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Recommendations for keyboard and mouse


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Currently using a Logitech G603 for my mouse and a G613 for the keyboard. I really like the both of them and have been using it for more than 2 years, but recently the buttons on both of them started to double/multiple-click which is very annoying. My guess is it's more of a hardware problem where the spring/clicker/mechanism is deformed and somehow records multiple inputs even though I clicked only once. I'm open to any repair services and willing to negotiate in kind. I've already tried common troubleshooting tips like removing the keys and cleaning with alcohol.


I could buy back the same models and pray I don't face the same issue 2 years later, but before I do that I want to check out what's on the market that can meet my needs. Hoping to get recommendations for other keyboards and mouse with the following features because I'm too used to them.



1. Wireless

2. Programmable hot-keys at the side for macros

3. Mechanical preferred but not necessary



1. Wireless

2. Programmable hot keys as well, ideally just 2 at the side and 1 middle button (not those with a number pad at the side like a telephone hahaha)

3. Optional-ambidextrous design because I'm left handed and I think it'll be really cool hahaha


I know it's a long shot but just throwing it out there and see I have any luck. Appreciate the discussion :D

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