Everybody Has A First Time

I've seen lots of web pages and stories about "The First Time". So here is mine. I grew up in an illiterate, extended family near the red light district. We kids simply ran wild most of the time. Sex was giggled about and very visible. I've seen almost naked men and women or at least their sex organs when unaroused.

Never thought much about what they do since my cock is just a smaller version of those of grown men and I don't feel a thing there. In fact, I thought a man's cock was ugly as it is black and wrinkly;. until one day I saw a construction worker jerk off while bathing in one of those shacks without roof and I was at the top floor of the unfinished building accidentally looking down.

I saw a big pink cock that's shiny against his dark skin. I only vaguely remembered what I saw since I did not know what he was doing. I also vaguely remembered seeing some white liquid from his cock mixing with the water.

Then one day while I was bathing , I pulled back the foreskin to wash as instructed by the school doctor. The feeling was so good and soon I had my first cum. The same white liquid. Now I understood what the doctor meant by masturbation and why sex was embarrassing. Masturbation was great but I tried to control myself since they said it was bad for you only if you do it too often.

Anyway, I never thought about terms like gay or straight. Being illiterate, my family hardly knew what's happening in this world. I did not have a crush on anybody and most men do not excite me. I only realised that I was attracted to bodybuilders but even then, I only looked at those who were tall, smooth and not too veiny(sp?). Most of the famous ones are short , squat and out of proportions. I said to myself that I was only admiring their bodies and there was nothing sexual even though I felt a tingling in my cock. My taste vary slightly from time to time. My present favourite type looks like this So if you look like this type, I want to meet you ;-)

I never thought of having gay sex till I was visiting Perth when I was in my 20's. For most Singaporeans, the sex shop there was an eye opener. I've seen a few sex magazines before but nothing like the full colour, sex magazines with nothing left to imagination. I was immediately attracted to a Colt magazine with all the naked musclemen that I only dreamt about. I bought one and went to the nearest cinema toilet to jerk off to the magazine. That's when I said "to hell with it, I am going to look for gay sex here". So I picked up a free magazine with advertisement inside for a sauna.

The next evening, I went to the sauna. My heart was pounding like it was going to explode as I imagined the counter staff were all staring at me. I fumbled my way to the lockers and the showers. There were a few naked men showering. I quickly showered and left to look around. I found a nice warm Jacuzzi and went in. A guy joined me and soon his leg was poking at my cock. I acted cool while my heart was still pounding. Soon, he was all over my body. Wow, they were so open and daring here! Then, he pulled me out of the Jacuzzi, went into a room and locked the door. We hugged and kissed in bed. He sat up on the bed and guided my mouth to suck on his cock. I was reluctant to be a cock sucker but I tried. His groins smelt of bread and cheese and I did not like it even though he was clean as a whistle. ( from my latter experience, I found that most Caucasians smell that way; wonder if we Asian have a characteristic smell too since I can't detect my own body odor or those similar to mine ).

I turned around and tried to get him to reciprocate and suck my cock. But he turned his head away. I was furious and left. Soon the place was filling up. I explored the place and soon found a dark corridor upstairs. Curious about what's inside, I groped my way in. Meanwhile, I felt hands from everywhere groping my body but I can't see what's going on. Then, I entered a big room and stopped. In the vague shadows, I saw figures around me groping my body. This is incredible; hands on my cock, my ass, my nipples, my arms, my legs...I felt every part of me feeling those hungry caresses. Then I felt a warm mouth engulf my hard cock and I felt like I was in heaven. I stood there and explored all the bodies around me. This feeling was better than any pleasures I thought possible. I felt the hunger in me released after all those years of modesty. " Yeah, I am a cheap slut; come and have my body, I don't care what you look like because I am cheaper than any of you.", I heard me saying to myself. Soon, I felt warm sticky cum from some of the shadows and that got me even hornier. My cock felt like intense orgasm as this guy sucked it hard and fast; he was as hungry as I was. No I didn't want this to end, it was too incredible to end. I held my sperm in and with the greatest reluctance, I pulled out of the room to cool down.

Masturbation was never so intensely good. If this was what I've felt hungry for all these years, YES I AM GAY !!! With that proclaimed, suddenly I lost all mental roadblock and started cruising for good looking men. I realised there were a few tall, good looking ones with strong, smooth bodies. I secretly trailed one around to see what I might learn. He picked up another guy and they went into a room. However, the room was not properly closed and I could peep in.

Then I witnessed my first live sex show. Two naked men sucking each other and their groaning was as exciting as any physical touch. Soon all that groping led to one bending over and the other pulled his ass cheeks apart to fuck. I knew men can be fucked and this was my first live show. Wonder what's it like ? The one doing the fucking was real strong as he banged hard and fast like an animal; 2 naked men fucking are just primitive animals forgetting the inhibitions of being socially modest. Then they switched positions a few times; I guess it's fair share of the male dominant and the female submissive roles since they were aware of me watching. In my latter years, I got to observe such gay dominant and submissive role plays that gays signal to each other as a prelude to cruising and eventual sex.

( Most Singapore gays are very afraid of losing face; the better looking ones want to be dominant and the lesser ones are expected to be submissive. The dominant one expects to be "silently" pursued. Rejecting others is a privilege; giving in to sex is a favour. That's why some said Singapore gays "act class". )

After so experiencing so much intense sex, I felt like exploding with pleasure. I just can't hold my sperm anymore. I was losing my self control while I was in the dry sauna. I was holding on tight to my cock and trying to hold back my sperm. Then a plump guy walked in. I was too horny to cover myself. He heard my loud breathing and knew I was too horny and high to reject him. So he grabbed me and hugged me tight. Then he tried to grab my cock while my hands were holding on to it for dear life. He tried to push my cock into his ass but I refused; yuck, I don't want to fuck somebody's shit hole. So he used his fleshy thighs and ass cheeks to grip my cock. I let go off my hands and fucked him between his thighs like some hungry animal. I cummed like crazy while gripping his buttocks hard.

Before he recovered, I grabbed my towel and ran out when I suddenly felt shy. I quickly took a shower while secretly glancing at other nude men; most were tall,.plump and pink like babies. I changed quickly and left while I still imagined that everybody was staring at me.