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Gay Chat Groups Listing [Line / Wechat / Kik Etc.]

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1. External Chat applications such as LINE groups are increasingly popular these days with different groups created for different purposes. For the enjoyment of all readers on Blowing Wind and ease of access, all LINE or otherwise external groups invites will be grouped into a single common thread.

2. In order to not flood this forum with your personal IDs and for the confidentiality of your personal data, please send the group owner a private message with your intention to join.

3. Friendly reminder that all such chat groups are outside BW and is NOT affiliated with BW in any way. We urge readers to exercise due care and diligence in their interactions with other strangers online.

4. That being said, people should not be exploiting this means to carry out any ILLEGAL activities online, e.g. to facilitate the distribution of any illegal videos or drugs. If you are aware of any such illegal activities, we suggest that you alert the AUTHORITIES and leave the group immediately. Please also let the moderators know of such occurrences, we will immediately shutdown such groups from publicising here and take any further necessary action.

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Guest Glyph

Henceforth, all active threads of such nature will be locked and directed here.

1. Only chat group owners/admins are allowed to post here.

1.1. You may wish to include the following details for clarity:

  • Chat group title / platform (platform - eg. LINE, WeChat, KIK, etc.)
  • Brief description of the group's nature (specific interests, age range, etc.)
  • State your preferred mode of contact (via Blowing Wind's Personal Messenger, or directly through the specified platform)
  • Provide your username / ID (if you want those who wish to join your group to contact you directly)


2. Replicated ads will be removed.

3. Members who wish to join a chat group may PM the owner/admin on BW, or on the chat group's platform if a username / ID has been provided. Do not ask to be added by the group owner/admin here, your post will be removed.

4. We do not allow posting of personal phone numbers due to the dubious nature when attempting to ascertain ownership.

4.1. Owners/admins of chat groups running on platforms that require phone numbers (WhatsApp, Telegram, etc) are still allowed to post here. However, do not include your personal contact number.

4.2. Members who wish to join these chat groups should contact the owner/admin via PM directly.
5. Blowing Wind is in no way affiliated with, and shall not be liable for any activity or intent or purpose of any chat group.
6.  Any chat group found associated with or carrying out any illegal activities will be removed from this list without notice.

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I would like to set up a LINE group for those living overseas (for work, studies etc).
This would be largely centred around overseas Singaporeans.

***If you are not from Singapore, JB or Batam/Bintan, you would need to qualify as someone who had lived in Singapore for at least 3  - 5 years and currently not staying there anymore.

I was thinking we could share our own experiences of living away from Singapore and how we managed to cope etc.
Basically stuff that the person at home would not really experience due to a different culture and environment.

PM me your LINE ID if you're keen.

When you PM me, please indicate that you are interested in this group explicitly as I have encountered cases where people had requested to join the wrong group.

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Hi all, this is just something I thought of on the spur of the moment. I am thinking of creating a line chat group for people who is keen to start their own business or already own their own business.

It is more to serve like a business support team, and of course more business ideas etc can be bounced off in there.

If you are interested, can pm me ur line ids. Thanks!

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I've set up a Line chat group aimed at Gay Malaysian Youths (<30) , and so is based in msia :P

It's a casual SFW kind of chat for bringing a community together in a way not possible through commercial apps.
It's pretty small (as of typing this) but i hope to make it grow.

send me a text on Line (id: nekomarusen) or leave a PM if interested.
although it's aimed at Malaysians, there is no reason to turn down those from Singapore either :)

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Line group: Secretchamberz (Current Strength 28)

- Mainly for chat, friendships and gatherings (KTV, Drinking Session, Chalets, Dinner, Gaming)
- Age Group of Current Members (21- 40)

- Monthly Meet Up Sessions


Please be informed that there will be an interview before anyone is added to the group. This is in the interest of all the members and to ensure that all are aligned on the group's dos and don't. Please private me your line ID for me to have a further discussion with you.



Many love



"If he wants you to be in his life, he'll put you there. You shouldn't have to fight for a spot."



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Creating a whatsapp group for aged 18-30 year old BW-ers.


Basically this group will have outings, gyms, swims, movie, lunch, dinner and movies..


There is no criteria to be in here, but more of like having this group for sports buddies.


Keen please drop me a pm.

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NEWLINE GROUP: OUTdoor Fun in Sg Estate

Wanna get Adventurous & not sure where to have fun when outdoor?

Join in the new OutdoorFun Group anywhere around your neighbourhood Estate.

For access granted criteria:

● All race are welcome

● 21 - 40 (Age)

Pm me you ID for some pleasure time.

* Only admin are allow to accept or invite participant to join.

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Hi, creating a NSFW LINE group for all who want to share nudes of themselves.   




Because i foresee the problems of lurkers, I will only add those who share photos with me into the group.

These photos will be uploaded into the group album.



no age/race restrictions. 





pm me with your LINE Id.

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Malaysia SG Line Group


Hi all. We are currently building a line group for gay community in Malaysia and SG. Our group currently has 16 members and already plan a gathering in KL in mid August. 


Our group is very chatty and we are looking for chatty people also. If you are interested, please pm me your line ID and details to me such as age and location. 



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Gonna create a line group. For 18-28 yrs old only. For foodies and know how to bake! Maybe we can share what food we like and maybe talk more from there! Pm me!

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