Welcum To BW's 1st Birthday Party On The Internet

Colour_Squiggle.gif (4587 bytes)It's Party Time at BW's Club in Cyberia !     Colour_Squiggle.gif (4587 bytes)

As the hospitality manager, Actionkid is at the main lobby graciously welcuming the guests.

    " Where's the club owner ? ", everybody seems to ask.

   " Oh, as usual, you know he is an international jetsetter with so much foreign investment to take care of. He's probably in his private jet and on his way to some exotic destinations and we will probably hear about some of his wild exploits pretty soon. Meanwhile, he said to enjoy yourselves and Be Happy ", Actionkid diplomatically tries to placate the guests.

[ Meanwhile, the real situation is that BW's club owner is cramped in some economy seat, flying on the thinnest budget and eating the most tasteless airline food. International jetsetter ? ! Actionkid really is much too kind. But wait a minute, if this is Cyberia  then I can be anything I want to be :-)
Poof ! the plane changes into a private jet like the Airforce One, the cabin crews and the bodyguards put on the skimpiest uniforms and what BW is now enjoying would put Clinton and Monica Lewinsky to shame. Hey Actionkid, thanks for the idea ;p ]

Meanwhile, Jimmy is the first guest to arrive, bearing birthday greetings and eager to meet the wonderful friends who've opened his eyes to lotsa happenings in and around Singapore. Next comes Just-Sex but not his usual notti self since he was touched by the sad stories. But he'll cheer up once the party gets going. Then Small-Boy is wondering if the place will grow as fast as he does. Anyway, the gracious host instructs the hunkiest and biggest hospitality escort to make him feel most welcumed.

Jeff blows in, wondering how cum this gathering can be organised so soon to celebrate the birthday. He's hoping to catch some juicy stories from the buzzing party gossips. Krap arrives on an empty stomach and wonders where the birthday cake is. A hungry stomach makes him temporarily forgets his fruitless love for a married man. Fortunately, Netjumper arrives just in time with the birthday cake and all the party accessories. My goodness, the candle is shaped in the form of an 8 in. dick.

" Who did the modeling ?", one of the size queens wonders while licking his lips, not for the delicious cake but the thought of finding the delicious real thing. Slurp !!

Durex comes by hurriedly after his encounter at the stadium. The encounter was great but still he mustn't miss this party.

Ah-boi sweeps in with his usual theatrical flair, a master of the written words and never lacking a juicy story to keep his readers panting for more. Actionkid is so happy to see so many friends coming by for the party. He thanks everybody profusely for making a tremendous impact on his life.

Zen comes dancing in with a hearty rendition of Blowing Wind's favourite folk song. Poor guy, must be sore from practising at his karaoke lounge for days. Did I hear him sing, " how many 'years' ? must one man have before he can hear people cry". Yes, you sad guys who lost your loves, we People of the Wind can hear you cry. We have the ears and some of us have the "years" of wisdom to give good advice too :-) [ In fact I will have half a century worth in about a decade's time :-) ] Then, Zen scurries off as he catches a glimpse of one of the hospitality escorts wearing a black v-neck and dark blue jeans. He is after his dream guy.

David has almost recovered from his breakup after having so much encouragement from his friends from BW. He even tried to have an encounter. But most of all, to be amongst friends for some friendly chat would help him to forget those dark days.

