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Assisted Full Body Stretch and Swedish Massage (AFSM) (Outcall Only)

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Hello there👋
If u are looking for a legit n professional (OUTCALL ONLY) massage therapist, to help improve your flexibility and tense muscles and feeling relax, here i am to help you.
100% Clean, Legit and Genuine with professional protocol. 

I am Afiq,
A self employed Fitness Coach/PT and Massage Therapist. Providing my expertise with combination of mix Asssited Full Body Stretch and Swedish Massage pressure .(AFSM). Will be using oil☝️

Providing a different concepts and feel than what you had tried before. 
Satisfaction assure 👍


I am also providing 

Male Productivity Maintenance treatment (MPM) 

MPM is actually a manhood therapy and I create a different type of name and called it MPM in short.This is a proper and legit and proper treatment . Not for pleasure or hanky panky! 

This is best to be done after AFSM. 

Why this is important for every male? 
It Help you to Improve blood circulation, remove wind surrounding your groin and inner thigh. Help improve your urine flow, maintain length and strengthen, lasting ur errection when perform and improve your libido and sperm quality☝️

You might feel slight pain or slight discomfort but bearable. All these are due too being left untreated and unaware! 


*$75* for 
1hr15mins/80mins. Assisted Full Body Stretch and massage (AFSM)


Add on if require: only after *AFSM* session completed :
*$30* - 30mins massage 
(Focus on muscles needed most) 

 *$40* - 30min
Male productivity Maintenance (MPM)


If you are taking *MPM* only without *AFSM* therapy:
*$80* - 45mins


One way Transportation charge apply btwn $10-$30

A minimum *$20* deposit is require via PAYNOW/PAYLAH for me to block your bookings slot. 

Please inform me 6hrs in advance if you need to cancel or postpone your appointment and reschedule to avoid deposit forfeited. 


My service time slot:
Earliest intake 1030am to 1045pm last intake. 
Earliest intake 2.30pm to 1045pm last intake.


If you are keen and want to make for an appointment, 

Please watapps me @87600687 to check for booking date/time.

Thank you🙏

Adding further details
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