The "Moralist" Communists ( MCs )

Yeah, you sucked a nice juicy cock and felt real bad about it. Cool it, the world is not about to end.

So what's new; there were guys doing that for thousands of years and the world did not end in spite of the predictions by the false prophets for thousands of years. So why did they want us to feel so bad ? Well, there are plenty of "Moralist" Communists in this world. Like their political counterparts, they just love to run the lives of others. It gives them power over others.

The MCs ( "Moralist" Communists ) also have answers to save the world so they just have to export their ideas to others whether the others like it or not. The problem with fighting these MCs is that they always hide behind "moral" grounds. "Moral" grounds are so important that they created as much "morals" as possible.

But then, after being ruled for so long by these MCs, the people forgot what is the purpose of a "moral". Is it because the MCs said so ? Is it for the good of most people in the society ?

Let's start with something very simple. Masturbation. Remember the MCs told us that we will be struck blind for self-abuse and wasting our sacred "seeds" ? Haha, how many still believe that anymore ? What happened to their "moral" objections ? Why did we reject their stupid meddling in our private moments ? Because if we are responsible people, we choose how to handle our cocks without those MCs telling us what to do.

The key word are "responsible" and "choose". Those two words are what the communists didn't want the citizens to have. The communist states know better so they will make better choices for us because people are selfish and irresponsible ( half truths are always useful for arguments ).

If  "moral" is so good for the people, then having lots of   "morals" and the people will be living in paradise !? Well, the ancient Chinese have very strict "morals", why were they living in "hell" most of the time ? Did you know that the penalty for adultery was to be drowned in a pig basket ? In the meantime, some of the ancient MCs had concubines, raped any commoner wives that they fancy. Why didn't the furious heaven struck them down with lightning bolts and the people live happily ever after in paradise ? In fact, there are actually such fairy tale stories about heaven sending thunder and lightning to save the innocent heroes just when they were about to be executed. That's typical of the ancient Chinese; when faced with injustice, they just bury their heads in the sand and cook up such juvenile fairy tales to console themselves. In the meantime, nothing changed and there's 5000 years of living hell to pay for intellectual blindness.

Remember The "Chinese Model Answer" and Total Control ? One of the tricks used was Total Moral Control. The trick was to maximize the penalty for any kind of "moral" infringements. That way, nobody would ever dare commit a crime and the people will be living in paradise. Right ? This type of arguments were so "persuasive" on the surface, it fooled ALL of the People ALL of the Time for 5000 years !! Sorry Mr. Lincoln, this is possible.

Whoever dared to disagree was considered to be a likely criminal because the Innocents will never be caught by these laws so the Innocents should support these laws. These laws were for their protection. Such perfect arguments, the simple minded Chinese swallowed everything. But the realities were totally different from the promises. Instead of thinking beyond the surface, they seek consolation in superstition, only to be poisoned further.

So what went wrong ? Firstly, the people didn't take the responsibilities for thinking deeper and debating over such laws, everything was left to authorities. Haha, like they said, absolute powers corrupt absolutely. Can you imagine: such absolute powers when given to the Corrupt, will be used even against the Innocents ( yeah right, the gods will bless the Innocents; dream on ).

Secondly, we all have our little "vices" ;) ( Oh yeah, sorry to those Incorruptible Ones. You can cast the biggest stones at Mr. Kim Of North Korea. I am sure you would claim to have god-given powers to fly there too :p ) That made everybody beholden to the authorities. If anyone tried to be funny, they could always dig deep enough and they were sure to "fix" that smart Alex.

Well, it's not true that ALL ancient Chinese were sheep, otherwise it would really be a paradise. Then there were the opportunists who saw through such arguments and decided to take advantage of the situation, by "thinking" on behalf the people.

So is morality wrong ? Well, it depends on how WE ( please don't let someone else again take advantage and do it for US again ) define it.

I would define morality as being for the RELATIVE GOOD of the people; not the authorities.

It is Relative Good because there is no such thing as Perfect Good. Imagine the Goodness in this world can be weighed on a scale; then if what I do will not reduce this total Goodness, then it is moral or at least neutral.

Family values ( taking care of your family members as your responsibility, not be the dictator at home ), compassion for the poor and the unfortunate, speak out for those who are oppressed... all these are moral values. Blind obedience to your leaders, to the MCs... these are not moral values.

Take a common example of drinking. Is it a "vice" ? Is it immoral to drink ? I could almost hear the MCs screaming, " YES, it is. You can get drunk and do immoral things. Or you could drink and drive and kill people. See those statistics on accidents caused by drunk driving. Stay away from the drinkers, they are killers." Well, I would say, weigh it on the Goodness scale and see the answer for yourself. The pluses are that millions of people enjoyed drinking without being  drunkards or being irresponsible. Sure, there are those who lose control and caused all these social problems. But weigh all these on the Goodness scale, then the millions of pluses RELATIVE to the fewer problematic ones, the overall Goodness is increased, though not by much :-) So it is not immoral to drink. It can be a "vice" if you do not know how to be responsible.

