Learning A "Killer" Love Making Technique From A Blind Man

This happened years ago when the family was on holiday in Hong Kong. How the women love Hong Kong where they can shop till they drop. Unfortunately, we guys get pulled along as cheap porters and of course, a convenient walking ATM :-(

So it was after one of those marathon shopping sessions that I came back to the hotel totally exhausted. As I was laying on the bed rubbing my tired and sore feet, I asked the wife for a massage. Afterall, she was the cause of my pains; and I reminded her that it included my wallet too. Being exhausted herself, of course she said NO. As I was sulking away, she suggested I get a blind masseur from the hotel's Health Centre. So she called up the Health Centre and ordered the massage service, making it doublely sure that they would send a Blind masseur. In the meantime, she said she was going out for tea with the girls and more shopping to do.

In the meantime, I settled down in bed and waited. I was almost alseep before the masseur arrived. What took him so long to get here ? He was a stocky man, carrying a cane and a bag. He apologised for being late because he was only working part time here and will only come to the hotel when called.

I led him to the bed and he asked for two big towels to be laid on the bed. He requested me to get naked and lay on the towels. Wearily, I did what he requested. Yawn, this is going to be a nice comfortable massage and no hanky panky. So drowsily, I let him carry out his work on me. The feel of his strong hands rubbing down my tired muscles with baby oil was soothing. Though he tried to make some small talks, I just grunted something in reply with my eyes half closed.

I was enjoying myself for more than half an hour before I sensed that his massaging had changed from hard muscle kneading to soft, soothing rubbing. He was also doing it around my thighs and seemed to "acidentally" touch my private parts then quickly moved away. I felt kind of strange because my cock was slowing rising and responding to his soft touch. Goodness me, he was a blind man. How could I even think such "dirty" thoughts. He could not possibly be doing it on purpose. Am I so horny that I'll even think a blind man would want to play with my cock ? Suddenly, the nonchalant mood in me gave way to tension as I tried to control my cock. But the harder I tried to will it go limp, the harder it got ( pun intended ). Soon, I was having a raging erection.

This was really embarassing. I thought, well maybe he could not see my erection so it was not that bad. But then when he accidentally knocked against my hardon with his arm, my cock sprang back and hit him back with a bounce. He grinned wickedly and I knew that he knew. Oh what the heck, if he was not embarassed by it then why should I ?

Then he asked softly, " I can provide free service to take care of that for you, boss."

Huh ?? This cannot be so. I don't want him to provide any service if he did not have to do so. That was when he said, " I really like to do that for you, boss. "

Well, I hesistated with a hanging "really... ?"

Sensing my hesistation, he explained, " hey boss, you people think we blind people have no sexual feelings. We are just like normal people, loh. I want to get married but no girl will look at me. I want to have sex but prostitutes want me to pay more for their services. So I rarely go loh. But you nice man, and you like my service then I dare to ask you. Please don't complain about me if you think I am too daring. "

Oh... that's what he was playing at, trying to arouse me and test my gayness. This was just too unexpected. I better play "innocent" just in case.

So I said, " eh, I am a man you know; not a prostitute with 'hole' for you to fuck."

He retorted, " man also got 'hole' mah "

I jumped on hearing that, "What !!!"

Then he realised his mistake, " sorry boss, I mean I got 'hole', please don't be angry. I deserve to get fucked. "

Suddenly, the challenge got me interested. Yep, now we'll see who was boss. Still I had to keep my guards up and play a "straight" man.

So I scolded him, "you think I don't know you want, accidentally touching my cock like that. Wah, you are not afraid that I'll beat you up. I am a healthy man, of course my cock can stand easily."

" Sorry boss, sorry boss", he kept apologising. " I'll finish your massage, please don't complain about me or I'll lose my job. I do anything you want. "

So I laid back and let him continue. As I felt his hands tremble while trying to massage me, my attitude softened. Maybe he was not playing any deceptive game and I was being too suspicious. There's no one else around, I should quit being so uptight. Well, maybe I was being straight for the whole day and it's hard to switch to gayness too suddenly.

I tried to console him a little by making small talks in a softer voice. But then when I switched to gayness, I got naughty by trying to tease him and talking 'cock'.

" So you like men only because you cannot get girls, is it ? Free sex hah. No fish, then prawns will do ? "

" No, no, no... boss. Some men are very nice, better than girls. Even more difficult to get than girls. Men can still be men, you know, it's different lah. "

Sensing my softer tone, he got cheeky again, " boss, you got nice body. Girls like, some men also like."

Hahaha, flattery, the oldest trick in the book. Funny though, still everybody fell for it, line, hook, sinker and all yet they'll be back for more.

Oh boy, and here I fell in with my eyes wide open, "is it ? old man already loh. "

" Boss, not so ah. Matured man so sexy, I can smell your heat. Very exciting so I make mistake. "

There he goes again, "accidentally" touching my cock. " Oh sorry, boss. "

Oh what the heck, " you like to touch, never mind loh. Be careful if I get too hot, then I'll fuck you like a woman. " So the 'boss' line was drawn, he can have his fun. I'm still the "straight" guy.

