Bangkok, The Gay Capital Of Asia - Part 3

After the pleasures of the Babylon sauna, I was not too excited to try out any other saunas. But out of curiosity, I went to look for another sauna called Obelisks as it was recommended as classy and huge with 11 stories.

As usual, the taxi driver did not know where it was and just dropped me off at the entrance to the Soi. I saw a group of Thai guys who looked "obviously" gay so I asked them where Obelisks sauna was. Unfortunately, they shrugged their shoulders; either they could not understand my English or they were not gay so they did not know ?. After much running around, I managed to find the place. To my surprise, these guys were just ahead of me ! So my "gaydar" was correct but they were just as lost as I was !

First impression of the sauna was that it was shiny and new. The lobby was classy with marbles and columns. The guys here were more local and younger than those at Babylon.

The place was really huge and luckily there was a lift to help the exploring around. Each floor was not big. But with 11 floors, they do add up to a lot of space. Unfortunately, that also meant there was no particular place to congregate and grope in the dark. The dark room was so big and dark that guys just scatter around with too much personal spaces that other guys were afraid to invade for fear of rejection. But then there were also some guys inside the individual rooms who laid on the beds with their butts facing out obviously inviting others in for a fuck.

There was a rooftop garden bar but it was mostly empty. There was also a Jacuzzi and a steam room with a wonderful view of Bangkok by night but most guys were too busy with looking at each other to admire the view.

On the 6th floor, there were more of the usual facilities like a steam bath, a dry sauna, showers and a Jacuzzi. On another floor, there was a video room with a big video screen showing some gay movies. On the first floor was the restaurant but the selection of food was much more limited than those at Babylon.

Though the facilities were good and guys were mostly young Thais but the place did not hum with sexual energy like the Babylon. Maybe it's because today was not the weekend. With so much personal spaces, guys just looked mostly but few venture to make the first moves. I too was affected by the atmosphere so when cruising or being cruised, I just adopted the wait and see attitude.

Eventually when I was tired of the exploring the facilities, I went to settle down at the rooftop Jacuzzi. It was heated and so was better than the cold Jacuzzi of Babylon. Soon it was filled with guys. With the close proximity of naked guys in the pool, soon things started happening. Someone's hand found my cock and gave me a slow hand job. I looked at the guy and he pretended that nothing was happening. Soon, another hand and even a leg was touching me all over. I could figure out who these body parts were coming from but everybody could somehow keep looking innocent. I lowered my head and enjoyed looking at the stars in the sky while my hands also wandered from body to body. Then one guy got up and I could sense his " come with me " look but I was not sure so I just stayed where I was since I was already having a buffet here. Anyway, with the previous Chinese-Thai guy still on my mind, I still feel a kind of melancholic sadness in me.

After a while, I noticed he came back into the Jacuzzi with that hurt ( angry ? ) look. But he still settled down beside me.but was further away than before. Soon I had enough and got up to shower to leave.

The next visit to Babylon was quite routine. The place was just as crowded in the evening. The corridors were packed with guys. As I was squeezing through the mass of bodies, suddenly my "gaydar" went "beeping like crazy"; that can only mean someone was cruising me and wanting me badly :-) I stopped to check out those guys nearby but everybody had the nondescript "poker face". Is somebody sending the mental signals but yet trying to look disinterested ? Was my "gaydar" just my fertile erotic imagination ? Though this "gaydar sixth sense" was difficult to describe, most gays can usually use it to detect other gays who are cruising them through some almost imperceptible body language or eye contacts.

I decided to follow my gaydar and sense the direction where the signal was coming from. Sure enough, from half way across the long corridor and with the dim lighting, I can sense there's a guy smiling and looking at me intensely. But the corridor was so long and packed with so many guys, how can I be sure that he was smiling and looking at me ? As I moved closer to him, I realised why my gaydar was confused. He was a short, very young Chinese-Thai guy and not the type of built, tall guy that my gaydar was trying to connect with. But on closer look, I almost gasped in disbelief; this little guy was very cute. He had short curly hair and a very ruddy, fair, handsome and boyish face. His smile was dazzling. As I walked passed him, his eyes followed me. Now I was sure he wanted me. So I doubled back and stood behind him.

