014)
16. Keybox (Discussion Link(Closed since 22 June 2014) and (reopen 10 Feb 2015 at Former Club One Seven location)

The years of closure are just estimates of time that I could remember. If anyone knows the exact date of closure, please PM me or update me. Thx


Last Update : 5 Nov 2015

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Hello Principal Member,

I'm new here and hope you can tell us something about some of the less known places like "Aim Abdul Spa Service" and "SINx"? I found the names on this page: http://www.trevvy.com/citiguide/spa_grooming.php#massage.



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