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Jurong Point Official Thread

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1 minute ago, valakricious said:

To the tanned fit guy we first met at yakun toilet last night then had fun in b1 toilet at about 12am, hit me up if you’re here ;)

u seemed like enjoying me sniffing and licking your sexy armpits

Wow. Hes so lucky... n lucky u too... everyone wants a u :clap:

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Going there now 

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Im gg there later.. will reach abt 730 or so.. anyone wanna get jerked?? Pm me..  so we cn go different  floor..  if nt , im ggoing 2nd floor at yakun to try my luck

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      Bear/chub exhibitionist looking for cameraman on outing.
      North Area. No photos or videos on your own camera.
      Willing to share blurred face pics.
      Kik: esquivale_32
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      As Per Title...Pls Advice Or Discuss
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      Anyone interested to join/form a Bear guys fun club in Penang? It would be fun to have an informal local guys club for meet ups, meat ups, dinner parties and other activities.
      Outstation visitors also welcome for club meets and meats if there's anything going on. Maybe we could even announce it here.
      No age, weight, race or religious restrictions. You just have to be a Bear type of guy or a Bear-chaser.
      If there's enough interest, I'll try to post more about how, where and what kind of activities we can do as well as simple courtesies, especially for meat ups.
      I think it might be kind of fun to have say a weekly dinner or tea get-together and we can plan a monthly meat-up at a local hotel or other venue. More often if there's sufficient interest. 
      Please indicate if you are interested here first. No point trying to plan and explain too much before we know how many Penang and out-station Bear guys are interested, right?
      We could use a cute Panda as our logo, like this one for example.

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      I Need Some Advise Urgently, And Hopefully Someone Will Be Able To Help Me.
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       We Met A Few Times Just For Coffee Sessions Or Meals. Then One Day He Says He Wants To See Me Naked And I Agreed. Thus I Brought Him To My Place And Got Naked To Let Him See. Well...He Did Claimed That He Love My Body And Everything Else...But There Is One Thing. Its About My Butthole. He Says My Butthole Is Too Neat And Not Slutty Enough. And Claimed That He Only Loves And Likes Using A Slutty Butthole. But The Problem is He Did Not Even Touched it Nor Use It At All...All He Did Was  Just Take A Look At It And Said Its Too Neat. He Wants And Requested Me To Get My Butthole To Be Slutty, He Will Not Use It Unless Its Slutty Enough. I Did Asked And All He Told Me Was To Get The Answers Here. So Pls Help Me !
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      I m Dave, 27, indian Local, Gay Btm Vers, into All Races, Straight Guy, Curious & Bi Guys, I Can Drive, I Dun Mind Travelling Far Places, I Will Pick u Up n Drop u Back Home.
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