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    • By LF Fun
      Date: 18/7/18
      Time: 3++pm
      Location: U-Tapao Airport Pattaya
      You: Black Cap with Kyoto Athelic wording, Black Tee and long Light Blue jeans
      Me: White Tee with colorful printing and blue short jeans
      First, I almost fell front the row of seats and you told me not to sit as it’s not stable. I said Thank You and moved to the row of seats behind you.
      Second, I was inside the smoking room, you came in and sit behind me. I wanted to start the conversation by commenting that you have nice tattoo on your hand but I didn’t. Sorry.
      If you are reading this, please pm me as I would like to know you.
    • By Jakeston
      Not sure if you're here but I saw you at the Floravale today, at around 9.30pm. You're a tall muscular guy with a defined body, tan skin. You were wearing a black airborne shirt and black shorts with prints.  I was in the cubical, and when I exited, I saw your fapping to your reflection in the mirror. I left soon after for a swim and when I was in the sauna, I heard some commotion in the main toilet. Not sure if you got lucky, but if you didn't, I'm here to help hehe. Hmu
      Or if anyone lives nearby and you're lean/fit. Hmu
    • Guest Richard
      By Guest Richard
      9 to 17 Sep to England by train. Looking fort travel buddy between 40 and 50
    • Guest Stressed
      By Guest Stressed
      Today, was seating a bus when i saw a boy come up... just stared at him for a while... when alighting.. the idiot took my photo... i did not do anything tonhim...really what the fuck ... 
    • By happiness
      I'm looking for porn where the guy is doing something non-sexual, like talking to someone or having a meeting, but has his dick secretly being stroked and sucked by another person (guy or girl doesn't matter), like under the table. Any websites or links can message me if it's not convenient to post them publicly (scared later they get blocked by the police here)? Also, any keywords that I can use for searching this genre of porn?
      Another genre I like is where the guy seems to be unwilling to have sex, resisting or rejecting sex (maybe because he is shy or he is scared someone may see them) but is secretly enjoying it, with his dick hard and standing.
      Porn sites have classifications like masturbation, hidden cam, orgy, etc. But unfortunately they don't have the types I'm looking for, as a distinct classification on its own at least.
      An example of these types of porn is below:
      Jonathan, a muscular handsome young stud ripped with 6 packs abs, wears a tight shorts and shakes his butt in the kitchen.
      His godbrother, Ah Wei, a handsome innocent-looking young hunk, stands behind him.
      Jonathan: "Ah Wei, you are standing too close."
      Ah Wei: "The kitchen is too small lah."
      J: "Feels like there is something poking me."
      Jonathan continues shaking his butt slowly in front of Ah Wei's crotch.
      A: "Is you bro who is squeezing/pressing against me."
      Ah Wei touches Jonathan's butt and slowly lifts up his shorts, exposing his black underwear beneath.
      J: "What are you touching secretly?"
      A: "Who ask you to.."
      Jonathan presses his butt against poor little Ah Wei.
      J: "So hard!"
      With a sudden surge of impulse, Ah Wei exclaims: "Brother!" and grabs Jonathan's chiseled chest from behind.
      J: "Wait.. wait.. cannot lah.. cannot lah."
      Suddenly, Samuel comes in.
      Jonathan quickly sneaks under, hiding behind the lower cabinets in the kitchen away from Samuel's view.
      Ah Wei looks flustered by Samuel's unexpected arrival.
      Samuel: "Ah Wei, what are you doing?"
      A: "Oh.. mum asked me to help her prepare dinner."
      S: "Isn't today Jonathan's turn to cook?"
      A: "Yes. But just nice I today nothing to do mah. So I like to show you all, the things I learnt in my culinary school."
      S: "Need my help?"
      A: "Oh, don't need. Just count on me will do. How about you go there and watch TV?"
      Jonathan from below slowly unzips Ah Wei's jeans.
      Samuel, not sensing the hanky panky underneath, goes to sit on the sofa and starts reading a magazine.
      Jonathan continues his naughty business.
      Ah Wei's dick is now out of the jeans, strongly erected.
      A: "Wait.. wait.. bro, what are you doing? Cannot lah, cannot."
      Samuel thinks he heard something and asks: "Ah Wei, did you say something?"
      A: "Oh, nothing lah."
      Samuel starts chatting with Ah Wei, while Jonathan secretly strokes Ah Wei's dick underneath.
      S: "Ah Wei, tonight you can also sleep with me ah."
      A: "Oh, it's ok (no need lah). I am not a little child anymore."
      S: "What? Don't tell me you are scared that something will happen?"
      A: "You don't anyhow anyhow say."
      Samuel and Ah Wei continues chatting while Jonathan continues stroking Ah Wei's dick and sucking it too.
      Then Samuel leaves.
      Ah Wei is relieved and exclaims to Jonathan: "Cannot, cannot lah."
      J: "Your mouth says cannot but your dick is very alert and strong lo."
      Jonathan's stroking of Ah Wei's dick is so pleasurable that it causes Ah Wei to bend his knees slightly.
      Suddenly, Ah Wei, overcome by a surge of lust, pulls Jonathan up and caresses his muscular chest.
      J: "Samuel will come back one, cannot lah."
      But that doesn't stop Ah Wei. He starts kissing Jonathan passionately.
      Jonathan moans louder.
      Suddenly, there are sound of footsteps.
      Jonathan kneels down to hide, while Ah Wei pulls up his black underwear.
      It's Samuel returning back.
      S: "Ah Wei, why are you sweating so much?"
      "It's.. it's.. it's a little hot here," Ah Wei stutters.
      S: "Where is Jonathan?"
      A: "Oh, he went out to buy groceries."
      Underneath, Jonathan is secretly sucking Ah Wei's erected and strong dick.
      Ah Wei moans but afraid that his affairs may get discovered by Samuel, he tries to suppress his moaning. But because of the intense pleasure underneath, he can't control it and his moaning still comes out.
      S: "Ah Wei, are you ok?"
      Jonathan strokes Ah Wei's dick playfully.
      "I am fine," Ah Wei answers pantingly.
      Jonathan stokes Ah Wei's dick harder, which now becomes rock solid and turns redder.
      Ah Wei can't help but to moan louder.
      Samuel looking concerned asks: "Ah Wei, are you really ok?"
      "Yes, don't worry. It's the.. arghh.. the.. arghh.." Ah Wei's uncontrollable moaning interrupts his sentence.
      S: "Ah Wei, what happened to you?"
      A: "No lah, got cockroach here."
      Samuel bounces back with surprise.
      S: "Serious? Quickly kill it!"
      "Wait.. w.. wait.." Ah Wei moans pantingly.
      S: "What happened? Why are you panting so heavily like this?"
      A: "Arghh.. arghh.. arghh.. arghh.."
      S: "Quickly.. quickly kill it!"
      "I cannot control it anymore. It's going to come out already!" Ah Wei moans. (To Ah Wei and Jonathan, the "it" refers to his going to cum. But Samuel must be thinking the "it" is referring to the cockroach.)
      S: "What? Is it coming over here?"
      "Arghh.. arghh.. ARGHHH!!!" Ah Wei's dick, in a series of powerful shots, squirts out plenty of thick white sticky semen on Jonathan's face and on the floor.
      Samuel, taken aback by Ah Wei's sudden strong and seemingly uncontrollable outburst, asks: "Ah Wei, are you ok?"
      Samuel walks over to the kitchen slowly.
      He sees Ah Wei's cum plentifully spilled all over Jonathan's face and the floor.
      "Jonathan, what did you do to Ah Wei?" Samuel asks shockingly.