" Thank you boss, I'll make you very happy. " With that, his now steady hands took my cock and massaged it slowly. And I do mean massage it unlike the usual jerking off. He used all his fingers while his two thumbs were swirling around my cockhead. Wow, this is really good. Soon I was moaning with delight. Now that he got me all hot, he slowly stripped and laid beside me. Still trying to play the "straight" guy, I avoided touching him though he was very fair and smooth with a beer tummy.

Without the sense of sight, he had compensated everything with the sense of touch. Sensing no more resistance from me, he went on to suck my cock and rim my ass. Again, his tongue was different from the usual; it was actually quite strong and could actually wiggle into my hole ( after his saliva and finger had loosened it up while his hands massaged my ass cheeks and pulling them apart for his tongue to get access ). His wet, hot and slippery tongue darting in and out was better than anything I had experienced. I was too happy enjoying it to put on my guard. Then I turned and saw our reflections in the side mirror that nearly got me jumping up in "fright". I was actually on my back with my feet up in the air. He was actually pressing me down by holding and massaging my thighs. Oh shit, isn't that the classic 'bottom' position I was assuming. Double shit, he was pressing down my thighs to raise my ass for better access. Triple shit, he was actually fucking me with his tongue. Holy shit, he was not kidding when he hinted that he will fuck my hole. Double holy shit, I was too ecstatic to care. Triple holy shit, his erect cock was dripping with precum and he could slip it into my hole without me realising it.

"Don't you dare put that thing in my hole, " I warned him. I somehow consciously tried to avoid using the word fuck. As it may suggest that was what his tongue was doing to me.

" No lah, boss. I would not dare. My tongue not fucking you loh; I like you alot so I don't mind licking your hole. Only big man like you then I don't mind doing this shameful thing like a small man. " Wooh, let me digest that flattery again; he purposely used the word "lie tiew" ( tongue fuck ). Was he hinting that he already "got" me through flattery. With his kind of job, his arms were big and muscular so he looked much bigger in size than me. Yet he called himself a "siu nam yen." (i.e. a small man - a popular Hong Kong phrase for a meek guy who is afraid of his wife.) I really cannot tell if he's boasting or really humiliating himself.

Anyway, I was too esctatic to figure it out. I realised that all this time his hands never stop caressing the sensitive parts of my body. It made me realise that my back, buttocks, breasts and thighs are quite sensitive and like being caressed a lot during sex. Looking at the mirror, his hands were busy running all over my body. It must be tiring to do that for so long so only a trained masseur like him have that kind of stamina.

When I finally cum, I cum like crazy since I was so charged up. As he continued massaging my body, he picked up my cum to apply to his cock and jacked himself till he finally cum all over me. Still he did not stop as he massaged the cum onto me ever so slowly like cooing a baby to sleep. I almost fell asleep. But realising what we had been doing for so long, it's better to shower to get rid of the evidence. So I led him to the shower. While we were showering together, he still kept on massaging me ever so lovingly with soap and water.

Sheesh, I guess that I've never been caressed so much since I was a baby. It really felt good. When it was time for him to leave, I paid him with a fat tip. He was very happy and reminded me to ask for him again when I needed any service.

Well, after I learnt this "killer" technique from him, I tried it on some guys. Most of them liked it very much as they said I was a very warm and caring lover. Unfortunately, it is very tiring work to keep the caressing going for so long. So I only do it when I get so charged up in wanting sex with a guy, enough to forget the tiring work :-) It is also the reason why I prefer smooth guys over hairy guys because this technique will not work on hairy guys; their covering of hair made it seem as though they are still "clothed" and I cannot get the feeling of caressing naked skin.

Note :- The conversations were actually in Cantonese but I tried to translate them into English without losing the dialect's flavour. They like to call the customer "por sie" which came from "boss" in English or "low pan" which is boss in Cantonese.

16th May - Note after posting this story :-

Oh boy, talk about exposing my dumb inexperience for the world to see and giggle at ;P . Someone ( who claimed to be Bi ) wrote to tell me that the reason I got hard even when I tried not to, was that the masseur knew where to press the right "spots" to get me erect, without actually touching the penis. I was fighting a losing battle against a "master" in disguise. He knew some professional girls who are very good at penis massage, as it is called. He said the masseur must have learnt this skill from some "acupuncture masters". He can control my cock at will and I'll be eating right out of the palms of his hands, doing anything that he wanted. That was why the masseur sounded so confident. After getting me into the right position, he could enter into me if he wanted to; maybe he waited too long then. Okay, that may explain a lot about how he got me to do those things then, but I am still skeptical that pressing some acupuncture points on my groin and thighs can really control my sexual response. Is this supposed to be scary ( I hate to lose control and be 'MANipulated' or 'MANhandled' ) or good news ( new way to enjoy good sex ) ? Maybe I am really inexperienced and maybe some other guys can post their experiences or opinions on the Bulletin Board.