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    • By Maneasyhappy
      Hi Forum, I am Zen, local Chinese, 40/175/70, certified therapist with 6 years’ experience in providing full body, tui na, manhood and Swedish sensation massage services. 
      WhatsApp @9058 2398 for detail or appointment. Thank you so much.
    • By Pause
      Wanna set up a group younger than 38 for people who have very sensitive butt cheeks or butt area and ppl who likes pleasurizing ppls butt.
      Leave your telegram or pm.
    • By Dutchnode
      I know Derek has been waiting for this, so Derek, here you go
      Advised upfront is to add Derek to your wechat account for 2 reasons: He seems to use wechat actively so messages sent are read and responded to quickly and he posts there regularly updates on his availability and other informative posts, it is his preferred way to keep in touch with his clientèle. One thing that Derek does above all other, is to keep up to his promises, and when you book a sensual massage session, that’s exactly what you will get. If you’re by car, its easy to park in front of his premises. Derek will greet you and check what session you’re expecting. You will then get a fluffy fresh smelling towel and can take a shower. The bathroom itself is clean. Coming to the massage room, is is a small but fresh smelling room with proper airco and a stable massage table. The table is covered with a disposable paper sheet, and I know for a fact that Derek takes hygiene seriously: he wipes the table at least 3 times with disinfectant before putting on the sheet, so unless you bring the craps yourself, guaranteed bug free In my previous session with him I booked the tantra session; now I was curious to find out his recently announced fetish treatment. The massage itself starts with pressing the back and shoulders, and getting the knots out of the way. Derek perfectly feels if you want to chit-chat or simply want to focus on the treatment and not interested to talk – in my case the latter haha (Sorry Derek). Slowly the string massage-strokes turns into the sensual part, where his trained fingers will find the way inside of your legs, thighs and arsehole. Boy oh boy does he know how to turn you on. The fetish part is the fact that he uses his nails to caress your arse-crack with one hand, while the other hand’s nails find their way to your ball-sack, massaging and pinching your scrotum until you can’t have it no more. But Derek knows how to postpone your momento so he will turn back to strong generic strokes on your back and shoulders. In my previous session (the tantra session) he uses his body to massage you further and it gives you almost the feeling of being fucked. In the fetish massage, he uses the concept of Pain-and-Pleasure. But not to worry, the “Pain-” part is not painful at all. Derek is a master in cum-control and I think he can do a great controlled milking session. In my case, I came after the 4th or fifth time teasing without even touching my dick...IN a nutshell:
      Cleanliness 10/10 – perfectly clean room, massage-bed, sheet and towel. Cleanliness Derek 10/10 he is clean! Overall experience 9/10. Will I visit again: Yes! Damage: 150RM+ for a 60 minutes in-call all experience.
    • By agog
      I'm a trained therapist specialising in acupressure full-body massage (with oil). I invite you to experience the deeply relaxing benefits of this treatment that aims to soothe, de-stress and restore balance.
      Venue: Bedok/Tanah Merah
      Hours: Weekday nights and weekends
      Introductory offer: 60 mins - $50
      Enquiries and appointments: Line ID: atticle or send me a message here
      我是一名训练有素的治疗师,专门从事指压全身按摩(含油)。 我邀请您体验这种旨在缓解,减压和恢复平衡的治疗的深度放松效果。
      地点: Bedok/Tanah Merah
      促销价:60分钟 - $50
      查询和约会:Line ID: atticle or send me a message here
    • By Zhao Benny
      I am a professional clbtac certfied masseur with many years experience in Swedish combine with Traditional Chinese style massage .Location -within 1 minute from Khatib mrt.   我拥有clbtac专业的按摩文凭, 为你提供最好的瑞典式全身推油服务加多年临床中式结合  有自己独特的手法,肩颈经络推拿 华陀夹脊手法 可帮你降血糖 降血压 帮你推出你身上的毒素 垃圾和火气让你的皮肤瑞滑有光泽  真正能帮到你肩颈手臂,
      腰酸背痛. 四肢麻木 脚常抽筋  有特效  经络推拿 淋巴排毒   全身磨沙   耳烛疗法肾虚 阳痿早泄 生殖器穴位舒通  你会马上有效果反应  让你雄风在起  提供上门或你的酒店服务。
      我也有舒服安静的房间 冷气 新潮式专用的按摩床 可供你冲凉.  楼下有停车场 食阁 紧靠近mrt.  一分钟就可以到达 方便  易找  美妙 的音乐舒心的服务让你留恋往返。欢迎全岛的新老顾客朋友来提前预约联系我
      电话:97292918。 谢谢!
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