Bangkok, The Gay Capital Of Asia - Part 1

It's strange, I only discovered the pleasures of Bangkok about one and and a half year ago ! Yet I am living only 2 hours away by plane.
Actually, I've been to Bangkok many times before that. Only problem was that the gay guide was so inadequate that I thought there was nothing much gay going on. First impression was the terrible traffic jams. Then the ubiquitous sex touts. Every taxi driver or tuk-tuk driver invariably asked " you want girl ?, massage ? ". Then there's Patpong where more touts kept pestering any single guy passing by. But this time there's more variety - " girls ? massage ? tiger show ?". When everything failed, then suddenly it's " boys ? ". Ha, that's interesting but no thanks. I remembered how guys got fleeced a few hundred dollars for a drink in those joints. Anyway, following the gay guide then, I found a few gay bars. Lots of Go-Go boys inside but the young skinny types were not my cup of tea. The brawny bouncers guarding the door outside were interesting though but I figured they were too dangerous.

The gay guide recommended that the department store at the end of the street was cruisy at night after closing. Sure enough, there were a few guys hanging around. Soon a short little guy approached me trying to make conversation. But with his poor English and my non-existent Thai, we could barely understand each other. However, without fail, there's that " girl ? massage ? " from him. My goodness, they really were everywhere ! Only this time he was more inventive with " boy ? me ? ". I thought then that sex in Bangkok was so commercialized that guys want money even for mutual satisfaction. Paid sex is not my cup of tea as I prefer to "catch" my own man, just as fish caught by my own labour tasted much better than those from the restaurant's fish tank.

I tried to look for a sauna. The only one I found was dirty and deserted that I left quickly. Bangkok seemed to be fun only if you looked for commercial sex. Every time I passed through Bangkok on my way to another destination, I usually did not stopover.

However, I was to realize how wrong I was. One day as I was browsing the Net, I stumbled across Utopia. They had beautifully designed web pages and lots of information. Though the information on Singapore was sometimes vague, but the information about Bangkok was interesting. So there are beautiful saunas and other gays places to visit ?. Being still skeptical, I waited for the right opportunity before I booked a quick tour over the weekend.

On arrival in the late evening, I went to look for the sauna called Colony. Unfortunately, the tuk-tuk driver could not find the place and had to keep calling the sauna for directions. Eventually he did managed to find the place and I gave him a fat tip. No wonder, the place looked just like any private house. I liked the garden and the swimming pool as mentioned by Utopia. The house was small and with the usual but not much of other facilities. The guys there were tanned Thais and not really my type. So I spend most of my time swimming naked in the outdoor pool which was quite erotic. Most of the guys were quite modest to put on their towels but I walked and laid around the pool totally naked with a hardon for all to see. It was so refreshing to swim the backstroke with my hard cock sticking out of the water. Of course, for modesty sake, I stroked my cock only when I submerged my cock inside the water. Then there were strong jets of water where I held my cock for the swirling water to massage and the feeling was totally new. I almost cum a few times but each time I got out from the pool to cool down. Eventually I just could not hold it in anymore and went to the dry sauna to jack off. There was nobody in there and it was dark inside. As I was jacking off, a short guy came in and tried to put his cock in my mouth. I felt his body and found it a little muscular and smooth. I took his cock in hand and jerked it with mine till we both cummed. I cleaned up, put on my clothes and left when it was almost morning. The swimming pool was fun and I am now wondering if I dared to do the same in the day time on another visit.

The next day, I went looking for the sauna Babylon since it was so highly recommended by Utopia. Again, the driver did not know where it was. The address written in English was incomprehensible to him. Fortunately, Utopia mentioned it was near Malaysia Hotel which the driver knew. From there, I walked around to look for the sauna only to realized that the driver did passed it on the way to Malaysia Hotel !

My first impression of the place was that it was cleverly designed to imitate an ancient building of Babylon. The beautifully landscaped gardens were a reflection of the famous Hanging Gardens of Babylon. The aging brown colour of the exterior of the building was to imitate the look of a preserved ancient archaeological relic. How clever ! the older the building gets, the more authentic is the ancient look. This will surely save lots of maintenance costs. The attention to details was no less impressive inside. Antiques were on display shelves and interior decor with some ancient motifs ran through all parts of the building. The whole design was so classy that it was a delight just to relax in there. This place could challenge the Thermos Day sauna of Amsterdam except for the facilities.

