How To Visit Japan With An Arigato And A Smile

Japan ? It's too expensive and I only know one or more Japanese words, Arigato ! So what was I doing in Tokyo Narita airport ?. Well I figured if it was a free stopover for a few days, why not ? First impression of the airport was it was as bare as a cheap hotel compared to 5 star Changi Airport. The queues were long at the immigration and the place seemed gloomy. Unfortunately, the Custom Officer searched my bags and found my precious gay Colt magazine that I intended to smuggle home. As he flipped through the magazine, he kept shaking his head and waving his right index finger at the nude pictures while I stood there nearly dying of embarrassment ! Okay, okay so it is illegal in Japan but must he flip it from page to page from front to back. Unless of course, he was actually enjoying the magazine and I can definitely sense that he was. He tried to explained something to me but his English was as bad as my Japanese so I was confused. Anyway, he confiscated my magazine and just let me through. What a relief !

In fact Tokyo itself is a confusing contrast of old and new. Suddenly, I felt illiterate and dumb in a place where I cannot understand what everybody was saying. This was a new experience for me who was so used to taking charge of matters relatively easily. So, this was what it was like to be illiterate in a foreign land, no wonder most of the older generation in Singapore always seem so lost and frightened when they could barely understand the language of the white men.

I heard the Japanese are not too open towards foreigners. So the best way was to fit in like a Japanese. Fortunately, the written Japanese text has about 20% Chinese text mixed in. By adding in the context and filling in some blanks, I can actually understand most Japanese signs. Road signs also included English text so that helped too. So after some orientation and with the Tokyo subway map, I could easily find my way around.

Ordering food was not a great problem; those plastic food samples really came in handy. I only needed to point and smile then smile again and say "Arigato" when the food arrived. Boy, those Japanese were extremely polite. When the waiters or chefs smiled at me I don't know if it was politeness or the knowing smile that they knew I was not Japanese but trying to pass as one.

Soon I knew my way enough to look for the gay areas of Shinjuku. Unfortunately, the guy who wrote the gay guide was not correct most of the time and I only managed to find a few.
First I found a gay bar. There were only a few guys in there. I only knew for sure that it was gay when I saw an older man singing karaoke with a younger man and he had his hands all over him. The other guys looked bored as they quietly drank at their tables.

Then I found a gay bookshop in a basement. Unfortunately books were in Japanese. As expected, the pictures of nude men had black spots to obscure the genitals. But it was refreshing to find oriental nude men instead of Caucasians. There were also some American magazines. I actually found the same Colt magazine that I lost to the Japanese Custom there but priced at 5 times that in America. The black spots vandalising the pictures made the magazine less attractive. So, my magazine must be a collector's item to some Japanese Custom Officer :-) A quick sample of those on offer showed that tall, stout, cute and smooth Japanese guys( like overgrown pink babies), were the premium sex objects here. They especially like to show middle aged men in smart business suits who got fucked in various degrees of slow undress and the business suits were obvious sexual symbols. I don't know if that was a reflection of the fantasy of the majority of the smartly suited middle aged Japanese salarymen or some authoritarian power play or some Oedipus complex that Japanese men have of their remote and strict fathers. Hey, any Japanese reading this care to comment ? :-)

With my gaydar on, I found a dark park by a river and sure enough there were men in the shadows cruising around. Most of these men were still in their business suits; either they were out for a quickie before going home or business suits were gay sex symbols :-) Fortunately, no spoken words were needed when cruising and the universal language of the slight smile and the gay body language were well understood and used here :-) Soon enough, one neat looking middle aged guy caught up with me. Without saying much, he reached over and kissed me. Suddenly, I smelt something I never thought of before; stale cigarette breath ! Most Japanese were heavy smokers and I hate cigarette breath. How to reject him now in the middle of the sex act ? I tried to push him away but he took that as sign that I wanted oral sex. So he pull down my pants and sucked my cock. Seriously speaking, he was not too good at sucking as he seemed to be reluctant.

The next evening, I went looking for the gay saunas. But for curiosity, I went to a non-gay public Japanese bath first. Wow, the hot bath was really hot and I could barely sit in before feeling my balls being boiled alive like some eggs being cooked. So I climbed out and splashed hot water on my body. My skin was turning lobster red, unfortunately only in spots where I splashed on the hot water. Then I watched some Japanese men getting in and out of the hot bath. I noticed one young man who climbed out and was glowing with a beautiful pinkish glow throughout his body. He sat on a stool right beside me and I looked at his beautiful smooth skin closed up. It was pink and smooth as a baby's ! I was tempted to touch him but dared not.

