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Baking/Cooking class

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Guest Truth

I attended baking classes from Phoon Huat and Chantilly Culinary Studio (no cooking though). Depending on what you wanna learn,


Chantilly covers the basics of baking, e.g. the role of the ingredients, how variation in these ingredients would affect the end product. She will start with a theory session before the practical. You will learn how to bake different types of cakes (butter/ marble, chiffon) and whipped cream. They will provide enough ingredients in case you need to redo.


PH is more of demo classes - the instructor will do a demo before you start your baking sessions. 


You may want to AGB as well - the plus point is that you can use you skill credits to attend the lessons, which comprise of cakes and cookies, or tarts and breads.


These are based on my experiences - not cut and paste/ hyperlink 😃

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