If the place is so classy, I can't wait to see the men inside. After finding my locker and a quick shower, I went to explore the place further. The roof garden was another delightful discovery. It was spacious enough to be a classy bar on its own, in fact it's bigger than most bars in Singapore. Okay, enough of checking out the facilities, I want to check out the men first. That's when I got to the ground floor with the dry and wet saunas and the Jacuzzi. There were plenty of men there and lots of GWMs. Then I realised that there seemed to be lots of Chinese inside there too. Most were very fair and some were quite well built but with an attitude.

As I was looking at the Jacuzzi, I noticed a big GWM with long flaming red hair. Though he was chubby and bearish but his flaming red hair was very sexy as it reminded me of the mane of a lion. Unfortunately, he was in the Jacuzzi playing with two little Thai guys. I went into the pool with a raging hardon that I tried to conceal with my hands. He did not notice me but I was lusting for him as I watched him play. If he liked small and tanned Thai guys, then I must be out of luck. The Jacuzzi was not heated and soon I had enough and decided to explore other facilities.

I went in the dry sauna and nothing was going on there. I went to the steam sauna and found that the place was literally jammed full of naked bodies !. It was dark and I squeezed through all kinds of naked bodies and enjoyed rubbing against them with my own naked body. At the end of the room, guys were having sex in a big orgy of sweaty mass of bodies and hands everywhere. I could not see much but I joined in feeling my way about. I could feel a man's cock being sucked and I felt my fingers being sucked together with the cock. Then I felt another man being jacked off by another. Numerous sex acts just kept going even though I was rude to put my hands on the cocks that were receiving the pleasures. Guys were also grabbing my cock and sucking my tits. It was too intense and I could just lose my cum too quickly so I squeezed my way out again. I sat near the sliding door to watch guys going in and out to keep the action going.

Then I saw the bear with the flaming red hair walked in. This was my chance. I quickly positioned myself to obstruct his way so that he had to squeeze past me to get further in. As he was squeezing past and rubbing against me, I reached for his cock and jerked it. He stopped to check me out with his hands all over my body. Liking what he touched, he reached out to grab me towards him for a warm tight embrace. As he was taller than me, I had to reach up to run my fingers through his sexy hair. In the dim light it seemed to be a dimly glowing flame. With my hands on his head, he thought I was forcing him down as a gesture for him to suck my cock. So he went down on my cock and I was even more excited to see his red hair bobbing about as he pumped my cock with his mouth. He was really good. I ran my fingers through his hair and others around us were feeling us up. Soon I cummed and he spat out my cum onto the floor. He left while I was resting.

Then I saw a tall, muscular, fair, smooth Chinese guy came into the steam room. As guys tried to feel him up, he pushed everybody away roughly. What stuck-up attitude he had ! As he passed near me, I put my hand on his towel and got a rough push off. Soon guys knew his attitude and left him alone. As he moved around, he came near where I was sitting. What was he here for if he not for sex ? This time I did not try to touch his groin but started to caress his back ever so lightly. He showed no sign of the rough reaction to me as he did before. Soon, I started to feel him gently but always above the waist and I can sense that he liked it.. As I was lightly pinching his nipples, he gasped. I then sucked his nipples as I slowly licked his muscular chest from one nipple to the other. Sensing that he was getting hot, I slowly moved down and was licking his stomach and waiting for his okay signal to enter his forbidden zone. He loosened his towel and I went gently for his balls and then his cock. Then I realised why he acted the way he did. His cock was slightly smaller then the average but rock hard. It's just the right size for sucking and I can roll his cock around inside my mouth. He was enjoying it all when another guy tried to feel him up. Suddenly, he grabbed that guy by the throat and jolted him roughly. The guy was shocked and left him alone. I quicken my sucking action as I pulled on his cock. Sensing his balls tightening, I switched to jacking him and he spurted his gooey cum on my chest. But before I could see his face, he literally ran out of the room. Now, I can never tell which one of those stuck-up tall, muscular guys that I see lining the corridors with the standoffish attitude was he.

Babylon was a big gay playground, so I have to continue in Part 2.