Excuse Me, Are You A TV Star ?

I was never a big fan of those high drama law series on TV but I do watch them sometimes. As such, I can recognise the actors' faces but I don't even know their names.

There I was in Munich, Germany with a few hours to spare at night after the sightseeing. So I sneaked out for some fun on the town. But with only such a short time to spare, the easiest way to get laid was of course at a sauna. Like most gay saunas, this one was also difficult to find and the sign was so small that I wasn't sure that it was the right one. What the heck, being in a foreign country I was not afraid of being embarrassed so I went in. Bingo ! it was the right place.

So I paid up in a hurry and found the lockers. As I was stripping to change up, I saw an older gentleman walked in. Oh my goodness, I couldn't believe what I saw. He looked like the guy from the TV law series that was very popular at that time ( 1980s ) .

Maybe I was wrong because I may not be good at telling the Caucasians apart if they looked alike. Likewise, the Westerners said they find it difficult to tell us apart. But as I looked closer, I was sure he was. He must have noticed my rude stare and flashed that million dollar smile at me. I recognised that thick, curly gray hair and his short stout stature.

I noticed that he had showered and was toweling himself to get ready to change up and leave.  I guess he must be so famous that if anybody recognised him then the papers will out him. Hence the only chance he can have fun at a sauna was to do it in a foreign country. Oh what a waste. Why couldn't I get here earlier then I could get a chance to have sex with an international TV star. This was chance in a million and maybe I'll never be so lucky again.

As I looked dolefully at him, he again flashed that million dollar smile at me.  I thought stars were snobbish and hated being stared at. Wow, he was such a friendly nice guy and I was so horny. What the heck, like they said, everybody wants to take advantage of a nice guy so I was going to be very rude :-)

Without so much as a hello and wearing only a smile on my face, I reached out to grab at him. He was quite surprised but he was not pushing me away.

" Sorry chum, I am finished ", he said in his deep voice with the American accent.

Well, I know and I don't care. I was the beast filled with lust and I was going to have him for supper. He was shorter than I am so I reached down to kiss him. He smiled and obliged. I pulled at his towel to take it off. He resisted by grabbing hold of my hand.

" Hey, there'll be people coming around ! ", he protested.

Hell, I know and I don't give a damn. I kissed him harder and ruffled his thick curly hair. He always looked so distinguished with that trademark hairstyle. Now he was mine and I won't let him get away. I grabbed at his cock through the towel. It was limp. Obviously he had already cummed that night. But I haven't and I was burning hot with desire. I wanted to feel him naked. So I pulled harder at his towel till it came off so that I can hug him naked. The kissing did not arouse his cock but it certainly reduced his resistance.

I tried hard to arouse him by sucking his tits and playing with his cock but still his cock was only barely engorged. I was leaking pre-cum like crazy and I thought I could cum without even touching myself. So I guided his hand to my cock and made him stroke it. After a few starting strokes, he carried on without me holding his hand. I was ecstatic.

The thought of having sex with an international TV star kept running through my head. This was too good to be true. I wanted this moment to last. So I kept changing my positions to get stroked in various ways. Unfortunately, there were just so many positions of variety when you were both standing up. I would have laid down on the floor for more variety but I was close to cumming.

In all that sexual frenzy, I realised that I must be stinky with all that sweat as I haven't got the chance to shower. Still, he did not show any sign of being repulsed. I was being such an inconsiderate and rude son-of-a-bitch, yet he was such a gentleman.  As I was about to cum, I thought it would be really be too much to spray my cum onto him; he just showered for goodness sake. So I turned sideways and spreaded my arms and legs wide apart and let the cum spray onto the floor.

As was customary, I kissed and held him real tight for awhile after I had cummed. But then reluctantly, I still had to let him go. As I was catching my breath after all that sexual frenzy, he changed up and left with a smile for me. All this while I haven't even said a single word to him except  grunt like a wild beast during sex.

After that I don't have the energy to go looking for sex inside the sauna so I showered and changed back to my clothes. On the way out, I noticed that there was a bar counter so I stopped by for a drink. A few older men were there and they all seemed to be staring at me. Whatever for? I wondered. I was still in a daze and still couldn't believe my luck. One of the guys came over to chat. Being inside a sauna, the conversation was suggestive; like do I want to be his boyfriend, I can stay with him if I wanted to .... It was like bartering a price for sex.

I could sense that he was considering me to be real easy for sex and I hardly even know him. He was straight to the point, unlike usual polite sexual courtship rituals. I told him I was really tired and I had to go.

It was years later while stripping to change up at a locker room of a sauna that I realised there were closed circuit television cameras at the locker room to guard against theft that's so common there. Then it dawned upon me that we must be having sex while the camera was showing everything on some TV monitors somewhere. Blush, I was in a kind of frenzied daze then and the things that I was doing must be like downright unbridled amateur porn that was said to be popular because it was more raw and unpretentious than scripted and directed commercial porn. Now I realised why those guys stared at me like they did ;p They must have seen my performance on the TV monitor somewhere. No wonder that guy thought I was so easy. Funny how guys lose that subtle respect for you after they had seen you behave like a slut during public sex :-(  We humans are such hypocrites ;p Well, we all know most people are like that while having sex; even the rich and famous too. So everybody carried on pretending :p

Wow, I got to be a co-star on television with an international TV star ;P