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Hi just wanna rant. 
So i like my best straight friend. He knows it too and despite of that, we are still friends. I got a boyfriend now, who is really great, and he got a girlfriend too. But at times, i still fraternize about him and we still talked and...
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1.  We just did our BlowingWind Annual Forum Version upgrade.
Our Forum Software Provider just released this as a Major Upgrade.
A brighter UI with more saturation & contrast and simpler overall color scheme Improved typography
Better, more consistent, spacing around and between elements, especially on mobile Better logical grouping of sections of each page
Reducing underutilized links/buttons...
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1. what are you watching now?
2. what is it about?
3. why do you like it?
4. anything else you would recommend?
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Just wanna have some story time. 
This happened really unexpectingly and i feel that despite how 2020 has been to us, i still feel that there is still good left this year. 
It all began when i was scrolling through Grindr randomly. Was not looking for anything in particular because at this age (i’m turning 30 this year), I was already not expecting much from this app anyway. But then suddenly i saw this profile. He was staying nearby too. His profile pic looks decent and i thought why not say Hie. So i decided to say...

Anyone have any stories to share, 
well hopefully it's real life experiences and not some fantasies.
Please share them out here!! 
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i know many gay friends started out as ons or f buddies before becoming close friends. those in a clique, they also have sexual experiences with each other before. some also have the thoughts but never ask cos their friends are attached. and then there are NSA fun secretly behind doors.
some friends never become close friends at all though they can get along well. cos one party is sexually interested but the other party is not. i myself have alot of such cases - want to develop sincere 'brotherhood' friendship but they wanted something more.
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Seen many who shared their life story here like Larry and Yas. So with the support of Yas himself I would like to share something here on my own. This aint an exam or an ariticle where perfect english or a story with top notch grammar so pardon me on that. Here we go...
Part 1
“You got into AC?” That voice echoed from behind me.
I turned around and glance. It was Byrant, my bestie since P1. It was the day of our PSLE results and both of us did exceptionally well....
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Written by everybody for everybody.

Leave a passage to continue the story however you like and make it a unending soap opera of fantasies.

The night was silent and the room pitched black. The windows ajar, drew in a light breeze, sufficiently keeping out the humidity. Keegan laid on his bed with his blanket kicked off to the side, exposing his lean sculpted torso with only a pair of white undies on. He had trouble sleeping even though the surroundings were peaceful and calm, unlike hours earlier, when he had an argument with his boyfriend of 5 years, over something so trivial. Payton stormed out of the house and hasn't return yet, it has been hours already and Keegan couldn't shake that nagging feeling of being worried. He found his finger on his nipple and he started to circulate the tip around the ring of it slowly, the sensations heighten and he could feel the warmth enveloping his body...
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I have this feeling that I will be single forever. Spending my life alone with no partner whom I love. I have a preference for white guys and it's so difficult to find love, let alone a white guy as a love partner. Whoever feels this way too? 
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This has been bugging me.
For those who know, there are actually two series of these books, one by Angsana Publication - the more popular one, and then there is the more obscured 
collection by Native Publications. Both authors are named Russell Lee.
I actually own both series, and I personally prefer the stories by Native Publications. They are scarier, and more believable.
So the thing that has been bugging me is, anyone knows why there are 2 publications of books with almost identical titles by the authors of the same name? It doesn't feel like coincidence to me. And the fact that both books were published at almost the same time doesn't help. 
I can't sleep at night not because the stories scare me, but because I need to unravel this mystery of the two True Singapore Ghost Stories....
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Hi everyone! First off, I'm born 1984 chn. 
I wonder how the the lives are of those who're in their 30s. Some I see are still trying to live it wild and young like they're in their 20s, some are still instagramming so much that it's quite pathetic in their attention seeking. (EDIT: I'm being blasted for calling instagrammers pathetic but no, I apologise for that sweeping statement; I don't mean to be disrespectful. I just saw some instagays posting so frequently with captions that are obviously fishing for praises and likes in such a lame fashion that one day I had enough... I look at Insta-guys time to time la that's why) Or do you all have established careers, adequate savings and healthy investments? Saving towards your own bachelor pad, or already owning yours, or still living with your parents (nothing wrong too)? Or maybe still job hopping, or just changed industry with a more positive outlook?  
Are you all at peace with yourself and accepting any flaws that you are born with? I think I'm less judgmental than before lol. I used to be so mentally corrupted and haughty... 
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"The idea first came from Yoko. In this particular time, she wondered, can we find a piece of music that resonates with all in Singapore? 'Home' immediately came to mind. We asked the composer Lee Jinjun if he could arrange the work for four clarinets, and he did so. The result speaks for itself." - from the SSO clarinet section Yue Ma, Xin Li, Liu Yoko and Xiao Ping Tang.
#SSOPlayOn #SGUnited #SGcultureanywhere #StayhomeSG