In the 1920/30s, the MCs were able to make use of the few problematic drinkers to convince people that drinking was evil. So the USA banned drinking during those years. Well, the people learnt a good lesson when things got worse instead of better. In fact, that greatly diminished the powers of the MCs. Their fiery tongues can wag such convincing arguments, it was just near impossible to explain to the simple folks to look deeper into the flawed logic. The only way was to conduct a scientific experiment by letting the MCs had their way and let the whole world observe the results. I am glad that this experiment existed, otherwise this argument will just drag on and on with the MCs screaming that people who drink will go to hell and keep on rubbing our noses in those accident reports.

In a similar way, the ancient Chinese history of the East and the repressive Middle Ages of the West were both scientific experiments to test out those theories of the MCs : that more "moralities" mean better lives. Well, we all learnt good lessons from all those miseries during those years when the MCs were at their golden periods. Still, there are MCs who refuse to give up. They recently found another fertile ground in Afghanistan. Gee, I wonder why don't all those MCs from both East and West migrate to their new paradise.

Well, having made a case for those who drink, I have a confession to make : I don't drink ! Not even a social drinker. But you don't see me going into a bar to preach to those sinful drinkers. I believe that letting people think for themselves and be responsible is more important than anything else.

Well, I do confess to a little personal "vice": I like having sex with men. A good man is like a vintage wine; so smooth and satisfying that I wanted to recall that "taste" even after the sex was over ;P Consider my stories as a kind of "reports on the rare wines that I had tasted". But please don't say that I was encouraging people to go get "drunk" and be irresponsible. Those glossy books and magazines that reviewed those vintage wines are not accused of encouraging people to be alchoholics. There are also gays who prefer to be faithful to one partner. Well good for them. I don't go and taunt them for missing out the good things. I believe that people should make their own choices and not let the MCs come screaming at us for being "immoral". Sure, there are some who go overboard but WE shall not rub our noses in their failure reports when the rest of us know how to be responsible. We most certainly can't corrupt the hetero. If you are not excited by the sight of a naked man, you just can't, your cock never lies. So again, don't over extend the over worn out argument that the gays will corrupt the whole world.

Remember when the West allowed sale of pornography ? The Governments of the East were gleefully predicting that the Western societies will collapse from the immoral behaviors of the westerners corrupted by these porn. Yep, they sure love to rub the Westerners' noses in the reports of crimes in their cities. But soon the Westerners got tired of those porn and those unhealthy curiosities somehow seemed to dissipate and the rape crimes decreased. What do you know, those tourists from the East were the most ardent readers of those porn :-)

Remember when the Governments of the East were trying to ban Western pop songs ? Calling those pop stars degenerate and encouraging people to take drugs ? Now, we are encouraging MTV to set up their station here. Heck, even the Christians are joining in with their rock music.

Well, with so much "immorality" that became acceptable nowadays, it's no wonder that the MCs are screaming even louder because people are better educated and prefer to make their own choices. It may surprise the MCs that people do know how to be responsible and not destroy the world with their new found freedoms.

So is gay sex "immoral" ? Again, let us weigh it on the Goodness scale. Who gets hurt when 2 men made consensual love ? Well, almost nobody. But at the end of it, we have 2 happy men who can only add a little more to the feel good scale. Okay, so there are those who were irresponsible and get the deadly Aids virus. How many ? The keyword is "irresponsible" not "gay sex" because the heterosexuals get Aids too and nobody points a finger at "hetero sex". In fact, more heterosexuals get Aids nowadays but the MCs conveniently forget to mention that.

Please do not put gay sex on the same scale as rapists and robbers; it only shows that the MCs are again treating people as being stupid and not able to tell the differences. The MCs want to use the same "moralist" trick of maximum penalties for even the smallest "vices". The ancient Chinese may fall for that trick for 5000 years but not me. WE shall decide what is "immoral" and not just because the MCs said so.

If the MCs really want to make good use of their time to increase the Goodness scale of this world, then I suggest they volunteer for services at the Middle East, North Korea, Africa, Bosnia, Burma, South America etc. I guess there is nothing for them to take advantage of, so they conveniently forgot where they are needed most.

The problem when people just let the MCs decide for them, is that when they meet with new situations, they are vulnerable. Just because the holy book did not mention that taking drugs is immoral, does it make it alright to take drugs ? Just because the Chinese Communist Party did not rule out cronyism ( guanxi ), is it alright to call cronyism part of Asian values ?

Please think for yourself. To me, this is the golden rule to fight against the MCs of this world, both East and West.