Mama Mia, Hello !!

For those who read the stories in this website, I may be giving them the false impression that cruising is all fun and sexcitement. Well, it is not. Other than the possibility of getting venereal diseases or getting arrested, there is also the possibility of getting hurt from questionable characters. As cruising grounds are usually quiet and shadowy places, we do attract some dangerous kinds. Hence, cruising places are usually labeled as "AYOR" i.e. At Your Own Risk. Thus caution is always necessary to protect oneself and one must always be alert for things that are risky.

Singapore is a relatively safe place as I hardly hear of any unfortunate guys who get hurt here. Or is it the fear of being exposed that those guys do not dare to report such matters to the police ? In fact, there was one guy who posted on the bulletin board here that he was robbed. Fortunately the sum was small and so this was a minor incident. I heard of such things also happening to straight guys who get robbed by prostitutes and they dared not report to the police for fear that the family will get to know about it.

That reminded me of an incident in Italy, long ago.

I just finished most of the sightseeing in Rome and decided to take the train down south to a seaside resort. When I arrived there, it was already about 9pm. I was a little tired lugging my bags around. I inquired and got the address of a small hotel near the train station.

When I stepped out of the train station, I was really worried because the place looked dangerous with dim street lighting. This being Southern Italy where the Mafia rules and the people don't look too friendly, I must look like an obvious target with my foreign looks and heavy bags.

Sure enough, as I was walking along, a little car was following behind me. Since I was still near the train station with some people still around, I felt safe enough to stop to take a closer look at the guy inside the car. He was a matured bear with a smiling face which was somehow reassuring. With my gaydar on, I could instantly detect what he wanted. But then, I was in an unfamiliar, dangerous place and he was a total stranger to me so I did not want to take the risk to lead him on. I shook my head to indicate that I was rejecting his offer though my aching body was telling me to do otherwise.

I continued on my way while I could sense that he was still following me. I figured that since he was not out to rob me, it could even be safer to have him around. Soon I found the hotel and was relieved that the staff can speak English reasonably well. Unfortunately, this being the holiday season, the hotel was fully booked. I cursed myself for not thinking about this before coming over. The hotel then gave me directions and scribbled down the address of another hotel that may have vacancies though they cautioned that most hotels would normally be full.

When I came out of the hotel, I found the same little car again waiting for me. Ha, that guy must have known that the hotel was full and I will be out again soon. That means he must have good local knowledge. I was too tired to lug my bags around and I sure could use some help to find the next hotel. So when he wound down his window, I passed him the address note and hoped that he will take me there.

He looked at the note and seemed to understand my intention. So he opened the boot of his car and wanted me to put my bags in there. But I told him that I wanted to keep my bags with me. So I threw them into the back seats instead. I got into the passenger seat beside him with a smile and a thank you. Then I realised that he had not spoken a word so far. I figured that it was not unusual since most Italians don't know much English.

As we drove off, I sensed that something was wrong. He was driving much too fast and the hotel was supposed to be nearby. I protested but he just smiled at me and put his hand on my thigh. Goodness, I figured he wanted his "payment in kind" before he rendered his taxi service. Okay, we can have a quickie at his home nearby and there would be no harm done.

But as he drove on, I realised that we had reached a very dark expressway and he was driving like a crazy Speedy Gonzalas. I protested louder and he just put his hand on my zip and tried to unzip me while driving at way above the legal speed limit. This was no time to be horny when I was worried for my life ! So I pushed his hand away and tried to keep his attention on the road. Shouldn't there be some traffic cops on duty at this time to stop him before we all got hurt. For once in my life, where was the traffic police just when you needed them most and I'll gladly pay for a speeding ticket !!

After about half an hour, we reached a row of seaside villas, still very much alive though I was shaking inside. What have I gotten myself into ? I could get murdered and be dumped into the sea without leaving a trace !! All those horror stories that I read about with such a similar situation, flooded my mind. I figured that as soon as I get out, I was going to grab my bags and make a run for it. But where was I and where can I run to ?

Soon his car turned inside one of the brightly lit villas and I saw his neighbours coming out of the villa next door. Thinking fast on my feet and as soon as he stopped, I got out of the car so that the neighbours could see us. His neighbours waved to him and he waved back in acknowledgment. I wanted the neighbours to remember having seen me so I also waved to them and shouted " Mama Mia, Hello !! ". They looked back at me with puzzled looks.

Now that I was sure that I was no more anonymous, he could not harm me without leaving any trace and I was more relaxed though still worried. I could barely remember how his villa looked like though it was luxurious and was perched on a cliff because I could see and hear the waves breaking below the windows.

But I was in no mood to admire the luxury nor feel horny. I was just hoping that I did not make a serious mistake that I may regret. I just wanted to finish him and get out of there double quick. So I took the initiative to strip him quickly which made him thought I was turned on. Unfortunately, he did not want me to service him. Instead he stripped me, carried me to bed and wanted to suck me. But I was unable to get hard. As he sucked hungrily on my soft cock and slurped my balls, I looked out the window and listened to the waves while wondering how to get hard and cum quickly. For once in my life, sex was no fun and miserable.

Soon I was relaxed enough to get a little hard and in thinking about the irony of the situation, I was able to cum and he swallowed it all hungrily. He took a wash cloth and cleaned my groins thoroughly while hoping that I would get a second erection. No way !

I told him I had to go and he reluctantly let me put on my clothes. In his very broken English, he was trying to tell me to stay for the night. I pretended that I could not understand him and picked up my bags to go. On the way back to the railway station, I was relieved that he was not as crazy as I thought because I noticed all those other Italian cars on the dark highway were speeding along at the same crazy speed. Maybe, this was just a macho and crazy thing to do in Italy. That was why they were famous for sports cars like Ferrari and Lamborghini.

I tried to make conversation but it was really going nowhere. His English was almost useless and what Italian I can speak was learnt from an ABBA song. No comprendo ( ? ) What I could barely understand was that he wanted to see me again tomorrow night. When he dropped me off at the hotel, it was just a short distance from the first hotel !! Why that sneaky, double-crossing, no good son-of-a-gun was taking advantage of me after all !! My good opinion of him again changed for the worst.

I went into the hotel only to find again that the hotel was full but they had the vacancy just moments ago and I missed it. Now I was hopping mad. He made me miss the room. I knew his little trick by now. Sure enough as I peeped around the main door, his car was there waiting again for me to come out.He would have me at his mercy and he would enjoy my second erection which he wanted then. I could feel his hungry mouth milking the cum from my cock like an overgrown calf sucking on an overgrown cow-tit which was to be my unwilling semi-erect cock. ( Now that I am writing this down, my semi-hard cock does look like a giant tit ). No way !! I felt like a frightened deer being stalked by a very cunning wolf. It made me gather all my wits to beat him at his game.

So I pretended to use the hotel's toilet while hoping that he would give up and leave. When I took a second peep through the main door, his car was gone. Maybe he thought I was lucky enough to really get a room. After making sure that he was really gone, I came out to find that the streets were mostly deserted. No wonder, it was already pass midnight. I don't feel safe to go looking for another hotel and so I hurried back to the railway station where I found many unfortunate guys like me sleeping in the station. I made sure that I secured all my belongings and tried to get some sleep sitting up on a hard chair. I took the very first train in the morning getting out of there.

It may seem pretty funny when I am writing this down now. But at that time with that scary uncertainty and in a foreign land, I felt just like enacting a horror movie where if things were to really go deadly wrong, he could get away with murder if that was really on his mind. These things really happened to some unfortunate guys so we better not tempt Faith and should always be on the alert.