Bangkok, The Gay Capital Of Asia - Part 2

After I had enough of the sex, I went to look for food. I found two dining areas. The one at the 1st storey was next to a beautifully landscaped courtyard with a nice Koi pond. The owner must be Chinese because Chinese believe in symbolism of good fortune; fish is "abundance ", water is "wealth".

But I find the 2nd storey restaurant much more interesting with the ancient motifs. They had the food on display like the Japanese and it looked delicious. I ordered a beef with crab dish and found the food tasted even better than those at the hotel or even in Singapore; maybe I'm just plain hungry. Compared to the same food in Singapore, this good food is really cheap. Someone recommended the chocolate cake. I found it sinfully rich and I liked it very much even though I normally wouldn't touch a cake because of it's calories.

While I was having my dinner alone, I noticed that the 2 guys at the next table looked and talked like my fellow Singaporeans with their 2 Thai boyfriends. What's interesting was that while these guys look like geeks in their 40's, their boyfriends were huge, tanned 30's Chinese-Thai with huge muscles, a slight beer belly and the macho crew cut hair. That's quite a reversal of roles from the Caucasian types who prefer cute young things. The 2 Singaporeans were trying to impress their boyfriends by teaching them proper ways to handle Western cutlery. With the kind of assets that they have, I guess these guys need not be impressive with their table manners :)

On subsequent visits, I noticed their boyfriends were regulars at the sauna and I even saw them at Patpong showing some guys around like escorts. Now, it made me wonder if they were resourceful hustlers and not fellow gays out for mutual fun. Commercial sex really is everywhere.

As it was the weekend, they put on a a lounge show. The lady singer was quite good with the powerful voice and the place now looked like a classy country club. I loved the atmosphere as it was nice to relax a little after the hot sex and a wonderful dinner.

Soon the place was really jammed with guys everywhere, I've never seen such a crowded place before. I went up to the 3rd level to check on the cruising corridors and rooms, it was so crowded along the narrow corridors that you had to squeeze your way through. I loved to do that and felt the body contacts when brushing against so many guys. I felt like a kid in a candy store with my last penny since I felt like having only one more cum load to let go. Then I found the dark room where it was also crowded. I joined in some feeling around and soon shot my cum in some orgies. I spend my last "penny" on a mixed bag of candies.

That was really fun and I really changed my opinions about Bangkok. What they said about Bangkok was true after all, just that I didn't know where to look before.

The next time I visited Bangkok, I knew enough to be on my own and I stayed at the Malaysia Hotel which is near to Babylon. It's a no frill hotel but I liked the friendly attitude of the staff there towards gays. I met some of the guys in the lift who were at the Babylon and we pretended not to know each other.

On the next visit, it was more of the same thing but this time the surroundings were more familiar so I spent less time exploring around and more on cruising around. The mix of guys there were truly international from the West as well as all parts of Asia.

This time, I met a well built Chinese-Thai guy who was very smooth and fair. He was relaxing with his eyes closed at the Jacuzzi pool and I slipped in next to him. Other guys at the pool were playing under the cover of the frothy water. I let my feet touched him accidentally under the water. He didn't respond but then he didn't move away either. Maybe he was really tired or he had already spent his cum. So I just let the water current push my body against his. Soon he responded by lightly caressing my body and I caressed his. I was trying to arouse him by squeezing on his tits when he opened his eyes and grabbed me towards him for a warm embrace. We were cuddling in the water while other guys were either watching or playing on their own.

Suddenly, he got up and I was worried that he was leaving me. But he held my hand, pulled me out of the water and signaled me to follow him. He found an empty room upstairs and closed the door for some private play. After many silent anonymous sex, I was quite happy to have some pillow talk while having sex. He told me he was a stockbroker and he just had a hard day at the office because the stock market was doing badly. He lost some money and was very tired so he came to the sauna to ease the tension inside. He was too tired to cruise around and any guy who showed interest in him can have him. So I was the lucky first.
" You poor baby, let me massage your aches away", I said.

So he laid there as I clumsily tried to massage him from head to toe while I was actually enjoying myself feeling his supple body and wonderfully smooth, fair skin. He was so handsome in the soft light, I just took my time and tried not to over stimulate his cock while giving it enough rubs to keep it hard and horny. I can tell he liked it from the occasional gentle sighs of relieves from him. He may be able to control himself but I was losing my self control when I started to use my mouth to kiss him all over instead of massaging him. Soon his cock and balls were just too delicious looking and I had to suck on them. Soon he was moaning as I raised his legs while I poked my finger in his tight ass.

Just as I was enjoying myself feasting on him, he suddenly grabbed me and pinned me down with him on top and started sucking on my cock. He was quite strong as he threw me around effortlessly. That was a pleasant surprise so I opened up my legs wider for him to get better access to my cock. He poked his finger into my butt hole, then he suddenly asked, " have you been fucked before ? ". I said no. Suddenly, he came alive as he assured me, " you will like it when you tried it ", while he busily pumped his hand with lubricant and tried to put on a condom. I pleaded with him that I knew what's it's all about and I did not want to get fucked. He grabbed me by my feet and slapped on the lubricant in my butt hole while twisting his finger inside. Boy, he was good at this and I was really turned on though I protested. He was pretty strong but I managed to turn around and grabbed his cock in my mouth to prevent it from going into the wrong hole in my body. He protested that he cannot cum without fucking me. But I sucked his cock the best way that I can to drain his horny cum to make him forget about fucking me. He sportingly got into the 69 position to suck me off. It's a game of who gets whose cum first and the loser was going to get fucked.

