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  1. Bern

    Hari Raya Puasa

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  2. Keough-Kenrik

    Anime Festival Asia 2013


    If any of you guys are interested on any of these- you can get them at the booth. I'll be at the booth too since the ones selling these are my friends- so feel free to say hi if you're going.
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  3. Oogachagacare

    BW Gathering @ Pink Dot 2015

    Hello friendly moderators, Don't forget to drop by the OC booth at the Community Tent to pick up the FREE tissue packs for your Anniversary Party, as well as a special lucky draw prize we've thrown in for your guests!
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  4. upshot

    Deepavali 2013

    Happy Deepavali to all our Hindu Brethren. Have a great time celebrating the Festive of Lights.
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