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  1. Concerns In Giving Blowjob

    Scary.. gives me goosebumps
  2. Call Me by Your Name

    Also, I feel Oliver should not have gotten married but just be with Elio.. (oops. too much spoiler)
  3. Call Me by Your Name

    I watched the show. Loved the part when Oliver wanted to eat the peach with Elio's juice in it. Such a beautiful love story between the 2 of them. Didn't like the ending though.
  4. In Japan, both men and women browse the sex toys as if they are shopping for groceries. No big deal about it in Japan..
  5. Wonder if the straights do that too. I have seen a few guys in the steam room who take out their towels and spread it on top of their legs. Usually their eyes will be darting around in the steam room too
  6. I ever once met this top in a HK sauna. He force his cock into my hole, and started thrusting immediately. I told him stop due to the initial pain where my hole was still adjusting to his size and he immediately pull out and wanted to leave. I also stopped him from leaving and allowed him to carry on his way with me..
  7. Find the dildo

    Had fun spotting the dildo.. lol
  8. Missed Connections For Gay Singapore

    18 Feb (Sat) Keybox 3pm We met in the maze and you brought me to a room. We made out for a good 30 minutes. You told me you reached around 1pm and I was your third guy. You asked me if I was a Singaporean and I asked you the same as well. After our deed, we had a hug and kiss before we went to wash up. PM me if you would like to keep in contact. Cheers
  9. Wake up from Space Travel with only one woman

    What if the guy you woke up turns out to be straight. Will you wake up the next guy hoping he is gay? Or will you try to bond with the current guy hoping that he will fall in love with you after some time?
  10. Bottom taller or shorter ?

    I prefer my top to be taller so that I can feel dominated. Just my preference.
  11. Hurry! Cos the stocks seem to be clearing out fast
  12. Under Armour currently has a end of season 25% discount sale. Hurry go grab!
  13. Missed Connections For Gay Singapore

    Date: 12 Nov 2016 (Sat) Time: 3pm+ Venue: Keybox We met in the maze and thereafter you brought me to a room and we make up. You keep calling me Baby and asked why I didn't have a bf. I told you I was choosy. Missing you.. Leave me a note..