Cruising In Singapore - Part 3

e. The Far West Section
This is the section that's further west from the west section. It stretches all the way to Marina Bay. It used to be quite deserted. After most of the trees and bushes of the west section were cut down, most of the action moved here. But the place can never be as busy as before. It's a long walk from the main road. The scene is just like the East section where guys cruise around in the bushes and the daring ones lay naked in the bushes.

Other Parts Of Gay ECP
Please note that the actual non-gay ECP is even bigger; the gay part is usually only used by the gays because there are no facilities like toilets/showers or fast food and they are far from the main road where a canal conveniently divides the gay from the non-gay parts.
Other than these 5 section, the rest of the gay ECP is very big. There are well worn tracks leading in from the front section. For those who drive, there is a car park further down from the traffic roundabout and another path lead from this car park to the the West and Far West section which is shorter. As I usually drive, this is my favorite access path. The car park is mildly cruisy as most guys know why other cars are there. This car park is a lover's paradise at night as there is no lights. The access path used to be surrounded by trees and bushes and also cruisy. For those looking for quick action, the right signals to the right guys walking along this path can result in sex in the bushes. There used to be an area to the right of the entrance to the path which is mildly cruisy from 4 to 6pm. But since most of the bushes along the path are cleared, there's nothing left.
I had good sex there once with a stout handsome guy there. I saw him there walking around but when I tried to approach he will quickly move away each time. He looked unsure of what he wanted as he just usually just stood there looking pensive and lost in thoughts. As he was my type, I watched him closely each time frustrated that I cannot have him. He looked like a married straight wanting to try gay sex but still not sure about it. This went on for a few weekends. Luckily, one day as I was leaving he was walking in. I smiled at him expecting a stony look in return. But I detected a shy slight smile in return as I passed him. "Wow, is he really interested or just polite ? " I stood there wondering. As I turn around, he was already gone. I looked around the parts where he usually loitered but he was not there. "Aha, he is hiding in the bushes and playing my hide-and-seek game." Knowing these bushes so well, I found him hiding in the bushes in no time. Cautiously, I circled around him to hint that I was interested. He did not move away. I moved closer and he nervously looked away but still did not move away like he usually did. So I moved in for the kill by standing close to him without touching. I can smell his cologne and heavy breathing. Now I was sure he wanted it. I slowly reached for his zip. Surprisingly, when he let go of his pants, his zip was already undone and he was not wearing any underwear. His thick cock was hard and ready as I touched it lightly so as not to spook him. The way his heart beat so fast and loud, I knew this must be his first try. An experienced gay may quicken his heart beat but never like this since the excitement of gay sex got routine. For a mature man, he was as shy as a virgin maiden. His thighs were thick, fair and muscular as I pulled off his pants. I wanted to pulled off his shirt but he refused since he had a slight beer belly just matching his rugged, macho, good looks for a married man distinguished in his prime. As I stroked his cock and pinched his tits, I could feel his heart beat go faster. Then I knelt down to suck his cock and he groaned. I sucked slowly and included his balls, butts and thighs. He was well prepared as I smelled fresh cologne in his groins and butts ! Gays usually want you to smell their musky raw manly crotch. I love his thick and meaty butts that are so fair, round and smooth. As I licked him, I could feel his body send waves of pleasure to his brain. I couldn't get enough of him and he was fascinated that I demean myself in loving him. Unfortunately, he lasted very long and my jaws begun to ache. When I sensed he was close, he pulled his cock away form my mouth and jerked off by himself, refusing to let me touch his cock. When he was about to cum, he turned away from me and pulled up his pants. Then he cum while I was frustrated that I could get a good look at his cock shooting cum. After cumming, he looked dazed and he quickly walked off. That's typical of an insecure straight. But I still loved his thick stout body type that I usually cannot find amongst gays.

The Regulars
I would like to mention the regulars at ECP who seem to be so regular that they are like part of the landscape. Their nicknames are all my own invention as I've never talked to them before and do not know them personally.
1. The JB Motorcycle Nudist - He is a man of about 50 years old. He's about 5 ft 6" and has a nice smooth fair body. His hair is usually neatly combed. He likes to lay almost naked( with a towel strategically covering just enough of his genitals ) in the bushes next to the beach. If you pass by and get close because of curiosity, he will pull off his towel to show off his cock to you. He looks neat and well groomed and not bad looking. But since he shows off his body so readily, he lost that mystic that gays like. If he is so easily available, there must be something wrong as meat that is too easily available is not sexy. He is patient as he is there almost every weekend listening to the radio as he waited. I always see his motorcycle (with the Johor number plate)hiding in the bushes hence his nickname.
2. The Nudist - He is tan and about 30-40 years old. He likes to cruise around in the nude or lay in the bushes in the nude without covering his genitals. He's about 5ft 8" with a lean smooth, tan body but he looks dumb with the occasional silly grin. He is too camp and cheap like a public whore so generally, guys avoided him. Anybody can touch him and some guys jerk his cock just to make fun of him in front of everybody. He doesn't mind at all and even encourage others to join in but everybody just watched and giggled. He is not crazy as he will run away if he sensed the police is around.
3. Bicyclist 1 - This guy just pushes his bicycle around while wearing just enough to cover his genitals. He is actually quite slim, tan and muscular so he must be an exhibitionist because I've never seen him making contact with anybody for all these years. I tried to follow him and touch him but he moved away quickly. When he stopped, he looked like he is posing to show off his body. I'll really like to know whether he is keeping up his exhibitionism without sex for all these years ! I would consider him attractive but I do not like tanned body as it makes him look old.
4. Bicyclist 2 - This guy as almost a clone of Bicyclist 1 but with a square face and a small mustache. Same slim, tan and muscular body, wearing the minimum and pushing a bicycle around. Only this one do occasionally make contact with guys for sex. I bumped into him one late evening and noticed that even his tiny bit of clothe is missing. I may not be his type but I know a gay man in heat when I meet one. So I approached him and we had sex. As usual, after sex, he pretended that he doesn't know me.
5. The Curly Haired Bottom - This guy is about 30 years old with curly hair and about 5ft 6" with a smooth fair body. He has a nice round bottom and he is looking for a top. Sometimes he will hide while being naked in the bushes. His cruising intentions are too obvious as he has that longing look in his eyes. I bumped into him one night and he pulled me into bushes while I reluctantly let him. He put a condom on my cock and hurriedly pushed my semi hard cock into his ass hole. His hole is loose and I can hardly feel any friction. Anyway I still cum because it was late and I was horny enough without trying.

Being still in the closet, I prefer the anonymity of these cruisy areas. There maybe others but I prefer the busy, crowded cruise areas so that I can just be one more unknown in the crowd while I watch what's going on. I tried the public toilets and swimming pools but the close proximity of security guards just freaks me out. The others like discos, pubs and karaokes are just too open and guys there tend to socialise in group, so I stay away. But I am curious about what these social groups do together. Do they hold private parties and have orgies like the naughty gay stories seem to suggest ?
For all these cruising, nothing beats the amount of sex I can get when I go overseas. As you probably know, I love the gay saunas with so much action and less pretense. Sometimes I miss it so much, I just book a weekend trip out when the wife is out for the weekend in Malaysia. But my adventures overseas are another series of stories and they are much more sexplicit.