I estimated he could be about 19 years old. I usually avoided guys so young because they were so inexperienced and not my type. But this guy was very cute and my cock was sticking out, telling me that it wanted him. So I plucked up the courage to circle in front of him and smiled at him. He smiled back, so I moved closer to touch his hand. He did not reject me so I grasped his hand and after some talk, I led him into one of the rooms.

As soon as the door closed, I was the aggressive one and took control on all sexual moves while he just watched and generally followed my non verbal instructions. He told me that this was the first time in a gay sauna. Just to make sure that I was not going to have sex with a minor, I asked him how old he was. He said he was 22 years old and already working. I guessed with his small size, he did look younger than his actual age. He had some limited gay sex experience but with guys his own age. He wanted to try an older guy like me for the experience. I guess he wanted to be "baby loved" by an older man so I swept him off his feet and set him down on my lap as I sat on the edge of the bed. When naked, he was as cute as an overgrown baby. This was a new experience for me as the type of guys I usually have sex with are much too big to lay on my lap; some were even strong enough to lay me down on their laps instead :-) Sex was usually like a kind of erotic and frantic wrestling match of competing male egos.

As I laid him on my lap, I explored all parts of his body. He had a nice pink cock that's very hard. I sucked on his cock and felt his whole body writhe with pleasure. When I wanted to, I could easily flip him over and started kissing him all over his very smooth and round butt. Then I flipped him back and kissed him all over his body and nibble on his nipples. I lifted him on my arms and gave wet , deep kisses on his cute face and mouth. He giggled with delight. He enjoyed being played with like an overgrown toy doll. I was taken in by his innocent pleasures. After much playing around, I sensed he was close so I jacked his cock hard to watch his cum fly. He did not disappoint as he cummed like a fully loaded toy water pistol :-) as I squeezed his cock like squeezing a water pistol.

After he cummed, I tried to get him to work on my cock but he was so inexperienced that I felt I could not cum. When sucking my cock, his sucking force was too weak. Maybe he was too drained from the sex workout that I gave him. So I suggested that we cleaned up and went for a dinner break.

During dinner, a middle aged, tall guy came to our table to say hello to him and join us for dinner. He introduced his good friend who told me that the young guy was a "good" boy who did not dare to visit a sauna and so he had to introduce him to this famous sauna. I asked if they were sex buddies but the older guy said the young guy would not give him the chance and they both laughed. The older guy was very experienced and had lots of information on the gay scene here. He even pointed out the owner of Babylon as he walked by and described his family background.

After dinner, I suggested to the young guy that we go for another round of sex play. His friend smiled and knowingly excused himself. So we adjourned to another room. But the room lock was broken. As we were having sex, guys were peeping at us through the small gap left. I did not want to share my cute guy with anybody so when I heard the door open on the next-door room, we quickly wrapped our towels and moved over.

I could not get enough of this cute guy and he just loved my devoted attention. I enjoyed feeling his body all over again. Soon I could feel that he was again ready to cum. This time he shot his cum just as much and as powerful as the first time. Lucky of me to get an exciting sex performance show twice. After giving him time to rest, he was now more energetic in working on my throbbing cock. But the strange thing was that I just could not cum. I was used to big, strong hands grasping hard and pulling on my cock or powerful suction from mouths that were hungry for my cum. He was not too sure how to service me.As I laid on the bed with my legs wide open for him to work on me, he was timidly exploring my body and touching me tenderly and tentatively as though I was going to be angry with him for touching me.

Luckily the room had a mirror. So I stood beside the mirror and told him to concentrate on jacking hard on my cock. The image in the mirror showing a very cute guy kneeling beside me and jacking furiously on my cock helped to raise the sexual excitement. Soon, I was able to shoot cum directly onto the mirror.