Thermos Day and Thermos Night In Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the gay capital of Europe. It got me itching to find out why. So one day I went. It is the commercial sex capital of Europe. Wow! sex is so open there that even other Europeans visit for the relative sexual freedom.
I saw my first BIG screen gay movie there. I was at the bookshop/lobby of the movie theatre looking at the movie posters when this guy with crew cut slipped in front of me and well, tried to pick me up. After some pleasant chat, I thought he would take me home since he said he followed me from the Chinese takeaway where I had my dinner and I looked like a delicious Chinese dinner. Okay, so my favourite pickup line is a corny joke to keep the sexual tension up :-)
But he bought two tickets and pulled me into the theatre. There was a small crowd inside watching the movie and he chose some middle seats at the side. I tried to watch the show but soon he had his hands all over me. Being new at this, I looked around to see if anybody was having sex but those guys were actually quietly watching the show. If you've seen one gay show, you've seen them all. Now I can hardly recall what was on except it was exciting to see nude men, cocks and buns in full giant screen size.
I tried to slow him down but he soon pulled off all my clothes and some of his. Now, the crowd was watching us instead of the show. Then he had my legs straddled across his seat and my cock in his mouth. Soon guys were moving to the adjacent seats for a live show. Under the cover of the dim lighting and being in a foreign land, I lost all inhibitions and just let him enjoy putting on the show. Except for a little touch here and there, guys just watched instead of joining in. Soon I was close to cumming and signaled him to stop. But he forced me down and sucked even harder. Soon I cummed in his mouth and apologised but he just smiled. Well, I wanted to watch a gay porn show and ended up putting a free live show :-)
However, that little sideshow was nothing compared to the two world famous saunas there:-

Thermos Day Sauna
I was surprised when I found this sauna from the gay guide. It was beautifully decorated. There's a swimming pool and huge Jacuzzis. Now I can swim in the nude without any worries about being arrested. Being now quite experienced, this is one place where it is quite alright to enjoy the facilities instead of just looking for sex. The crowd here is a mix of young and old. However, I noticed that there was this big muscular guy who just simply walked round and round the place. Knowing he was beyond my league, I just cruised the place and joined in orgies where they formed. This place was sexually less inhibited than any other saunas I know. Guys don't mind being fondled even if they did not want to have sex with you; they just smiled and waited till you had fondled enough then patted you on the arm to let them go. Likewise, I did the same and got my share of being fondled. Suddenly I thought, " hey how about that big muscular guy, is he also so obliging ? " Suddenly my cock stood up and given the courage prodded on by sexual urge, I went looking for him. Sure enough, he was walking around. I approached and when I saw nobody nearby, I raised my hands to fondle his huge pecs. He stopped and smiled; he was obliging ! I fondled his muscular hard pecs and worshipped his muscled body while he towered a whole head above me. This was my first taste of a muscled god and this one had the handsome smile to melt your heart. I put my hands inside his towel to play with his semi hard cock. Boy I was dying to pull off his towel and suck his cock but I kept my senses and did not go too far. Soon enough, he patted me on my arm and gave me a huge smile. How can I ever let go ? But I had to, so I did the last thing to keep him in my memories. His dazzling smile was just irresistible so I raised my toes and reached up to kiss him. He did not try to stop me and his smile was still on. I felt like melting and reluctantly let go of him. I felt like dying. Within sight of him, I dropped my towel and jerked my cock I cummed quickly while he was walking off, leaving me crumbled on the floor exhausted and willing to do anything he wanted if only he was mine.
Having been to so many saunas, this muscled god's behaviour was unusual. The cynical part of me reasoned that he was just a beautiful guy employed by the sauna to raise the general standard of the clientele by attracting other beautiful guys to come to the sauna. Anyway, I'm not complaining as it gets the place really hot and comfortable. At other saunas, the first thing I noticed about the prime A guys are their attitudes. They will quickly walk away if you look at them. If you touch them, they will push your hand away in disgust. Their attitude can really sour up a place, so I generally avoid them unless I detect an encouraging look.

Thermos Night Sauna
As required by Dutch law, no business can operate 24 hours so the same company opened a night sauna a short walk from the day sauna. This night sauna was also beautifully decorated in Roman style but facilities were not as good as that of the day sauna. I came prepared to spend my night there. The place was crowded and soon all the rooms were taken by guys who sat by the doors or on the beds waiting for sex to drop by :-) Soon, one British guy pulled me into his room while I put up the token resistance :-) After the great sex, we went to the coffee lounge to talk. He told me he owned a restaurant in a beach resort in Spain and he worked long hours during the summer months. Once summer was over, he closed the restaurant and enjoyed long holidays to make up for all his hard work. He did have a beautiful tan but seriously, I prefer guys with smooth lily white skin. The tan made a guy look old as his skin texture became rough. Unfortunately, his boyfriend came to look for him and I ended up without a companion for the night. On looking around, there really was no place to sleep ! I already checked out from my hotel, expecting to take the morning train to another destination. Finally, I took a few towels and went to sleep at the dimly lit open sex room where there was a big wooden platform bed. But I could hardly get much sleep as guys came to have sex right beside me. Ordinarily, I would be turned on to join in but I was really dead tired after having sex everyday in this sex capital. So I just slept on and clanged on to my towels in case someone try to unwrap me. Then in the middle of the night, I felt something warm down at my groins. I felt a funny sensation to urinate or cum. When I awoke sufficiently, I realised that there was a mouth attached to my cock and a finger slowly massaging my prostrate. The guy was sucking ever so slowly and his finger was lightly pushing my prostate. This guy must be really expert to stick his finger in my ass without my consent. But the slow, slow pace was really relaxing so I closed my eyes and enjoyed the service. After a drowsily long time, I cummed even when I thought there's no more cum left in me. He tasted my cum and moved away. In the darkness, I did not even see his face.
Needless to say, when the sauna closed in the cold early morning I was even more tired than the night before and nearly missed my train.