After much searching, I managed to find the gay sauna at Ikebukuro. Knowing that they probably do not accept non-Japanese, I tried my luck and smiled and nodded my way in. In these sex places, it was only normal for guys to be reserved and avoid saying much. So my tactics worked like a charm. Once inside, the place seems small and the facilities were minimal. There were not many guys around as this was not the weekend. There was no private rooms but a few large rooms that were dimly lit. Once I got used to the lighting, I could see some couples on the large beds making love. They used their japanese robes to cover themselves for privacy. But of course, any movements can be easily seen fluttering the thin robes, so they kept their movements slow. It was a real difference to the rough and fast actions I saw at western saunas. Being tired, I settled down between some couples to rest. Soon I noticed a tall, cute, young and big Japanese looking at me. He's my type. So I smiled to encourage him to join me. Instead, he smiled back and I moved over to join him. When I settled down beside him, he opened his robe to cover me and I spread mine to open up more space to play.

Oh god, please let him not be a smoker and spoil all my fun. As we slowly embraced I can smell his breath and body odor; thank goodness it was fresh as a baby's. He was tall and big but with only just enough baby fat for a nice smooth, supple touch; mummy's well nourished boy that was a symptom of a prosperous Japan :-) The boyish smile was just so sweet to melt any heart. The warmth of his smooth cuddle was relaxing. We enjoyed the cuddle for a while before exploring each other's body. He was slow and gentle and I took my cue from him to slow things down from the usual pantingly quick sex. We took time to feel and massage each part of the other's body. Just when things started to heat up, he wrapped me on top of him to kiss me hot and slow. His smile was so bright and sincere, I felt like I was in heaven. We stayed locked in that position for so long, I thought I might fall into blissful sleep. But his slow, probing caress was telling me he was savouring every moment of it.

Eventually, we had to take care of the "spitting cobras that poked at our stomachs." So I turned around to assume the 69 position as I really wanted to have a good look at his pinkish cock. It was beautifully pink, even his balls were pinkish. It was not too big and almost the same size as mine. I sucked it slowly and he gasped. I don't know what he liked so I watched for any signals from him. He seemed to be quite inexperienced and everything I did send waves of pleasure through his body. So we spent time slowly sucking on each other's cock. Then a wicked thought came over me to claim this beautiful guy as mine, why not fuck him in his virgin ass like claiming a virgin wife ? So I moistened a finger and slowly probed his ass. It was warm, fleshy and very tight. I tried to wiggle my finger in and he stopped to raise his leg to let me in. Still, his ass clamped hard on my finger and I couldn't unless I forced it in. Then I realised I was doing the same finger test on him as other guys had done it to me before. Some guys used their fingers to test the tightness of my ass. When they found it tight, they get excited over fucking a virgin ass so I had to struggle to get them off of me. This guy was too good to deserve my selfish intention and I should be ashamed of myself ! Now I decided to give him the best blow job that I can instead. After we cummed, we cleaned up and wrapped around each other to sleep for a while. Reluctantly, I had to leave because I don't want to get caught in this red light district in the middle of the night when the streets got deserted after the trains stopped.

As I was leaving, I noticed someone waving to me from a second storey window. It was my sweet guy ! He looked absolutely gorgeous with the sweet smile and waving from the window saying "ARIGATO !" I waved back and replied "ARIGATO !" back. Our love making was so stirring, he must have felt the need to express his feelings for me in this sweet and unique way.( Most guys would pretend that they do not know you once the sex is over, much less trying to be so enthusiastic about thanking you. ) My poor heart was going to break because there was no way I can break through the language barrier to get to know him better. Sex with him was the best I ever experienced even up till now; he still was always on my mind even now.

Then one day I saw a picture of a cute Japanese guy on the Internet who looked just like him and memories came flooding back. Hence, I need to relieve the sleepless sexual tension that go round and round inside my head. Yes, he is the cute Japanese guy that you see at the top of my homepage; that same sweet smile :-) I could almost hear him calling out "ARIGATO !" Now, you know why I designed the graphics at the top of my homepage the way I did.

( This part was added later :-

... Since I revised the graphics at the top of the homepage, I moved the original graphics here to retain the continuity of this story.
You will notice the window behind him. He is raising his arm to wave to me and saying "ARIGATO".
... Actually, there is another meaning to this graphics. The picture is my BALLs, the Burstani gif is my COCK aligned with his mouth. He is giving me a blow job as sugested by the "wind blowing along my cock". The white ARIGATO is my squirting sperm :-) I swear, this graphics just came out of nowhere then. My horny state of mind at that time just composed it as a reflection of my feeling as I deposited my sperm onto my hand while recalling this story; more than once :-) The things that the "other head" makes us do are sometimes darn amazing. I can also sense the sexual tension of some guys who posted on the Bulletin Board while being driven by the "other head". It is safe sex and I DO encourage safe sex :-) Don't be shy !
Those who remembered the original graphics will recall that the original "ANSWER" was replaced by the white ARIGATO. I was too shy to put in the true, bawdy version then. People may think that my mind is all full of "slutty" ideas. Well, since this website matured, I am now more comfortable about expressing my feelings. Hence, I felt that it is only right to show the graphics that I originally conceptualised. Don't be shy ! I told myself. )