Cruising In Singapore - Part 2

2. East Coast Park ( ECP ) Beaches

If Raffles Places is for late NIGHT fun, East Coast is for afternoon and evening fun. The good point about ECP is it is huge so you can find private spaces to play. But then with people spread all over the place, it takes a long time to walk around to cover the whole place before settling down on what you want to do. The place can roughly be divided into 5 main sections.

a. The front section facing the traffic roundabout at Fort Road.
This is usually the entry point for most guys. This is the late night spot for those who want all night action at ECP ! It is convenient being near the main road but also the most dangerous as police patrol car can stop nearby and check which is quite frequent i.e. almost every night. Undercover police is usually present also so everybody is watching and wondering who will be the unfortunate guy to get busted next. I kept hearing guys whispering to each other that the undercover police is around. Funny thing is the undercover police seems to be keeping a low profile and few arrests were made. It is totally dead during daytime. There are lots of trees with the undergrowth mostly trampled bare by the crowded cruising ! Guys know this place is extremely dangerous yet the crowd on weekend can be unbelievable ! Are we all crazy or what ? It really shows how desperate most gays here are just like the male of the Black-widow spider that had to get its sex even though it may get killed. Everybody is careful unless the horniness gets in the way of caution. Sometimes, the cruising seems to go on and on without anybody willing to do anything. ( give me the gay sauna anytime for quick sex, this is getting too tedious here). I just wish guys would not stay around here but move deeper to the beaches where we can all have a better time. But a hot cruising spot seems to have a life of it's own. Guys who move deeper to the beaches find there are fewer guys around to choose from so they move back here.
I am also extremely cautious and choose very carefully. There are usually some Gay White Men ( GWM ) around and I prefer to cruise them since they cannot possibly be the police :-) But GWMs are hot property here ! So hot that even the rolly polly older bears can pick and choose. The few times I offered myself and I occasionally get rejected ! It's humiliating. Those few GWMs that accepted me seems to be having a feast of jerking off one one guy after another so I am just an another easy meat. ( when overseas in a sauna, I can easily start an orgy if I let an older GWM bear touch me as the other older gays will quickly move in for a piece of the action but now these same type of guys are doing the choosing instead ! I had to keep resist from being pulled into somebody's room as I walked around. Over there, GWMs who would suck my cock as soon as I drop my towel will now refuse to do so, they only jerk hard and fast to see me cum as they count their sexual conquests.)
Having traveled frequently overseas, I noticed a big difference between the gay culture here and overseas. The gays here are young men mostly of less than 30 years old and some to 35 years old but older gays from 35 on are few. The gays overseas are of a more even mixture of the age groups. The different age groups then usually keep to themselves as the younger ones usually avoid having sex with the older ones. Of course, there are those who do not mind having sex with older gays and they are hot properties at the saunas for older gays. I like both young and older gays. I have to work harder at the saunas for the younger crowd. But at the saunas for older crowd, I have to keep my towel on tight otherwise I will be finished in less than 15 minutes ! I usually look for an older gay with that distinguished handsome look. In the worship of youth, these are gems that others forgot to appreciate. The older GAMs here usually get married and start to get very discreet and almost invisible. So the whole gay scene is dominated by the young ones who want to sow their wild oats before going into the graveyard of marriage. After playing around with local GAMs, they find the rarer, older GWMs exotic and exciting. Looking around at Orchard Rd ( tourist shopping area ), young GAMs are proud to show off their GWMs. Unlike their poorer cousins of other Asian country, GWMs here are popular not for their money but for their sophistication and sexual experiences. Also a GWM on holiday here is relaxed and fun loving. Okay, some GAMs may still have that inferiority complex and dream of having a white sugar daddy. The gay scene here is so oppressed that many GAMs are secretly wishing they can get a foreign boyfriend so that they can live overseas. Some older GWMs are pleasantly surprised that they are so prized here by the young GAMs while their own young gays usually ignore them.

b. The center beach
This is the section closest to the the front section, about 300m straight in. This is usually the least cruisy section as many straights without any clue on what's going on, come here for the relatively less crowded beach. At night, this place is only occasionally hot when guys who move in from the front section may start some action. I had witnessed an orgy there once when a daring big GWM laid naked on the beach and started the orgy. He had a nice round smooth, white body and a big cock that stayed hard. He just graciously laid there while men were all feeling his tall, big body that GAMs just loved. I just could not help but joined in and played with his body. I jerked his cock, fingered his ass along with numerous others who sucked his cock or licked his body and he still allowed us to swarm all over him. He preferred the small young men as his hands only played with those. He tried to fuck one but with so many guys around, no one wanted to play the whore. After half an hour, I was exhausted and left partly because of fear of police and partly because of being bitten by mosquitoes.

