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Any Video Editor Recommendation?

Guest SebastianArashi

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Guest SebastianArashi

Hey there, don't know if it is a right place to post here.
I want to make a food eating video, but don't know what editing software should I use. One of my friends recommend me Premiere and AceMovi Video Editor, but I still want more choices. Do you have any other recommendation? All the replies will be appreciated!

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I also tried those two options you were offered, but personally, I don't like too complicated interface. It's too dumb to spend more time learning a video editor than all the subsequent time using it. I'm working with one right now https://www.fastreel.com/montage-maker-online.html. I installed the trial version first. But I realized right away that I needed the full version for my work. Great program for video editing. The quality of my videos is great and I`m happy with it. No problems yet! Now I make videos only with it for my channel.    

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If you have a STEAM Gaming account, you get take a look at some of their application software. STEAM is more then just about gaming. There is a special offering on some software and one of them is Movavi Video Editor Plus 2020 - Video Editing Software and there is a 70% discount for it PRESENTLY. Not sure ow long it will last.


If you have a STEAM account and not mean using it to open the application via steam.. you might like it. It is tons easier to use then Adobe Premiere which is one of two I use for my video work.  For $20 it is a steal if all you want is not entirely professional features. But if you don't mine not paying a bit more, there are others there too like the ones from Sony..etc.

I use to use MOVAVi years ago but the one thing I hate about smaller brand s/w, they hark on making you upgrade or buy higher versions too much. But under steam, this practice might already have stopped.

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