Disclaimer: This story is loosed based on a real-life experience. Names of people and places have been changed but the essence of the story remains true.
Berhenti: A Military Story - Part 1
It was a feeling I couldn’t quite describe as I stepped off the boat onto the jetty. The last time I was in this place, it was after my POP, as a private graduated from BMT. This time it was different. I was a sergeant and was getting ready to start a different phase of my NS journey.
The clerk checking my particulars was a skinny, bespectacled NSF, who was probably around my age or maybe younger. He confirms that...
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Starting this topic in Personals for NEWBIES to say Hello and introduce themselves.
Hope this becomes a must-read for everyone :-)
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Not many readers will know the name Larry Kramer. In 1980 when gay rights were still in their infancy, the world was hit by the appearance of the fatal HIV virus. Groups of gay men in the USA suddenly fell ill with very unusual symptoms. Cure was not possible. All died. No one wanted to know about this illness which was first given the acronym GRID - gay related immune syndrome. The US CDC begged the Reagan administration for research funding but a gay plague was not a vote winner for a right-wing conservative administration. Their appeals fell on mostly deaf ears. Still, no one wanted to know.
In 1982 Larry Kramer published an article "1,112 and Counting". It referred to the number of gay men who had died up to that point. It started, "If this article does not rouse you to anger, fury, rage and action, gay men have no future on this earth." By then GRID had been renamed AIDS. The following year Kramer was interviewed on the US NBC Network. "How many friends have you lost to AIDS?" he was asked. He replied "20". The interviewer was clearly shocked. Then he spoke the words that Americans did not want to hear. "There's no question in my mind, if this were happening to you and the white, straight middle class American community it would have been....
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Disclaimer: basically just a collection of short stories and thoughts. It’s easier and at least I can complete my stories. 

How old is your love? - Part 1
Back in NS when time was the only commodity I had in abundance, I used to while it away on dating apps. 19 year old me was hot-blooded and eager for romance. Being gay can be lonely at times, and while one can certainly be happy by himself, I could not escape the occasional yearning for a kindred soul. In seeking my grandiose romance, I’d spend the days swiping on Tinder, or dragging down the Grindr homepage to reload it. 
This story will be about someone I met through Tinder. I’ll call him ‘Andrew’. Andrew, if you recognise yourself in this story, fret not, I’ll never expose your identity...
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Hi guys. 21yo undergrad here.
I've more or less come to terms with my sexuality, but have held off on coming out to my family and friends. My family is of the usual conservative, Chinese type, where they believe in the whole marriage and kids thing. We don't usually discuss LGBTQ issues/people, but in the few times that it does come up, they're quite vocal about their disgust. The friends I hang out with are (weirdly enough) either devout christians, or from similar conservative asian families and share their values. So I don't feel very safe coming out, not at...
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A very vague relationship of mine ended two months ago, and I thought I was over it. But I'm not, so I'm letting it out here. 
I first met him slightly over a year ago. We took the same class and we made super awkward eye contact after class. It was pretty long. I just ignored it because I was the type who preferred to spend eternity in solitude and wasn't really looking to date anyone. But a few weeks later he followed me on Instagram. I looked at his profile and found out that he has...
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We have created an official Telegram Group for BW (SFW), you can join us here:

The Blowing Wind Telegram Group Chat
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There are many saunas in Tokyo however not all are foreigner/gaijin friendly. I had been in 2 Saunas which foreigner friendly, Kaikan 24 in Ueno and Kaikan 24 in Shinjuku 3-chome. Both welcome foreigners and value for money there. There is also another one Kaikan 24 near Akasaka Temple but I've never been there. All the saunas are multi...
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Lost touch with an old friend?
Had a romantic encounter?
Lost and found personal belonging?
Want to express gratitude?
Post a missed connection!

We noticed that users tend to post individual missed connections in this folder, which then gets pushed to the bottom of the page by other active threads rather quickly.

We've thought about it and decided to pin up a topic for people to post their missed connections on a single thread - your post stays up as long as you want. This will make it easier for people to follow. ;)
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I am turning 25 years old in a few months time and I have never been in a relationship before... let alone have sex.  I find it so odd to be a virgin at 25 years old.
Every now and then, I have the urge to come out as gay to my family and friends but I am afraid that they can't accept it. Especially my family, I am raised in a very traditional family and if my parents were to know I am gay, it is highly that they will commit suicide.
But in recent months, this loneliness seems to be overtaking me... I really wish to date someone or experience sex, or just make gay friends. I wanted to start using Grindr, Jack'd etc but...
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I've been reading BW for a while now and I feel this is kinda weird, but I thought I should open up my feelings (at least online) that I feel that I fancy a guy who is 9 years younger than me. We are pretty close (or at least i think!) we text each other, mostly about sports-related stuff, tech-stuff and also about mutual friends (aka gossiping). I really enjoy his company and texting almost every day. I know deep down it's one-sided unrequited love, but I still hope one day we can be closer than good friends/buddies (I'm not sure if this is possible). I've never really felt like this towards another guy...
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I have written a detailed wiki article on Category 302:
Category 302 is a medical code used to classify personnel in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) who are "homosexuals, transvestites, paedophiles, etc.", as stated in a confidential directive. Gay soldiers who declare their sexual orientation to the army medical officers are shunted into this category, a practice which gives rise to much of the discrimination they face during National Service.
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A.  My First Love – Kong
Chapter 1: If must be A Mistake by God
At end of my first year, I had an interview with the liberal varsity Christian Students Fellowships on the condition that my identity was to be kept anonymous. It was reported subsequently on its monthly publication of campus profile & personality column. Following are extracted from the publication.
Q: You are an interesting person, with your long hair, fair complexion & demure personality; will you tell me what your sexual identification is? Are you a gay?
A: No, a definite no, I am not gay.
Q: So, what are you?
A: I am a cross dresser, a behavior that deemed unacceptable in this conservative...
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