c. The east section.
If you turn left at the center beach, this section is after the granite wave bund. This area can be very cruisy depending on your luck. The wooded area offers good cover for cruising and occasional action. Sometimes, guys who lay naked and hidden in the bushes will attract others to stay around hoping to watch some gay sex. If the nude guy is hot or fresh, then someone will move in for sex while others watch. But if the nude guy is either old, ugly or " regular ", then most guys know there will not be any action and move on. There are some 3 or 4 "regular" nudes who do this too often that other guys just lost interest except for the newbies for move in for a closer look and occasionally get pulled in while others giggled as they watch. But this is rare as newbies are considered hot properties and usually get taken very quickly by the regulars who spotted them. After the newbie come regularly, they will cruise around like any other regulars. Most guys here know almost everybodyelse since we can see each other in broad daylight but even for guys who had sex with each other before, they try not to talk to each other. Two guys who stay together are either not available or they are undercover police !

d. The west section.
If you turn right at the center beach, this section is between the 2 granite wave bund. The vegetation here used to be quite thick and this used to be the hottest section But now, this section's vegetation is mostly cut down and without the tree cover, this section is not so hot anymore. At it's peak of popularity, everybody crowded here and sex can be quite open. I just loved to watch guys having sex in the bushes and I don't even need to cruise for a guy to have sex. After watching, I get to a quiet area and stripped naked to jerk off while walking around. Unusually, no one is around to disturb my nude bush walking. But if anybody happened to see me, I will hide in the bushes. If the guy came searching for me, I usually let him have me for sex; I just love the luck of the draw as the guy may or may not be good looking. I get all types. There was once this old man who was picking wild herbs in the bushes and he saw me. Thinking that he couldn't be gay so I put on my clothes and hid while I waited for him to go away. Instead, he came looking for me while pretending to look for herbs. Seeing me clothed, he approached me and pulled off my shorts. I've never met an old man so daring and aggressive. I walked off and went to hide deeper in the bushes. After a while, he came and found me again. Sigh, okay if he is so desperate, let him have his way with me. But to keep my dignity, I just froze without encouraging or rejecting him, I can be his sex toy but reluctantly. It;s kind of funny to keep still while some old man desperately stripped off your clothes and feel all parts of your body. Seeing me playing the frozen mannequin game, he groped and hugged me while jerking my cock. I used my hand to cover my cock as I didn't want to cum. But he pried off my fingers. I grabbed his head and fucked his mouth thinking that he would gag and be humiliated enough to go away. Instead, he sucked hard at my cock till I cummed. After that day, I saw him sometimes but never let him have me again even though he tried a few times.
There was once this guy driving all the way from Ipoh, Malaysia. I saw him get off his car and he followed me around asking me to show him the place to look for sex. I generously brought him to this section and left him to cruise around on his own. Unfortunately, he tried to stay close to me while I tried to hide in the bushes. Thinking that he couldn't possibly find me in the deeper bushes, I stripped naked to walk around and suddenly there he was watching me. Sheepishly, he told me he wanted to have sex with me. I told him not to waste his time on me since he drove all the way down from Ipoh; there's so much to see and do here.

His intelligent reply was " Yeah, after I see your naked body and do you, I can still see and do more ! If you let me have your body, then at least that is a good start to your advice. "

Me and my big mouth ! If I have to give advice, at least I should practice it. The things that some men will say just to have your body for sex is sometimes downright amazing. He was kind of skinny so he's not my type but since he wanted to be smart Alex, let's test him out.

" Okay smart Alex, I'll let you have my body but I want you to beg me before you touch each part of my body or ask me to move my body."

It was kind of funny when he begged " can I suck your cock please ?"

I said yes. Then he sucked my cock and balls.

"Huh", I said, " you didn't beg to suck my balls, the cock doesn't include the balls. I will punish you by slapping your face with my cock 3 times."

I whacked him real hard with my cock and he was shocked that I meant it. He wanted to take revenge so he asked " can you get down on all fours please ?"

Oh,oh, he wanted to fuck me and that's a big no,no. Anyway, I got down on all fours. He asked " can I fuck you please ? ". I said no.

This time he said " huh, you cannot say no if I beg, remember ? For punishment, I have to really fuck you." Then he spit on his hand and lubed up my ass.

" Huh, you begged to fuck me but you did not beg to touch my butts or asshole. So for punishment, I will whip your face with my cock for 3 times and you lose any chance to fuck me."

So for that day, he got whipped by my cock for many times while I got into all kind of strange positions for him to play with my body; even one where he hooked my legs to a tree branch while I was upside-down and he put a red ant to bite my cock ( his revenge ). After I cummed, I left while he stayed to look for more action. Talk about having intelligent sex with both heads ! I never met him since and I can never seem to meet another guy who can play this funny game spontaneously with me.

Maybe, it's because I talked too much in trying to help this stranger from another country whereas for my own country men, it's some brief hello pretending to be interested to get to know each other. But after the wham bang sex, he sees me again and yet pretended not to know me ! I also looked away shyly as I am still partly ashamed that I let this guy used my body for sex. I am still fascinated by the intense pleasure of sex and the way we lose our guarded self when we engaged in sex only to put on our pretentious front again after the sex is over.

Looks like I have to continue in Part 3.