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Beware of Jurong east MRT station toilet

Guest Bestie

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Guest Bestie


 Jurong east MRT station toilet(right below control station), there’s a Singh guy( looks manly & fair) who signals you to have fun and bring you to a secluded toilet or place & threaten you fr money! He even tried to take  photo & say he will post online if never give him fuck bareback or more money.

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Report police.



never argue with the guests. let them bark all they want.





After I have said what I wanna say, I don't care what you say.



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Guest concern

Now sing is the next target!!! I thought sing are more of a neutral person who plays a good judge, always the one standing in the middle solving conflicts. What in the world!

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That toilet should be avoided.


It has a lot of Ah Peks loitering around at the urinals.

They try to peek on the kkj of the young indian/bangla workers. For these Ah Peks it is like a live Peep Show. To be avoided during weekends (FRI - SUN). Once the workers will congregate at the location again, the Ah Peks will be around during the complete opening hours of the toilet. They can get very persistent and it doesn't need much and they would stick their head just on top of your kkj during peeing at the urinal to get a better glimpse due to their lack of good eyesight.

Would be advised to have a fly swatter with you if you seriously need to pee at this toilet and regain your piece while peeing.

They are so persistent, the don't even move away when you make noise or scream for help.


Unless you intend to train your exhibitionist stamina very advised to stay away from this location...


Be aware, some Indian/ Bangla workers looking for releasing some ice cream can be persistent too and follow you like a hungry ghost during the auspicious season...

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