I sucked and jacked his cock furiously as if my life depended on it. It stayed hard as ever but he just did not cum. Meanwhile, he was so good at sucking my cock and twisting his finger inside my butt hole, I was losing control. In desperation, I tried to copy his technique and twisted my finger inside his warm butt hole. Still, I was getting closer to cumming yet he was so calm and collected while enjoying himself toying with me. In an attempt to cheat, I pulled my cock out from his mouth reluctantly while trying to catch my breathe. He sportingly let me pull out while he laughed softly as he enjoyed my continued sucking while laying back with his legs wide open for me to play with his body. This was my chance to at least recover some lost grounds. I worked real hard till I was sweating but he was still so cool, smiling and encouraging me. He lightly caressed my cock, balls and my thighs and that prevented my cock from going completely soft. When he saw that I was slowly going soft, he resumed sucking on my cock and I felt like an electric bolt had shot through my body.

Damn !!, there was no way I was going to win this competition. My mouth was aching, my arms were tired and he was so damn good, almost sucking the soul right out of me, I might as well surrender and enjoy his service. So I gave up and laid back in ecstasy as he worked on my cock while he was twisting his fingers inside my butt hole. He pulled my butt cheeks apart for a good look at my butt hole. Then he moved his cock closer to it while I half heartedly wiggled away from him. He put on the condom and slapped my butt with his cock to signal me to stop moving away. Still, I wiggled away. So he quickly brought me to orgasm to make me lose my mind control. As I was gasping and squirting my cum while bucking my butt up towards him, he took aim and poked his cock squarely at my butt hole. Fortunately for me, I was clamping my butt hole tightly shut as a natural convulsion of orgasm. He could barely get his cock head in and I recovered just in time to whimper a plead to him not to do it.

As I laid there gasping for breathe, feeling drained of energy and feeling totally vulnerable, he relented and told me that he was sorry. He could not bring himself to fuck me if I was not willing. He was so sweet and sincere then, I could have lost my last line of defence if he had taken the opportunity. After a long rest in his warm embrace, I regained my composure. I looked at his cock and it was still as hard as ever !! I told him that I was sorry that he couldn't have fun in his usual way of fucking me. But I was really curious as to how long he could really last.. He smiled and said that since he liked me alot, he was willing to let me work on him till he cummed. So I sucked, jacked his cock and fingered his butt hole while he caressed my body.All the time he was smiling, looked in control and yet enjoying himself. Soon, I had to add lubricant as even my saliva was drying up.

I realised I was really going nowhere with his cock unless I worked on his mind. So I reached over and kissed him hard on the mouth as I whispered that he was so handsome and sexy that I could eat him alive. Then I licked and bit on his tits. All this while I had to keep jacking his cock and switching from one tired hand to the other. Soon, there were signs of quickened breathing and that slight sigh with the pounding heart beat. So I kept up the kissing, repeating that he was so handsome and well built, yet so firm and smoother than a girl's that I really wanted to eat him all night long. Then I growled softly as I used my mouth to attack his cock as I pumped it furiously inside my mouth.

Soon I tasted more salty precum coming out of his cock and knew he was close. I spit the precum out with some saliva on my hand for lubrication and switched to jacking his cock. I was really all excited with expectations to see his shooting cum. With a loud grunt, he let loose his white cum that shot all the way to his neck !! while I had my hands on his cock and balls and trying to feel the sexual tremors deep inside of him. I could feel every spasm of his orgasmic eruptions and it made me feel so powerful to be the one who extracted his very private man juice from his macho self.

It was really exhausting and very satisfying sex. He lasted close to an hour, a record according to my limited experience. We crumbled together for a long time to recover.. Then we washed up and went to the rooftop garden to talk some more. I remarked that it must be fun to be gay in the Gay Capital of Asia. He corrected my misconception because some Thais still despise the gays and showed their prejudice indirectly. He had to park his car far from Babylon just to avoid being seen.

That's when I did the unthinkable by telling him to look me up when he was visiting Singapore..He declined because he said that he was probably going to get married soon. He did remarked that he had some Singaporean friends who visited him and expected him to chauffeur them around the sights without realising that he had to work. Some of those sights like the Floating Market are far away and start very early in the morning. I squirmed in embarrassment as we Singaporeans considered that to be "kiasu" ( afraid of losing ).

Soon every good thing must end, yet I was feeling lonely already. So I invited him to my hotel room, again he declined. I gave him the address of the hotel that I was moving to in case he changed his mind. ( But, he never called. ) As I was leaving with a friend that I met at the hotel, I noticed he was following me around. So, to tease him back for rejecting me all the time, I told him that the guy was my boyfriend. I could sense the jealousy in his eyes as he watched me walked out with my friend. Sigh, this was going to be a long and lonely night and why do I feel so stupid for trying to be so clever. Maybe he was at his last line of defence before I pulled that stupid stunt. No wonder he never called.

There's more in Part 3.