Brandon rides the train  to this party and is all excited to share his experiences learned in Japan. Only problem is that our trains don't go in a circle and if you don't get off within the allowable time, you need to pay extra penalty ! Ahem, small price if the idea could work though :-)

Sotong comes out from his hiding place and squirts on the BB wall with his special royal blue sotong ink. The "Happy Birthday" sign forms perfectly. [ Hey Sotong ! didn't I tell you to patent your family secret before HP sneaked ahead of you and came out with their inkjet printer !? Now, they'll probably sue your family for patent infringements and without your ink, more of  your folks are going to land up as fish baits. Still so blur meh :-) ]

Fabian comes for the party to take a break from his Uni studies. Still as blur as a freshie and still wondering where are the happening places in the east. [ Hey, young man, finish your study first before you think of enjoying lah :-) ]

Some BW-FRIEND went to publicise the birthday party on Utopia and Asian Men's Club. Many new faces come for the party and Actionkid is very busy trying to make the new guests feel welcumed. Seeing that Actionkid is much too busy, Sotong also helps to welcum some of the new friends like Andy, Csleo, Maxhunter, Freak, Friday and Sandgroper. Sotong is pleasantly surprised that some international friends come from faraway to join in the party. Sandgroper is happy to be warmly greeted by Sotong and shares some crusing tips on the cruising scene from Perth Western Australia.

Mckay, Rhys and Mellor arrive and are warmly greeted by Durex, Zen, Just-Sex and Sotong. Being such good friends, they have a party chat, talking about email, MRT cruising and where Zen lives... Zen is complaining to Rhys for letting others know too much of his secrets. Mellor and Just-Sex chat about being careful while cruising. Durex is excited as he narrates his encounter at the swimming pool with a married man. Mckay recites a beautiful poem to an appreciative audience.

Just-Sex seeks the advice of  Uncle Agonies on how to tell if his friend is gay or bi. Unfortunately, if his friend is good at hiding his sexuality as most gay Singaporeans are, there is just no way. Only when he slips up, then you can tell. So you just have to be aware of gay opportunities/situations and use your gaydar to gauge his reactions.

Soon the party warms up as more guests arrives. But the strangest guest to arrive is a huge Emperor Penguin from the Antarctica, looking very suave in his natural tuxedo ! Actionkid is at a loss for words to say.

So he asks, " I know we advertised this birthday party around the world through the Internet. But do you have Internet at the Antarctica ? "

The Penguin replies, " why, of course we have internet at the Antarctica. We also have driftnets, trawlnets and all kinds of nets too ! Why, those delicious sashimi are from tunas caught with our nets at the Antarctica. "

Still stunned, Actionkid asks again, " but, but... how did you get here ? "

The Penguin again replied, " why, silly boy.... same way as how those penguins got here ! " as he points at the waiters dressed in high class tuxedos as befitting a classy club like BW's.
" Look, those penguins are even trying to steal away trays of tuna sashimi. So excuse me while I try to get my tray of those delicious sashimi ! ", so said the Penguin as he waddles after one of the serving waiters.

Small-Boy is not surprised that penguins are gay. So he explains to Actionkid, " look AK, from the National Geographical Magazine I have seen beautiful photos of Emperor Penguins making love and staying together in a nest. They both are wearing tuxedos, so they must be two gay males co-habiting, right ?!  Come to think about it, how come so many gay penguins one hah ? "

Then as usual, Ah-boi comes out with a smart idea as he is usually never at a loss for words even in the most awkward of situation.

" Say, AK. Remember, the latest craze is to adopt a duck for a race on the Singapore River ? Well, if we gays ever need to raise funds, we should have a campaign to adopt a penguin instead, hahaha.... "

" Hahaha.. Ah-boi, you ah always like that lah. Anyway, I wonder what's keeping Golfnut, Edmund and boy-boy, @lex, Singuy, Frenchie, Nick69, Uncle Chrysalis, Maguire, Mark, Jonathan, Ennui, Maverick, Daniel, Thomas, Chee Kin, Ben, Henry, Danyon ( german ang moh ), Charles ( USA ang moh ), talah, marlboroman, 'Music Lover', 'busybody', 'west side story', howie, talah and some of our friends ", Actionkid mutters as he looks anxiously out through the main door.....

[ This is just a fantasy party in Cyberia, so I hope no one is offended :-) You need to read the birthday postings to understand where all the ideas come from. I would like to thank everybody for their kind support and hope there will be a party next year. ]