Smile! You're On Candid Internet

Smile! You're On Candid Internet

Luck would have it that I was able to go cruising today. So I thought I would get on down and update on the cruising scene at Raffles Place/ China Street with a candid account without the camera.

Unfortunately, it just stopped raining when I arrived there. So there were not many guys around. China Street area has closed and they are constructing something there. Opposite to China Street, they just finished constructing Far East Square. So the scene has moved across the road to the URA car park and further up to Ang Siang Hill/Road.

Unfortunately, Ang Siang Hill/Road area has a few restaurants so the place is quite brightly lit. However, at the end of the road near the  substation with a loudly humming transformer, it is relatively dark so most guys gather around there. But it is really very different from before since there are so  few guys and cars cruising around where previously the scene at China Street would be crowded with cars and guys spread over two streets. Maybe it was the rain or the scene had diversified with more gay outlets so guys need not depend on cruising. Or maybe it was much too early.

So I thought I'll go and check the scene at Hong Lim Park. That park is considered the elephant graveyard for local gays since it is mostly dominated by Ah Peks and Ah Bengs etc. The park is nice for relaxing but the scene here is usually avoided by the young trendy gays. There are usually folks who form groups and chat together. It is not uncommon to see some pairs strolling together. Others will either stroll around trolling or sitting around fishing :-) It was nice to see some guys pair up eventually and they will wait by the roadside calling for a cab. It was so obvious, I wonder what the taxi drivers will think about picking up passengers beside this park. Anyway, I noticed that there were some taxis parked at the car park nearby so there were also gay taxi drivers too.

Though most guys here were usually well behaved, occasionally I had been "molested"  just by being friendly with some of them and getting to know them. Well, I normally wouldn't mind being "molested" but they did not really turn me on and I didn't gave them the okay signal since this is a public place right beside the police station. You'll never know where the police may be watching !

So as I was entering the park, I passed a towkay with gold rim spectacles and standing beside his big Mercedes Benz. "Showing off ! ", I said to myself. So I passed him as he was looking at me. I went to walk a round and settled on a bench. Again, this place was also relatively quiet today. As I was leaving, the towkay winked and smiled at me. He followed me to the roadside and we made conversation. I smelled alcohol in his breathe and he said the needed the booze to boost his courage to come here to pick up guys. Unfortunately, the booze clouded his judgement and he was trying to dive his hand right into my trousers. I was shocked and taken aback as he grabbed my semi-erect cock. I quickly pulled out his hand and told him to behave himself. Soon he wanted to kiss me and I had to hold him off. Guys were staring at us making a scene right there. In embarrassment, I quickly went into my car and he followed ! Again, he dived into my trousers and I had to tell him to behave himself since there were guys watching us. I had to struggle to get him off me and told him to get out. He refused unless I take out my cock and let him stroke it. In desperation, I told him to get in his car and follow me to a safe place. As soon as he got out, I drove off before he even got into his car. I guess he would be too drunk to catch-up with me ;-p

I went back to Ang Siang Hill/Road and the place is still relatively quiet. I parked at the car park to watch the cruising games. At the back alley and beside the frangipani tree, I saw a cute young guy sitting on the curb. Sure enough, a desirable guy would attract attention like bees to honey. One guy was standing diagonally opposite him and pacing up and down trying to get his attention but failed. Another one was at the tree and looking at him intently; intention was very obvious but no action. I was looking from my car and hoping to get lucky; no luck.

I gave up and drove around. Soon I saw a car stopped right in the middle of the car park's driveway. The driver had spotted a target. I followed his gaze and saw the object of his desire; a muscular man in tight T-shirt and wearing a cap, standing there and "acting class". Being the voyeur that I was, I stopped at a parking lot to see how they would play out this "mating game" or maybe I could get lucky :-)

There they stayed, fixed at their respective positions and neither one making the next move. This went on for some time before the car moved and circle back slowly when passing by that man. No sign. The car passed and circled back a few times before the driver parked a few lots away and got out. He stared across at the man, yet unsure of how to approach. However, the object of his desire now walked off into the back alley. End of drama.

This was going to be a slow night. So I drove a few rounds up and down before retreating to the Musa Restaurant at Maxwell Road for the best mutton curry with roti telor and teh tarek. Yummy... I saw a group of young Ah Bengs and Ah Lians there. One of them had his hair dyed flaming red and with his very fair complexion, he is very cute. Thought they were straight guys and gals till I heard one of the girls spoke. It was a man's voice and looking at him/her, it should be obvious. However, none of the other gals was obvious so maybe they were not. One gal with the tight cheongsam was yummy too as she proclaimed that "hers" were real.

Finished my meal and drove across for more cruising rounds. This time, there were more cars circling around, even some with number plates from Malaysia. There were more guys also circling around, I just could not get excited about any. I saw the muscular guy with the cap sitting on the curb stone beside the car park and still "acting class". I passed the same group of Ah Bengs and Ah Lians strolling on the road and taking up half the space.

I passed a cute one while turning a corner and we locked gaze. So I stopped by the roadside waiting for him to pass. Unfortunately, he only passed by without stopping. Sigh. So I went a few rounds and then decided, this was not my night.

As I was turning out to the Maxwell Road to go home, I instinctively felt my gaydar telling me that I was being followed. But looking through my rear view mirror, I saw a few cars so I don't know if I was right. But I slowed down to let them all pass. Aha ! from the corner of my eye and without actually seeing it, I thought I saw one of the drivers turning to look at me. I followed and saw that it was a BMW. It stopped at the red light ahead and that gave me a chance to stop beside him. The driver smiled at me and nodded his head. Bingo ! When the lights turned green, I followed him to a convenient car park.

We parked side by side in a dark corner and I got into his car.My car was used to shield us from any unexpected intrusion.  Well, the sex was rougher than what I was used to and he was cute. Let's just say it was pantingly great ;-p But I shall skip the glory details this time just in case he may be reading this and may be embarrassed by it. However, I did ask him if he surfed the Internet and he said he did not know much about the porn or cruisy sites.

You may wonder why I used the title "Smile! You're On Candid Internet." That was because I had included enough details here for him to know for sure that I had described our candid encounter on the Internet just like they did on Candid Camera. Oh boy, will he be surprised to be the "victim" !

Looking back over the one year of postings, I was hoping to see a cruising encounter where both parties co-incidentally posted the 2 sides of the encounter ; now that will be really interesting :-) It would certainly be a surprise to the other guy; " Jeez, I did not realise that you were so-and-so and that guy that you just described was me ! " :-)

Yep, you guys would probably know by now that I am very naughty :P I thought that I might give him a RED RUBBER BAND before we parted, just to give him a hint. But if he is a regular visitor to my homepage, that might spoil the surprise.

So, did any of you guys ever got caught by surprise that one of those postings maybe actually be describing you as the second party. Did you remember to Smile! You're On Candid Internet :-)