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    YES! thats my photo!! Zzzz...
    Anyone drives ? PM me!
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  1. Anyone drives? Pm me. Carfun?

  2. Anyone offering free massage? 22 chn 176 60 lean Can't host. Preferably Punggol, Sengkang , Hougang area.
  3. Worn / Used Underwear Collectors Group (Compiled)

    Hi, I have quite afew used undies.. Normal typical boy kind. Selling them away. Message me if keen! Anyway, it will be via mailing. If you can give a higher offer, that will be awesome as I selling for some allowance. Thanks
  4. Selling used underwear! 


    PM me! 

  5. anyone can host to give free massage around sengkang/hougang/ punggol area? I need one badly.. PM me. thanks.
  6. Car Fun (Compiled)

    Anyone drives? 21c 176 58 lean 6" cock. Poppers fun also can. Horny.
  7. Meeting @ Macritchie Open Concept Shower/Toilet

    Finally.. 1 lean guy n 1 buff guy walking into canoe shed. Can join?
  8. Punggol Park

    Tonight anyone?