Cruise/Free Sex Versus Paid Sex  

   Sex, so innate and primitive. Yet, it is so powerful that it has always being as great a factor in history as any powerful momentous events in the history of mankind. Hence, the ancient conservatives tried their very best to control it and even classified it as a sin. But such a powerful force just cannot be controlled and the ensuing battles created an explosion of sexual related cultures that will always exist as long as human history exist because it will always be that force that gets its powers from the controlling forces. Those who seek to control drugs can maintain control because they keep away from drugs but those who try to control sex cannot keep away from sex so they too are subjected to the urges of sex.

   Prostitution is that oldest profession that exists no matter how conservative a country is. Communist China used to claim that prostitution was totally extinguished in a socially just country where everybody is well taken care of by the State therefore nobody need to sell his/her body for money. Well, we all know better than that that :-)

  Just like prostitution, cruising also has always existed just like its elder sibling. Again, Communist China used to claim that cruising did not exist before the opening up of China in the late 70s. Haha, there are plenty of cruise stories from the gay comrades of those days. Co-incidentally, the gay Chinese secret code for the cruising grounds is "fishing ground".

  The differences between cruise/free sex and paid sex are just too many to be mentioned. But what tickled my interest is that each provides different sensations to be derived from plain sex. Of course, I prefer cruise/free sex. My favourite illustration is fishing; fish caught by one's labour somehow tastes better than one bought from the supermarket. Then someone mentioned that  the excitement is in the cruising process rather than the sex. That is just like saying fishing is the excitement rather than eating the fish that you caught. Oops, my rather simplistic views on cruising needs to be re-examined.

   So to extend the fishing analog further, cruising do need all the element of luck, skills as well as the right tools and baits. The element of luck is when the right guy that you fancied do show up and your competitors do not get him first.   The right skills mean getting the right signals across and not seem too desperate :-) The right tools are to dress right and have a flashy car. ( I wonder if this last tool is unique to Singapore's gay culture. But it is always true in the hetero world that the flashy car does get you lots of chicks. ) Of course the most important is the right bait which is your looks. Well, with so many complex elements intermix, cruising is indeed a complicated process and the excitement is when the process landed that juicy trophy :-) Some anglers don't even bother to eat the fish that they caught. If it is a biggie, then they will take pictures and brag about it. But in cruising we cannot take a picture of our trophy :-) however, we still like to brag about it. Hence, I suspect that is why the BB for such stories is so popular :-) I guess some of my stories are also guilty of such vanities. ( So how big was that biggie ? Oh, it's as big as an international TV star ;p )

   Coming to paid sex, well it really is not so boring. You do get very great variety and they are all available if you have the money. You shop in cool comfort and need not fear any harassment. You don't need luck, tools and never mind about the baits. The best yet, you don't need the skills to act cool when your heart is pumping fast and the disappointment when all that efforts may have gone to naught :-(

   In fact, on the hetero side, I know a few married friends who are regular visitors to Thailand. Of course, they tried to recruit me as one of them but somehow, I wiggled my way out because they do it so blatantly that it certainly is no secret to their families. From the way they described their experiences, I gathered why Thailand is able to lure them even though commercial sex is also available in Singapore. It is all about pampered services.

  From the moment they checked into the hotel, they hardly need to leave their rooms. The girls would come to them and served them from hand to foot. You would think that the hetero male would be aggressive and in control when in bed. But these guys wanted to be kids again; they just wanted to be pampered like a spoilt mommy's boy. They wanted to just lie there passively and let the girls do all the work of servicing them sexually. They wanted to lie in bed watching TV while the girls sucked them slowly. They didn't want to put in the effort to reciprocate. They wanted the girls to feed them while riding their cocks. They wanted the girls to bathe them while they just lay in the bathtub like a piece of log. They wanted the girls to stimulate their asses while washing. ( Some guys like that but they insist that they are not gay. ) They wanted to be massaged and stimulated. They wanted to be kissed all over and the girls sucked off chocolate cream from their crotches. Those Thai girls sure knew many, many tricks to keep them happy in bed for days. Tricks that married men don't get from their wives. Tricks that many conservative men succumb to because they do fantasize about them when their routine sex get so boring after years of the same thing.

   I don't really know about the gay counterpart to this but paid gay sex is just as thriving in Thailand so I guess the services must be just as pampering. Now, that must be some very fine fish dinner so maybe fishing is not that important in comparison :-)  Having said that, however I still prefer cruise/free sex because I am putting in an equal share for sex too. If the guy only desire my company just for the money, then I find that quite off-putting and sex is just not fun anymore. But again, I have nothing against paid sex because one of the party is putting in a lot more into the process so being paid for it would then make it worthwhile.

   But disparity also demand compensation in the cruising/free sex process too. Somehow, guys know instinctively the kind of guys that they can cruise with a good chance of success. But if disparity cannot be compensated by money, then somethingelse has to be added. Funny that it again come back to services. I was jolted into that reality one night when a cute guy that many were cruising somehow seemed to be looking my way while he was chatting with friends. Wooo, lucky me. I thought. So I paced him around till we get the chance to talk at a dark corner. After some small talk, he came straight to the point.

He whispered into my ears, " I want to fuck you".

" Sorry, I don't do that. You like to fuck, many guys here will bend over for you. "

   So I left it at that. He was very fair and smooth, definitely my type. But then, he was not the only fish in town so I'll rather not pay the price. But every time I passed by him and his friends, he gave me that beckoning look. Soon even his friends noticed it and they were giggling as they turned to follow his gaze. This was just too embarrassing. So I quickly left the scene.

  On another night, I met him again. Still the same beckoning look. Maybe the price can be negotiated. So when we got the chance to talk again, he repeated the same demand. I countered with an oral service which he rejected. Then I counter offered with a simulated fuck.

" Huh, what is a simulated fuck ? ", he was intrigued and seemed interested.

" You fuck me between my thighs. It can be tight. Put your hand between my thighs and try."

   So he stuck his fingers between my thighs and I closed them tight while rubbing them together.

   Liking what he felt, he took me to a construction site far away. When we got naked, he was impatient. I tried to hug and kiss but he pushed me hard to bend me over with my hands on a wall for bracing. He spread some spit on my thighs in the fleshy crevice just below the buttocks. Impatiently, he hugged my waist, grasped my cock and rammed at the crevice. I tightened my thighs and felt his cock rubbing my buttocks. Unfortunately after a while, he rammed it upwards towards my hole. Fortunately, I had my thighs tightly closed so he was not able to get it in. He gave up and soon he came between my thighs. After we cummed, I was surprised that there was someone at the corner watching us. He told me that was just his friend.

His friend came over excitedly and asked me, " did it get in ? did it get in ? "

   What kind of a question is that ! I was so embarrassed that I quickly left the scene. So the price was a fuck show to show his friend that he can fuck me as he pleased. All he had to do was that look and guys like me will bend over for his pleasure. Unfortunately, I did see him again on another night.

   He came over and laughed, " I still want to fuck you".  This was too embarrassing so I walked off quickly and I always avoided him since.

   So, how big was that biggie you said you landed :-) Or how much is that fishie in the window, the one with the beckoning eyes ? :-)  Don't Be Shy.