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Ur fav dimsum places


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On 1/9/2022 at 7:39 PM, practease said:


126 looks good!!


i am surprised they still serve : 94 Shark’s Fin with Crab Meat Pumpkin Soup, lol….





this place in Geylang Bahru is good too:



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Used to love Swatou but the quality has dropped. e.g. the Har Gow and Siew Mai is really 不好吃. The skin is tough and rough 😑


Spring Court on Upper Cross Street used to serve good dim sum but due to the pandemic, think they have stopped serving dim sum 🤪

Cinderella is a good example of how shoes can change your life  :clap: 

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On 6/13/2022 at 10:52 PM, CupOfChai said:

Victor's Kitchen

my friends alwys emphasized Victor 's services very rude!!! i didnt evn know there is such a restaurant

the higher end r indeed gd recommendation

CJ HK kitchen promo now: https://www.crystaljade.com/promotion/?pid=236&fbclid=IwAR1U_rbCi7cTXUDvHhj2K2DNZkfPngPqNFYvLsWktuKfVsol5nhc6g9TULQ

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I find it very difficult to find decent dim sum place also. I am not sure whether as I age i get more picky or what.


Seow choon used to be real good for me, esp those after party makans :P. But nowadays, i feel that cos there is a lot of attraction towards what i call the China taste. I dont know how to describe it, i think in order to keep up to the trend they have also adopted that taste palate. 


I think Victor's Kitchen target demographics is cheap and fast, the service is ... at best .... so so. 

Honestly, 126 hygiene is highly questionable. I used to like it when i was younger. 


Ming Jiang used to be good too. Big emphasis on used to be, went there just before covid outbreak ... it was horrible for the price you are paying. 


East Ocean to me is very good, but near impossible to get in cos its always crowded. 


Dim Sum Haus at Jalan Besar was quite decent. Went there soon after P2HA, and they had some confusion with the queue, they had walk-in/reservations apps and phone in reservations and they weren't sure who to admit first. My visit there had an auntie to started to make a fuss about it, cos the queue was outdoors and it was hot. I think/hope by now, they have created a system that works for them. 


Yum Cha is pretty decent. But I have on multiple encounters told the staff to not handle the food with bare hands especially soon after covid. But am I just being too fussy?


Mouth Restaurant and Swatow is good for traditional style dim sums. Which i do prefer over some of those new generation foie gras dim sums and the likes.  


Not sure if my list may seem too fussy but for me, I understand the crowd. But dim sum to me is mostly breakfast food. And if i ever drag my lazy bum out of bed on a weekend/non working day early. I would really like to have a nice, chill breakfast. 


Yes, Wah Lok and Hua ting is on the higher end side. Hua Ting recently changed chef tho. 


Never tried Summer Palace before. 



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